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Shot Me Pls..

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Gravenslund #1 Posted 31 March 2012 - 01:49 AM


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Hi.. I was playing arty for a round.. The battle startet up by counting down from 30 to 0.. But in the meantime..  1 of our own arty´s asked to be hit from a teammate so he only got 10% hp left.. And therefore could get the new skill working that makes you reload faster.. if you are less then 10% hp left!

But the one who wanted to shot he was such a big noob.. so he took a shot at me, becuase he thought it was me that was writing tha BS!..  so he shot me 2 times.. before i SCREAMED at him that he was screwing me up instead.. !! and all i got was compensation for 900 credits.. while he took half of my life.. (repair cost = 27.000)

What a great skill to have.. if your own team wants to be shot from their own.. Just to get that skill to work...  WHAT A PIECE OF S***!!

So therefore we lost the match bigtime..

(It was a guy from the HARD clan) got replay and name... Pathetic players

What a dream player to have on the team..

Greetings Gravenslund

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