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Payment Problem

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ap3x_2005 #1 Posted 02 April 2012 - 11:27 AM


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Hello boys/girls,

A few minutes ago I tried to buy some ingame gold (1380) for 6.20 Euros. It wasn't the first time. I did it more than once and everything went well.

The thing is that now I have been billed and instead of gold I got an error message saying "you will not be billed for your message" but I have been since I'm using prepaid SIM and I can see that I have less euros.

What can I do? Do you think I will ever see my gold?

I've sent a message to World of Tanks support and Wargaming support but with this kind of payment method you don't have a transaction ID or something like that. Well, if there isn't a transaction ID how in earth are they going to verify what went wrong and give me my gold? Because I'm 100% sure I won't receive my euros back on my SIM.

This definetly made my day. If I can't be sure when I try to pay 6.20 for gold how in earth would I try to buy 30000 gold via credit card? What if the same thing happens and I lose 100euros instead of 6.20?

Anyway, what else do you think I whould do?

Nhrive #2 Posted 11 May 2012 - 05:14 AM


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Used the phone to buy gold, it said everything was good, it was yesterday, just figured out that my money will be lost maybe also. If so I have to just contact the costumer protection and let it work that way, since it seems been lots of frauds in this. Shame, game could be great, instead of just playable also. Don't quite like where developers are taking this, no service for PAYING players and just ripoff, updates take more and more it to arcade gaming also it seems.... *sighs*

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