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Musical Score for WoT

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KleinerTiger #1 Posted 04 April 2012 - 05:26 PM

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Sometimes, when I am not platooned and thus don't need to concentrate on teamspeak, I like to listen to certain music. I bet a lot of you will now be thinking "Sabaton!", but that's actually not what I had in mind.

Meet Raubtier, a small Swedish band from the border town of Haparanda (also known as Tornio's parking lot), with such fine and fitting tracks such as

Det Finns Bara Krig ("There is only war") - just audio

Achtung Panzer - official video

and last not least, the best:

Inget Hopp ("No Hope")
fan video using footage of the Finnish war movie Tali-Ihantala - Slaget om Finland. Features original tanks such as KV-1, T-34 and StuG III, which have been preserved in working condition by the Finns.

Vi krälar som trälar, kriget tog våra själar
Vi blöder, som bröder, vi ser hur marken glöder

Vi lever I förtvivlans makt och gudarna har övergivit oss
Vi drivs utav desperationen, snart för trötta för att slåss
Kampen för att blotta livet tvingar oss intill vansinnets kant
Hör skriet från en svartbränd vildmark, ropen från ruinens brant

Vi dväljs I evigt mörker onda krafter har belägrat våran tid
Här är allt mänskligt liv förverkat här finns endast kamp och strid
Den nukleära vinden slitet köttet från ännu en kropp
Här finns ingenting att be för ingen framtid inget hopp

"We crawl like slaves, the war took our souls
we bleed, like brothers, we see the ground glowing

We live in the power of despair and the gods have abandoned us
we are driven of despair, soon too tired to fight
the fight for naked life forces us to the edge of insanity
hark the cry of a torched wilderness, the call of burning ruins

We dwell in eternal darkness, evil powers have besieged our times
here all human life is forfeit, here is only combat and battle
the nuclear wind cut the flesh from another body
here remains nothing to pray for, no future, no hope"

OuweKnar #2 Posted 04 April 2012 - 05:48 PM


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No music....
turned it off..

rediculous boring...

would be better to have a seperate folder,
to ad your own music in,

like in Silent Hunter...

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