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the Storm weapons

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John_Armfeldt #1 Posted 12 May 2012 - 10:10 AM

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alright so you've seen some of my work from pimpmygun, well it's time for round 2!.

as you read the title mentioned something about storm weapons, storm weapons are firearms which uses a large round but a smaller catridge.

here is how that is possible, the reason that the catridge can be downsized is due to an all new revolutionary propellant which is far more powerfull than any other out in service.

because of this, the casings had to be reinforced along with the chamber, barrel and any other parts in a weapon that are in direct contact with the round.

these are the categories in the storm weapons

Storm Sniper Rifle
can be semi automatic or bolt action or even automatic.
uses normal small catridge long round, but can be a larger casing as long as the chamber accepts.

Storm Rifles
they are like an combination from the best of two worlds
adding the best from battle rifles and small calibre assault rifles.
bullets are normally as large as those for battle rifles but the casings are intermediate, some are larger than those for assault rifles but never larger than battle rifle catridges.
these catridges can also be as large or even smaller than the assault rifles's rounds.

the standard issue round for Storm Rifles is the 7.92x33mm round.
now don't let the short catridge fool you, it has about the same power as a the 364mmR shell that the 40mm Bofors use, and all that power just to power a round 5 times smaller.
to make it work, the designers had to invent a lot of new anti recoil systems and ways to minimize it, and also reinforce the parts in direct contact with this merciless power.

the STG210 and STK 210 Aus1 makes use of this new calibre and are the first of the class.

both have a special firemode which turn them from Storm Rifles to....well miniature Storm Machineguns.
in this mode their rate of fire is increased to 1500 rounds per minute!

thanks to a small jacket around the barrel with a licuid substance -200 degrees celsius which kicks in during this firemode, the barrel will take a much longer time to overheat.
resulting in that the shooter can fire continously.

even during this insane rpm, the weapon is still highly accurate even if you just kept hold the trigger down.

the STG STK's has been amply nicknamed to GLA's Buzzaw, since they sound like a nastier more powerful version of a certain WW2 weapon, during this mode.

just like above really

do i really need to spell it out?

do not confuse it for a MP as these guns usually do not have full auto, (it only covers semi automatic pistols, single and double action revolvers)

Posted Image
Emäntä valkoinen kuolema (Mistress of white death)
Named in honour of the finnish sniper from WW2 calibre : 14.8mm
(my friend in the finnish army said that, if he had to be a sniper in a war, he'd use this rifle.
uses an reversed bolt action feature, instead of the pull-push motion it is push-pull, making reload faster, and jamming less likely.
Magazine holds between 5 to 30 all up to 200 rounds if used with a continued battle ammunition container.

Posted Image
As Val Iorlna

Type Storm Rifle
calibres 9x39mm 7.92x33mm
based on the original As Val, however it used the larger 7.92mm by default but can use the original 9mm round. in 9mm it holds 30 rounds in the 7.92mm it holds 40 rounds

Posted Image
AK 250
Type Storm Rifle
Calibres 7.92x33mm 5.56x45mm 7.62x39mm
latest issue for the Russian and US troops in the Global Liberty Agency's voulenteer corps Based on The AK47 and M14 respectively

Posted Image
RailGun Issue 15P

Type Storm Railgun

The first practical railgun calibre is the standard 13.5mm uses magnetic and energy based acceleration rather than propellant.
Virtually no recoil, holds up to 50 rounds, in a helical horizontal clip.
Currently is in it's prototype stage and so can only be fired in semi automatic, with the other firemodes being safety locks.
Was the most promising during the contest but it still has a lot of baby diseases that are currently being worked out (being a little bit like the L85 and early M16).

Posted Image
STG 580

Type Storm Rifle

Calibre 7.92x33mm

Posted Image

Type Storm Rifle
Calibres 5.56x45mm 7.92x33mm
Based on the L85 but beefed out and with all it's problems solved. currently it is in service in the Global Liberty Agency and being distributed to the SAS

Posted Image

Type Storm Rifle
Calibres 5.56x45mm 6.8x43mm 7.92.33mm
The weapon of choice for troops familiar and preferring the M16. who serve in the Global Liberty Agency.

if you want you can make your own contributions to the Storm Weapons go ahead.
just try to keep them somewhat realistic, which i have tried.

Aqnde #2 Posted 12 May 2012 - 11:47 AM

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View PostWolfgang_Kruger, on 12 May 2012 - 10:10 AM, said:

Emäntä valkoinen kuolema (Mistress of white death)

Google translate? :)

Emäntä = Matron

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