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M18 Hellcat crew skills

Hellcat crew skills

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Sringoot #1 Posted 04 June 2012 - 08:27 AM

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I have almoast completed my first set of secondary skills on the Hellcat. They are camo for everyone, except the commander has sixth sence.

My question is, what do I take for the second batch of skills?

- I don't feel the need for repairs, if you're getting hit you'll probably die. And I also feel the hellcat is not tracked easily etc...
- BiA is an option, but I'm not a huge fan to be honest.
- I could go with various skills/perks. But which ones ? ( clutch breaking seems a proper choice? )

P.S I have no experience with the skills/perks... I only have camo on my TD's/scouts, and repairs on my heavies.

Wether or not to give the commander camo as well will depend on the sixth sence experience I'm about to start...


Deathcrip #2 Posted 04 June 2012 - 08:34 AM


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for the commander i would take camo, seeing as the effective camo percentage is calculated by adding up the percentage of each crew member and dividing by the amount of crew members (let's say all crew members have 100% in there first skill/perk, it comes to 400%/5 = 80% effective camo bonus). For the rest see what you like best and find the most useful.

OberstKnorre #3 Posted 04 June 2012 - 08:45 AM

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I am already on the T28 Proto and with this tank you will need this skills (and they are not bad at the previous tanks too):

1. Sixth Sense (driving this tank or any other tank of this line without Sixth Sense is careless!), 2. Camo

1. Camo, 2. Snap Shot (You have a Turret, right?)

1. Camo, 2. Off-Road Driving (or every piece of soft terraine will be a pain in the ass for you. Dont use Smooth Ride - those tank line isn't for shooting on the move)

Radio Operator:
1. Camo, 2. Signal Boosting (or Situational Awarness)

1. Camo, Adrenaline Rush (you dont need Safe Stowage on this tank - never experienced any ammo rack explosion on this tank, but later on T30 Safe Stowage could be usefull too)

Not sure, if the Camo skill is still the best choice on T30. ;)

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2alertred #4 Posted 04 June 2012 - 08:46 AM


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Commander-- Mentor
Gunner--Snap shot
Driver--Offroad driving  or Smooth ride (if you like too peakaboo -- not recomended)
Loader--Repair or Safe storage

Sringoot #5 Posted 04 June 2012 - 10:23 AM

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Thanks guys... I forgat to mention I'm not advancing in the US TD line beyond the Hellcat. So Whatever I choose, it's only for the Hellcat.

deveen23 #6 Posted 04 June 2012 - 10:50 AM

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Don't know about camo, Hellcat has good camo value anyway, together with the camo net. I figure there are better perks and skills you can use, I only went camo for my 3rd secondary skill on couple of crew members. I used BIA only on tanks I already had 1 or 2 secondary skills researched when new skills came to be. For your setup, I would recommend

Commander - Mentor, Recon
Gunner - I went with snap shot, deadeye and am working on designated target
Driver - Clutch breaking
Radio - Situational awareness, repair
Loader - Safe stowage,repair

OpCentar #7 Posted 04 June 2012 - 05:34 PM

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1st should be camo on all crew members
- commander - sixth sense
- radio man - increased view range skill (situational awerness is it? )
- loader - adrenaline rush
- driver - clutch braking
- gunner - deadeye
- commander - mentor if you think going for 4th or 5th skill, if you dont - take repair
- radio man - repair
- loader - repair
- driver - offroad driving
- gunner - snap shot
4th - reskill - 1st and 2nd skills stay the same, 3rd goes to BiA on all crewmen, then continue 4th skill set with same skills as described above for initial 3rd skill

The reason for this is simple, it doesn't cost much to reskill and initial 3rd skill set has no perks - they all work percentage based so you can get up to 40% even on 4th skill pretty fast. BiA helps, not for reload but for mobility and turret traverse speed and view range.

Anyways this is what I have on my Hellcat and it pwns (:

Eyebot #8 Posted 04 June 2012 - 05:53 PM

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for long time i had the following setup (100/100/100/x starting from a 100/100/x)

commander- sixth sense, camo, recon
driver- clutch breaking, camo, offroad driving
gunner- deadeye (lol what was i thinking?), camo, snapshot
radio- situational awareness, camo, repair
loader- camo, repair, firefighting

two days ago i switched for a more streamlined setup:
commander- BiA, sixth sense, camo
driver- BiA, clutchbreaking, camo
gunner- BiA, camo, snapshot
radio- BiA, camo, situational awareness
loader- BiA, camo, repair

overall i'd say it depends how high your crew is already skilled (<100, 100/x or 100/100/x?) and how often you want to retrain .. and if you want to retrain the whole crew or just individual crew members.

rule of thumb - the current specialisation you're training should be a skill, as you will gain a benefit even if you're not at 100%. and if you want perks without retraining, you should take them as early as possible .. the higher you get with your specialisations,  the longer it takes to reach 100% .. and the longer you'll play without any benefit.

edit: also BiA is only useful if you are already at 100/100/100/x ... you don't want to miss out on sixth sense ... which also means that you'll need two perks for the commander.

GehakteMolen #9 Posted 04 June 2012 - 05:56 PM

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hellcat is fast, but turns so slow, same for T25/2 (it turns like a whale)

get clutch braking as soon as possible, other crew depens

i went for clutch and rest repair, but clutch and rest camo or all kinds of is also usefull (sixth sense, coz TD`s = camp) and the on the move accuracy is always nice :)

Scrambled #10 Posted 08 June 2012 - 11:57 PM

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Currently only on the 2nd skill but here's what I've got so far:

Commander: Sixth Sense, Camo
Gunner: Camo, Snap Shot
Driver: Camo, Offroad Driving
Radio: Camo, Situational Awareness
Loader: Camo, Adrenaline Rush

Equipment in use on my M18 at the moment: rammer, camo net, binocs

Repairs are next to useless since if you get tracked, you will be dead shortly after, for cases where your gun gets knocked out, use a repair kit, similar to fire. As far as clutch braking goes, the Hellcat is made to go fast in straight lines, even with clutch braking you're still turning like a stuck pig, and offroad driving is much more useful IMO.

Arttu #11 Posted 09 June 2012 - 04:04 AM


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Only on first set yet,

Commander: Sixth Sense
Gunner: Designated Target
Driver: Camo
Radio: Situational Awareness
Loader: Camo

Decided designated target and situational awareness because of my willingness of acting like a passive scout... then again, camo would've helped too... might fix that later.

Oh and equipment are camo, binocs and gonna buy toolkit later when they go to halfprice.

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belze #12 Posted 12 June 2012 - 07:50 PM

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Well i personaly use hellcat as it should be used, as flanker so I use these perks. I like to rush somewhere where enemys dont expect me and do some serious damage insted of camping with such a beutiful and fast tank. Trust me u will be camping more than often with next tanks in that line.

Jack of All Trades - I often have dead driver or gunner so its usefull
Mentor - I dont think its the best choice for second perk but it can speed up training of my crew on third perk

Deadeye - Dont know if its just placebo effecct but i torch enemy tanks more often since i got this perk
Armorer - Gun is often damaged

Clutch Braking - needed to compensate poor traverse speed of turret
Preventative Maintenance - engine is damaged in most battles i dont want to be torched anymore

Situational Awareness - its giving bit of viewrange, i sometimes use my helcat as scout and then it comes handy, i think its most usefull of radioman perks
Repair - best option from remaing perks

Safe Stowage - i think that every hellcat driver noticed often ammorack damage i use this perk with wet ammo
Repair - best option from remaing perks since you wont be left often with less then 10% Hp to use adrenaline rush, and because you dont use HE shels becouse of low ammo capacity (carry maximum 1-2 shots for defending base)

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Drakor #13 Posted 13 June 2012 - 11:38 AM


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is "Mentor" really a useful skill?
My IS3 commander has it, but it seems to me that this skill doesnt accelerate the learning of my crew very much. Sixth sense and other skills might be the better choice for the commander in my opinion.

belze #14 Posted 13 June 2012 - 02:05 PM

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well Mentor gives you slight XP boost third skill costs about 40k XP if i remember, with this perk you need only 36k which is quite good improvement , of course you can choose different one  

Sixth Sense - Might be the best of those remaining,I dont use it couse i know that enemy knows about me :Smile_great:
Recon - Another 2% of wievrange, can be usefull if you sometimes recon

Eagle Eye - Is realy bad, you need to aim on enemy for about 5sec before something shows up and you dont want to be watching enemy for 5 sec becouse he will kill you in that time

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scafa #15 Posted 13 June 2012 - 02:35 PM

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Commander: Sixth Sense, Camo
Gunner: Camo, Snap Shot
Driver: Camo, Clutch Braking
Radio: Camo, Situational Awareness
Loader: Camo, Repair

If I had been on my third skill already, I probably would have taken BiA on all as the first skill and kept these as the second and third skills. Not sure I want to spend gold to reset the skills when I finally get there though.

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