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Epic Men of War screenshots

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IBLiTZKRiEGI #1 Posted 06 June 2012 - 12:41 AM


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This is the only game that makes me laugh on a regular basis, a few moments recorded in still here.

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CQC, MoW style.


Just in time 'http://www.synstick....ies/redface.png

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Oh dear. :<

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Zat's vot you get for messing vid ze best, Tommy.

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Hmm, zis looks like ein challenge!

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Ah, all in ein day's vork. Break out ze Schnapps, Franz!

Nvincible #2 Posted 06 June 2012 - 01:29 AM

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Nice. Havent got round to picking up MoW yet but ive played Soldiers: Heroes of WWII (prequel to MoW, same game engine) and know how crazy the enemy can be stacked against you, especially when you've basically got to deal with a whole tank battalion by yourself through direct control as the friendly A.I. sucks, but when you pull it off its a great feeling.

Had some real WTF moments yesterday in Soldiers, wish I screencapped them but basically, I somehow flipped a Panzer IV onto its turret with 122mm HE from my IS-2 and killed a King Tiger by running up behind it with a Anti tank rifle and scoring a complete luck-strike on the engine, setting it on fire and killing the crew. I dont know what I hit, ive tried that 20 times before and anything less than a 75mm gun would bounce off its rear, how a 14.5mm bullet penetrated it... Wargaming must have sabotaged german tanks in that game as well...

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