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Tank Museum throughout the world.

Museum. With tanks. Yes.

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winstoninsani #21 Posted 01 August 2017 - 05:05 PM


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I have been to Tokio Japan last week, I went to Yushukan War Museum near Yushukan Temple in Tokio. There is only one japanese tank in there type 97 chi-ha. But they've got really good collection on ww2 such as ohka, kaiten, a6m zero, d4y dive bomber and yamato-musashi huge scale models.


Im from Turkey and there is one tank museum in my country but funny thing is only way to visit museum is getting inside an armored division headquarter in Etimesgut Ankara (capital city). I have visited museum during an oath ceremony. Here some tanks of collection; m48 patton, m24 chaffe, panzer IV, panzer III, t55, m4 sherman, m10 wolverine, leopard 2a4 is not part of collection ofcourse but visitors are allowed to inspect tank.


I have visited Astana Kazakhstan once and totally found a tank with luck there. There is a museum named "historical museum of the armed forces of the republic of kazakhstan. One t34-85 displayed there.


I have been to Beograd Serbia once and I went to kalemegdan and there was a museum there with tonnes of various artillery pieces and some ww2 era tanks. Panzer II, StugIII, t34-85, katyusa (you need to find near Panzer IV behind fences), panzer38, half truck german armored car.


I didnt visit but I saw on website in kiev there is fantastic tank museum. They have even is3 and mighty t10.

snowwhite01 #22 Posted 07 July 2018 - 09:13 AM


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Also tagged with Museum., With, tanks., Yes.

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