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Bind an account to a mobile phone

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FadetoB1ack #1 Posted 13 August 2012 - 07:23 PM

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http://worldoftanks....cout_to_mobile/ original from ru server, personally i do not need to translate any of if, but below is the translation for you english speakers!

The development team is pleased to announce that World of Tanks an opportunity to link your account to a mobile phone number. The system is activated by the binding is very simple and, moreover, greatly increases the security of your account. In order to tie your account to a mobile phone number, you must perform the following steps:
Step 1. Specify your mobile phone number and country of residence.
Step 2. To the number specified in the preceding paragraph, will send SMS with a confirmation code. The resulting code must be entered in a special field.
Step 3. Once you will be notified that the binding is successful, please click on the "Close".
If you enter an incorrect phone number, change it, you can only after 24 hours.
By activating the function of binding to a cell phone, you can always restore access to your game account. In the presence of this feature, if the scammers know your password, you can change it to the next, asking for a confirmation code on your mobile phone, thus saving account is safe.
Attention! Activation of binding the account to a mobile phone does not require the investment of funds, is a free service.
In addition, each player who activates binding to the account number, mobile phone, will be credited with 100 units of the game gold .

translated by google translate as i am a very lazy man i must admit. Shouldn't EU have the same? I am waiting for the same thing on our server!!! :Smile_smile:

punishersal #2 Posted 13 August 2012 - 07:29 PM

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I remember RU server once had special in which players received 150 (I think) gold if they changed their account password. EU server didn't saw such special. Not sure if we will see this one too.

Homer_J #3 Posted 13 August 2012 - 07:29 PM

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If I remember correctly the RU server got a gold reward for something else security related a while ago, I guess WoT account theft is more common there.

I'd welcome the system even without the gold incentive.

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