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What TD to choose? What is the best!?

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Poll: What tier X is best TD? (54 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 250 battles in order to participate this poll.

What tier X is best TD?

  1. JagdPzE100 (4 votes [7.41%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.41%

  2. Object 268 (16 votes [29.63%])

    Percentage of vote: 29.63%

  3. T110E3 (7 votes [12.96%])

    Percentage of vote: 12.96%

  4. T110E4 (21 votes [38.89%])

    Percentage of vote: 38.89%

  5. AMX-50 Foch (6 votes [11.11%])

    Percentage of vote: 11.11%

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Pain97 #1 Posted 20 August 2012 - 01:25 AM


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What is best TD?
I will go to one of tank destroyers, but i dont know what one is best??
Answer why is the tank you choose on poll is the best...


FukUFaygit #2 Posted 20 August 2012 - 02:29 AM


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I would go for object 268. Same as IS7 Jack of all trades :Smile-playing:

Noradll #3 Posted 20 August 2012 - 07:27 AM


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have268 and jpz. JPZ RULES!!!

BacardiC0la #4 Posted 20 August 2012 - 08:06 AM

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Object 268, its the only real TD.

It got speed and mobility, can handle close combat fights very well and quickly relocate/change positions.
Its very accurate.
It got a great camo value.
Has a bouncy front.
Is small/harder to hit.

You are free in your playstyle, you can sit back and snipe OR go 1st or 2nd line and push an attack.

JP E100 can decide between camping in the corner till the end and getting gangbanged by the enemy team (if the own team doesnt manage to win) or play more aggressive and getting raped by arty/outmaneuvered by heavy.
T110E3 is more or less fine, nothing special and a small letdown after the T95.
Foch 155 is VERY situational. Its only worth it if you can empty your whole drum at once, run away and come back after you reloaded. Its terrible for peekaboo (and this game is ALOT peekaboo) because it removes your drum advantage. Also its very risky to take long range shots on lower tier targets, if you miss your drum has 1 shot less. It will force you to wait 45sec for the reload (or risk getting in a fight with 2 shots), the other tds can just shoot and dont give a crap if they miss because the next shot will be ready quick again.
T110E4 is good but more of a pure frontline tank. Turret advantage comes into play only on smaller distances and gun isnt accurate either.

T110E3/E4 and Foch are getting nerfed in the next patch..WG is just stupid. E3 is perfectly fine (if anything its UP but not OP), Foch also is fine. And personally I dont even see a problem with the T110E4..

Get the glorious russian Object 268, never will get a nerf, never will suck. Its the best. SerB will take care of that.

ollonborre #5 Posted 20 August 2012 - 08:24 AM


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Well I think that none of these are "better" than the other, they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Jagdpanzer E-100: Has INSANE alpha with a fairly accurate gun and good armour. Sideskirts can absorb some splash damage from artillery. Horrible reload time and very unagile.
Object 268: Like PitJet stated, a good allrounder. It does excel as more of a sniper if you ask me, because the armour is not wort anything. Good camo and great DPM ( damage per minute)  but rather easy to kill.
T110E3: Best frontal armour out of the tier 10 TDs, has a great high DPM gun with decent gun depression ( the thing that decides how much you can aim down, helps on hilly areas). More of a midrange fighter. VERY weak sides and rear and artillery loves it.
T110E3: Comes with the same great damage as the T110E3. Has a turret ( it can only turn 180 degrees, remember this) and has decent frontal armour. Great turret armour. Again, very weak sides and the limited turret can cause problems if flanked. Is not as accurate or fast firing as the E3.
AMX 50 Foch 155: High burst damage sniper. Can easily kill or cripple any tank it finds with it's full drum. Very agile and fast. Decent frontal armour. Has a very long drum reload time, long aimtime and it is quite big so arty can easily hit you.

It all comes down to your preffered type of playstyle and difficulty curve. I can't say I reccomend any tank because I don't know your playstyle, but I can say this. DO NOT TRY TO RUSH A TIER 10 TD. TDs are very difficult to play compared to other roles in the game ( okay they are all difficult in their own rights but you get my point). You need to fully understand the playstyle of your chosen TD line and how TDs work as a whole before trying to even think about a tier 10 TD.

Find your playstyle, get a tree and start grinding is the biggest tip I can give you. Feel free to add me ingame if you have more questions. :Smile_Default:

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Ghost1911 #6 Posted 20 August 2012 - 08:42 AM

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Hmmm 268 is not so bad BUT T110E4 is my choice why becouse it can be used in CW to he have turet,nice armor end good gun,he can be adapted for any map.I have T110E4,JGP-E100,end 268 end i can tell u T110E4 is best choice for me 268 have good gun good,good camo,good accuracy but in city fights he lacks turret a LOT so for any player who have lil brain he will deal 268 with no problem but when it comes the T110E4 players knows that that TD  have turet so he will think twice before he try surround him....

LosiD #7 Posted 20 August 2012 - 09:47 AM


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Object 268 :) Got it, it's awesome! All the other TD's (except jgpz100) will get nerferd in next patch...just so you know that.

Wallas #8 Posted 20 August 2012 - 09:52 AM


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Currently the E4 is the best one and may be the only one to see serious CW action due to it's turret, dpm and speed. That is if it won't be nerfed too badly.

D4nny #9 Posted 20 August 2012 - 04:57 PM


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ive seen the french on in action, and i can tell you, ive never seen a jagdtiger die in 9sec xD

matsc #10 Posted 21 August 2012 - 08:12 AM


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T110E4 is best.
Its a heavy tank with a TD gun. The advantage of a turret is huge.

T110E3, Object 268 and the AMX50 Foch
These are about equal but the AMX50 Foch is probably 2nd best. The difference is what is more suited for your playstyle.
T110E3 has the best armor. Object 268 the best gun & good mobility. AMX50 Foch has a 3 shot autoloader but is not that accurate, best mobility and camouflage(maybe tied with the Object).

JpzE-100 is the worst.
Slow, big, bad camouflage and arty loves it. The gun is not good enough to cover for the disadvantages. Not that accurate and the shells is a bit slow so you can easily miss.

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