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T26E4 and gold discount questions

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FLYVEOGLE #1 Posted 28 August 2012 - 08:50 AM

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Failed to find anything on the gold question, and don't think there's any topics in T26E4 that answer my questions. If there is such topics, please link me :)

tl:dr in the bottom :)

To be honest I never really paid attention to gold discounts, as I'm rarely buying any...
Are there ever such discounts? How much are they? And is it worth waiting? :)

My question about the T26E4 is simple; Is it worth buying it?
I've played it a little on the test server (Before it was relewased) and didn't really feel it was worth it.
After the release some clan mates bought it and says it's quite a good cash-cow :)

I just though the penetration was quite poor, but after checking the wiki it's only 5mm lower than the other mediums that I've played at tier 8. What do you think about the penetration? Is it enough?
Also the speed concerns me. I know It's supposed to be played as something in between a medium and a heavy. But how is the speed compared to the Löwe or other slower heavies of that tier?

Are there ever any good discounts on gold?
How's the T26E4? Is it worth buying?

purplecustom #2 Posted 28 August 2012 - 09:37 AM


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dont know anything about any discounts but i do know a little bit about super pershing .To answer your questions and in my opinion only
1. i believe that it is worth buying i bought one and i love it ..it makes the same sort of money for me as other tier 8 premiums though you have to really pick out weakspots .the gun is ok but could do with more pen (you could say that about alot of tanks)
2.the tank is terrible slow ,painful at times ...the armour is amazing
there is a review on web site at the moment http://worldoftanks....super-pershing/ which is pretty accurate
its not really a medium its a heavy a slow heavy with a average pen gun and great frontal armour ...

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