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T-44 is totally meh!

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rallikas #1021 Posted 13 January 2016 - 02:11 AM


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Greetings, fellow warriors.


I personally adore this tank. I now have over 300 battles in it and have had some really good games as well. I usually finish at the top-third of my team and have also managed to get 2 stars on the barrel. The problem for me is that i am still yet to Ace the tank. I simply cannot get that one super-game, where i do tons of damage and win. I have managed to get a couple of "allmost" games but these have ended in a loss or a draw with me getting around 800-900 exp from that. 


Shell setup i use is 40/8/8. Those premium rounds when i need to do some finishing touches when on low health, or just to get out of a tight situation, and those HE rounds for the light tanks, RHMs and Waffentragers i have to encounter. 

Equipmentwise i use Vents, Rammer and Stabilizer. I find Vents more useful then optics as it improves loading time and aimtime as well.


The crew is on training its 3rd skill. 

Commander: BiA, 6th Sense, Situational Awareness - for that extra view range.

Gunner: BiA, Repair, Snapshot

Driver: BiA, Repair, Smooth Ride

Loader: BiA, Safe Stowage (a must in this tank), Repair.


I am over 300 battles and still fighting for that Ace Tanker badge, so...


When i'm Top Tier, i often have to be the one in the team who pushes forward and puts pressure on the enemy. I usually roll with the Heavy tanks in the second line. Fire from cover and shoot at tanks who have just fired.

Tier 9 and 10 games i rather stay back and try to slow down an advancing enemy - tracking them or smth so others can put some shots in. 


Is the problem at my gamestyle or should i change something in my crew skills or equipment?

I'm slowly getting desperate that i still haven't aced the tank.



And a mere 12 hours later: http://wotreplays.com/site/2407594


A Radley Walters medal - 9 kills, 4.6K dmg, 0 hits taken. Finished on full HP.


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Tonyb1968 #1022 Posted 13 January 2016 - 11:28 AM

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View PostIRSanchez, on 05 January 2016 - 06:48 PM, said:



Just get the normal T-44.

Crew training and credits earning are a vital part of a premium tank, so if you are not after those benefits - there is little to no point getting one.


The T-54-proto is good at it, having the same crew setup as T9 and T10s. It just requires liberal use of premium ammo, so that is why QB/Foch opinions differ.


For equipement, go with the standard medium setup: vstab, rammer, optics.



I have to say that I really didnt like the T-44 when I got it, but back then I sucked as it was about 3 years ago and my first T8 med grind.

Playing it now and again, its not a bad tank, good mobility and its versitile, ok its armour isnt great but its good enough against lower tiers and the pen increase on the LB-1 is very welcome.

Comparing it against a T-54 1st prot, the prot is slower but its armour is much more effective, im not really that good a medium player but my last game in the T-54 1st prot gave me 2k damage but 4.5k blocked damage, dont think the T-44 would have held up quite as well as that but would have probably done more damage.

thestaggy #1023 Posted 19 January 2016 - 07:14 AM


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Got it, free XP'd the turret so I could mount the first 100 mm I had already unlocked from the KV-85/IS. There was no way in hell I was taking that 85 mm in to tier X battles when I despised it with the burning passion of a thousand suns on a tier 7 tank. It was a little iffy to start with due to the stock tracks and engine saddled with the heavier gun and turret.


I ground out the LB-1, then the tracks and unlocked the second engine this weekend. Win rate went from 45 - 52% and WN8 climbed from 1k to 1400 by the end of this process. I haven't yet played it with the second engine after unlocking it but I can see that the faster this tank gets through its upgrades the better it gets. 


So much better than the T-43. 


Tankiac #1024 Posted 22 February 2016 - 11:30 PM


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The T44.

A nimble tank, good for snap shotting, armor that can bounce lower tiers quite effectively, and not terrible gun depression.

Its turret Can bounce very high pen guns if they hit the outer part of the gun mantlet. Its hull has no problem bouncing any -150 pen gun, and if angled properly, unless they hit the lower plate, it can bounce 175mm pen guns too.

The view range is ok, it's DPM isn't spectacular, but it has 10 extra alpha which, while not super big, can help with trading shots.


It's not as good a tank as the T54, but it's very decent. Nothing on it is pure bad, it's good to mediocre in everything.


Here's just a quick game showing you textbook T44 play. Don't rely on your armor to bounce big TD or heavy tank guns, but those 75mm pew pew guns? No problem. Also remember to use that mobility!



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