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T62A needs a buff badly!

T62A medium tank

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View PostLegault, on 27 November 2012 - 05:56 PM, said:

Sadly it's also completely different from back when T-54 was top tier. It's not as fun to play... but still enjoyable in it's own way.

My survival rate went up, my average xp went up, my dmg per battle went up... my winrate dropped from 53 to 51%. Yay idiots and the northern fellows that come here to scrub our toilets. Game after game, 3-7k damage, nonstop defeats.

Yup, actually I hated T-54's gun depression once I tested Patton but otherwise I enjoyed gameplay of T-54. Also I'm playing top tiers 70% of time without thinking that much, just drive there and try to do something different to enjoy myself :P When playing T-62A you cannot drive there without calculating the situation for 2 minutes further. So, you have to concentrate on the match 90%, aiming, driving, artillery, enemies around and such things. You are also easy target and many will try to pick you out if they can as its nearly guaranteed penetration on that tier against T-62A's front hull. Also they dont want you to hang there and snipe their asses so 90% of time you are the first target, just like any medium making it hard to go through with paper hull. Lets add that 320 AVG damage and none will fear to peek-a-boo and shoot you once if you are on situation where you cannot use your DPM. Like behind a rock/wall and there is artilleries or other tanks shooting at you if you try to flank the target. But in that case you failed already, meaning brawling = fail, being in front line = fail.

Thats why it cannot rush or lead the push, you have to retreat everytime if you are on 1:1 situation until your teammates want to push for you. Which happens very rarely that other Tier 8-10 heavies will push against Tier 10 heavies. You just cannot snipe in every map, just cannot. You may have 2-3 shots before they are again in cover, also you cannot stop a heavy push alone but when playing Object 268 I can easily stop a heavy push if I get few free shots before they are able to shoot at me.

When playing IS-7, Object 268, T110E5 (my other Tier 10 tanks atm) or T92/Obj 261 I have the feeling to be able to dominate the match just more than in T-62A. T-62A is very nice support and you can compare it to Maus, it needs a good team to succees so you can use your DPM to snipe enemy tanks and teammates to draw attention toward them to make able to avoid unnecessary shots. But sadly, you cannot dominate the match that easily alone. So people calling Batchat 25t is hard tank to play? No its cannot be harder than T-62A which needs to survive so much longer to reach the same damage because of bad average damage but high DPM and DPM comes in play for the first 10 seconds or after 30 seconds.
Honestly, I nearly always succees when using big guns (ex. those +150mm guns) which have big aiming time and reload time. To me its easier to rush in front line, shoot once and go behind a corner and reload getting that extra 5s-10s when driving behind a corner before the target can have a chance to shoot at me. In that time I'm nearly reloaded again letting the target at very low hp and forcing it to retreat.
Just haven't used these high DPM snipers and many people have said those are the best tanks DPM >>> else. Maybe, but its all depends on your style and which you find enjoyable. To me, Alpha >> DPM.

So new people who are going to get T-62A. Its great tank, has many good abilites like passability, turret, good gun which has good accuracy and aiming time. But you are not the ONE there, you are a medium which supports teammates and after matches you will have a picture "I was sniping and dealt 4k damage, mmmhh great match :P". "They didnt even see me, I just was there and sniped probably thought the damage came from arties". "When I engaged, the situation was overrun when I came, enemies probably thought it wouldnt be matter if it would be another heavy or me". You see my point? You cannot do memorable matches that often because you are just a medium....
Ask yourself, if you see T-62A rushing or IS-7 rushing, which "terrifies" you more? You are mmm, E-75.

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