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Walshy71 #1 Posted 09 September 2012 - 09:27 PM


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"So there I was, Oberstleutnant Klink in my Konigstiger near a small town called Malinovka. There was enemy targets to the front, the gunner shouted, "IS front 300m, Oberst!" I said, "Target identified and acquired! Loader load Panzergranate 39" The loader, when the gun was loaded, let me know it was loaded by shouting, "Panzergranate!" To the driver I shouted, "Move up!" and we rolled forward a few meters and then stopped again. I was about to shout, "Fire!" when from the front of the tank there was an almighty bang, the inside was filled with smoke and the smell of fear, shit, piss and a burning engine. We were all screaming and I was the loudest!! I hadn't realized that I'd taken a Gold ammo shot to the knee which had almost completely severed off my lower leg. And there i had thought I'd angled my tank pretty well and had covered my lower glacis plate so no one could shoot at it! A complete dumbkoff but Gold ammo will always get through, I still have my share of that golden shot, it bought me this tropical island we are now on Hanns sipping our cocktails! Let that be a lesson to you!"

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