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Zoraktar #1 Posted 11 September 2012 - 09:13 AM

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As you seen i been lately active forum user and i must admit... I'm here 99% of time when I'm at work.
Today first time i crashed into argument in own topic where i wanted ask about how you think and how do you act?

I never wanted start flaming war i tried to be "funny" and in same creating question more simply and shared my own opinion. Well i made mistake and i want to say i'm sorry of that fuss i caused in that topic.

I don't care if guy who posts got +1k or -1k rep i will judge him by posts he made.

I really want to see different styles how people manage different situations. Like XVM/Effi/WR VS Effi and stuff like that. I just want to see what people think about them. I never wanted to start "flaming war" but it kinda went out of the hand. I don't care who you think were that who caused it or why it was caused i just was hoping there wouldn't be people who would start argue on forums.

This is main reason a lot players might come post something and just leave forums forever. Tough some people might only join forums to see this happening.

Sepharus #2 Posted 11 September 2012 - 09:26 AM

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Just ignore all the trolls on the forum here, and there are a lot of them. They are all ''brave'' sitting anonymously behind the keyboard and think its fun to annoy others, so dont let them annoy you.

There are plenty of forum users that are willing to try to help others get better at the game so dont get discouraged :)

About XVM/efficiency; that is a heated discussion, posts in any thread about either of them will often result in an neverending discussion whether its correct or not, often causing flaming, more trolling etc.

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Cyrus_40k #3 Posted 11 September 2012 - 09:39 AM


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Here we go again:

On my very first post in this forums, i wanted to be funny.
They returned my joke in negreps.

So i learnd, on serious threads, NO jokes. :Smile_sceptic:
Anyways,  do not take neg reps personally, they just neg repped your opinion.
Otherwise, i use XVM. It helps me to see on which flank my team will break. Thats tactical use, sometimes i decide the wrong flank, most of the time i decide the right flank.

It is learning from T&E (trial and error). Some players do learn, most don't.
Important is that YOU learn from mistakes OTHERS did, didn't you?

HarryStotle #4 Posted 11 September 2012 - 10:19 AM

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Welcome to the wonderful world of internet forums!

Ignore the trolls, make things as funny as possible but never get insulting or personal. We can leave that to the idiots who act like they are 10 feet tall but are really mummy's boys :Smile_trollface-3:

Stats are a wonderful thing. They get grown men all upset and cause no end of e-peen stroking. I find it all hillarious really. I used to be a recruiter for a clan and stats do have a place and they can give you an INDICATION of what type of player you are looking at but that is all.

I think XVM is a terrible idea because it sometimes leads to people quitting or doing stupid things. It leads to childish name calling. It also leads to the best players on your team being specifically targetted which i belive is against the spirit of the game. (this line usuallly gets the XVM lovers all excited :Smile_veryhappy: ) but i can see how it could be useful in some situations.

Apparently the only people who complain about XVM or stats in general are bad players with crap stats. Mine aren't special but they are above average so that blows their argument (although some smart arse will still say it :Smile_blinky: )
Overall,there is no one way to measure a players ability. Win rate can be increased by always playing platoons, CW or companies with other good players. I play lots of solo randoms because i'm a masochist and my WR is therefore very dependent on complete starngers. But apparently, its the only stat that matters.

Efficiency is probably the better stat but it can easily be manipulated by capping, camping and getting defence points.....etc etc

So all in all my advice is. Don't freaking worry about it, just enjoy the game, have fun and try and learn and improve. But what would i know, i'm just a Type owning wallet warrior noob :Smile-bajan2:

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