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Effective Damage per Minute Calculator

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Trilandian #1 Posted 14 September 2012 - 06:18 PM


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I'd just like to announce the completion of my most ambitios WoT Excel project to date - the EDPM calculator.

You can find and download it here: http://forum.worldof...ommunity-tools/

Here's the info on it:


The "Effective Damage per Minute Calculator" is a specialized tool that seeks to determine a gun's effective damage output, as mainly influenced by its penetration and the armor values of the enemies it's likely to encounter.

  • Input the gun's average damage, average penetration, rate of fire and shell type.
  • Input the loader's skill level (up to 132%).
  • You now have the gun's nominal DPM.
  • Input the tank's minimal and maximal battle tiers (consult the "Battle Tiers" tab to determine your tank's battle tiers).
  • If necessary, adjust the "Chance to Hit" values. These values indicate the chances of hitting the hull or turret of the enemy tank, and the part of the section hit (To illustrate: by default, the values are set to 70% to hit the hull, and a further 70% chance to hit the front of the hull).
  • Input the gun's caliber.
  • Input the expected angle of impace.
  • You now have the gun's effective DPM.
The EDPM calculator accounts for:
  • Average shell damage.
  • Average shell penetration.
  • Gun's rate of fire.
  • Shell type
  • Loader's skill level.
  • Armor of the enemies the tank is statistically likely to encounter.
  • Chances of hitting different sections an enemy tank.
  • Shell impact normalization.
  • Overmatch, as influenced by the ratio between the gun's caliber and the impacted armor.
  • Angle of impact.
The EDPM calculator does not account for:
  • Gun accuracy.
  • The slope of the enemy armor.
  • Weakpoints in the enemy armor.
  • Strong point in the enemy armor.
  • Spaced armor.
  • Loss of penetration due to the shell's flight distance.
  • Ricochet.
Assumptions made for the purpose of the calculations:
  • The shell always hits the largest plate of any of the enemy tank's sections (the one whose armor thickness determines the presented value in-game).
  • The probability distribution of the penetration RNG is completely random, and is not distributed normally.
  • The normalization value of AP and APCR shells is 4.5 degrees.
The statistical probability of encountering enemies is taken from the latest snapshot of the "Unofficial EU Server Statistics" thread, courtesy of Snib: http://forum.worldof...rver-statistics

Enjoy. :Smile_honoring:

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