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Annoying/Frustrating matches thread

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SnibediSnabs #1 Posted 20 September 2012 - 06:37 PM

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Whenever you have a really frustrating match, feel free to tell about it here. I'll start:

Assault mode, Malinovka, I'm on attacking side in my type 59.
Everyone goes to the north, so i go to try and hold the south flank. Our GwPanther sits in a bush in the middle near the spawn, and 13 of our players head north and start camping in a relatively coverless spot. I cautiously move ahead, not long before i spot a VK4502P, an IS, and 2 T34's. Knowing that i can't survive this, i move back and take shelter behind a house in the south side. I and the GwPanther try to alert the rest of the team to the threat. who rather decide to attack the enemy base after having half their force obliterated after a T-44 spotted them. Then, the T34 appears on the side of the house, who i track, only to get an IS to pop up behind me. My multiple calls for help are ignored as the T34s and the IS gangrape me, an AMX 13 90 obliterates the GwPanther and the VK4502P resets the cap, resulting in the time running out and our side losing.

Yup, that is pretty irritating.

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