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lampadas #1 Posted 26 September 2012 - 11:50 AM


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hello all i have a request for those who go to read that topic

please be polite and especialy in game chat  and on forums what i want to say is......

1) your team lose let say with a 10 to 1 ok do u believe that if you start to call them " ***** noobbbbbbssssssssss " is going to change something i believe not you just break the balls of other players who maybe have a very win day (in wot) and now they are bad luck  

2) a new player make a topic eg a player who make recently a topic "Grille save the day" or something like that and has only about 500 batlles and uses the forum is "OMG" for me and its very good to see him be an active member of the game but for someone it was a useless topic and start to offend him. OK we know you are the bad old beta player but you dont help anyone to spam and troll cause you have done this before him

3) when someone kills you and you have no clue how you been spot its not a cheater or a hacker and most of all his mother dont ***** (true story).

I wrote all of those cause i had a month break from the game for all the aboves reasons. That dont say something for you i know (my break) but dont make other players to quit from WOT cause we all are rude

I want to ask sorry for my grammar and english its not my native language

Tnx for reading

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