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How to get through the Lorraine 40t

tactics lorraine horrible tank

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Annihilism #1 Posted 03 October 2012 - 01:15 PM


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It seems that no one really likes the lorraine in its current state. People have been complaining about various aspects of this tank (i am one of the people who dislikes this tank).
But what is a good way to get through it? I've played a couple of games on it now (106 as of the moment of typing) and i figured out a way to at least make the tank semi-enjoyable since it's a long grind to the batchat. Ofcourse i am in no way a Lorraine "master" and i haven't got the amount of games to say i am an expert or something. Yet i felt i want to share my experience with my fellow Lorraine drivers and give tips to the people who can use them.

First of all the strong points of this tank:
- Can dish out alot of damage in a short period of time
- Is fairly speedy for its tier
- Often underestimated by its enemies

Now for the weak points:
- No armor
- Bad accuracy and aimtime
- It's too big for a medium

Even though i find the lorraine one of the least enjoyable tanks i have grinded so far (especially because of the length of the grind, the M3lee was horrible too but its only 13k xp to the next tank), i have found some ways to at least be usefull to the team. Here are some of the things that work for me. My average XP in good game ranges from 1000 to 1600 XP (with premium) and in bad games i do about 600 to 800 with premium.

Be a coward!
It may sound silly but you really have to play like a coward in the lorraine. While you could easily get away with being aggressive on the 13-90 because of its speed and low profile (hit and run) this is a very stupid thing to do in the lorraine and you will get punished really hard if you try (ofcourse there are some lucky moments where it will work but they are rare). The main reason for this is because of the height and the somewhat lackluster agility at low speeds of the lorraine, whereas the 1390 could easily drive around a jagdtiger, IS4 or e100 without getting hit the lorraine feels more like a beached whale when its on low speeds and you often find yourself getting hit because of the low turning speed (on low mph).  It is better to stay at long or medium range to harass your enemies. This doesn't mean sniping in the back of the base ofcourse but try and position your tank in the 2nd line of tanks preferrably being arty safe. Only go for enemies that are lower tier and singled out if you want to be agressive. I find the lorraine working fairly well in city maps where you can find distracted enemy tanks and flank them. Don't be one of those lorraine players i see alot driving to the frontlines immediately firing off 4 shells and then dying. Its very stupid and renders you useless to the team. Sure you did some damage but there are also other aspects to this game than purely doing damage (like spotting enemies or keeping them away by guarding a position)

Often you are the primary target of both enemy tanks and especially artillery! Artillery just loves to throw a shell at you because you are one of the easiest to penetrate tanks on the battlefield next to the scout (and other arty obviously). So the key here is to stay in arty cover at all times! Don't take any risks by exposing yourself for too long and take longer routes to get to a certain vantage point if you have to. If you know that arty knows your position then relocate, it is not worth it to try and get a shot off peekaboing know that arty can 1 shot you.

Take your time to reload!
Lets say you have finished off a tank and you have 3 shells left with no tanks being dangerously nearby, its better to reload that drum of yours then try and dish out those last few shots!. There are alot of fast tanks in this game and often have i found myself dead because i tried to dish out those last 3 shots when i could have easily killed the tank assaulting me if i only had a full drum. This goes for every french tank but especially the lorraine because of it being everyones favorite target. If you have alot of money it might be worth getting a tank gun rammer and speed up the loading process (or if you plan on keeping the tank). A really nice addon for the Lorraine is Jimbo's crosshair mod as you can see your reload time and make decisions about where to plan your next attack.

Team up with other mediums
This one might be obvious but i rarely seen people doing this (except for type59 for some odd reason). Something the Lorraine is really good at is doing alot of damage in a short period of time. One of the best ways to exploit this is to keep close to other mediums (or even some fast heavies) because you match their speed and can keep up with them. Try to have the other mediums distract the group of tanks you are assaulting and when they are distracted fire away your barrage of shells. Bringing in some beefy meds like the E50 with alot of armor can really help as they can bounce some shots giving your wolfpack more survivability.

Aim carefully!
While it was no problem to fire away some shells with the 13-90 because of the fairly decent reload time and the fact that you can come up close because of your speed and low profile its quite a different story on the lorraine. The lorraine has an awfully long aim time and barely hits anything if you don't let it aim out to the max. This one might sound obvious but im going to mention it anyway. Its better to wait 1 second longer and aim then to fire the shell immediately after its loaded.

Always bring consumables!
This one is also obvious but consumables are really important with the lorraine! One shell can take out your entire crew and i have had it happen more than once where my tank was still alive but all of my crewmembers dead rendering the tank useless. NEVER BRING OIL! One of the most common things to happen to a lorraine is having a broken turret, dead driver or a fire, not having a fire extinguisher, health kit or repair kit is really horrible when one of these things happens because it severely cripples your tank! While Oil might seem usefull to increase the engine power a little and getting you faster to some places its not a valid choice over any of the other three.

Preferred equipment:

Vertical stabilizer
Your tank has horrible aim speed, doing anything to decrease the aimspeed is a big plus because you are not a close range tank (your size + absent armor simply doesnt allow it)

I'm not sure if this still works but the Gun laying drive and the vertical stabilizer stack (correct me if im wrong please)! This mean you can decrease your aiming time even more.

Because of the lorraine being a very squishy tank it often has module damage. It happens to me very often that my gun breaks because of someone spamming HE at me or that my tracks just fly off. It's really handy to have a toolbox to decrease the time you are crippled and get you going again.

I can't really reccomend any of the other modules. Ventilation is nice but it's not a big enough boost in my opinion to justify the increased aim or repair speed from the other modules. Camo net is absolutely useless on the lorraine since you shouldn't be standing in a bush (not in arty cover!). If you purely focuss on getting through the lorraine as fast as possible and want to add some more equipment without spending XP on track you can consider adding the improved suspension.

Anyway, these are the things that help me alot during my grind and made the tank somewhat more enjoyable. While the Lorraine will never shine in any battle you might as well make the best of it and not be that lorraine driver that instantly kills himself every battle to great annoyance of teammates.

eliocoric #2 Posted 03 October 2012 - 01:28 PM

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Very nice post, tnx.  I need about 100k exp for Lorraine but this will be usefull... +1

ericf1 #3 Posted 03 October 2012 - 02:26 PM


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useful post thx !
i just started the Lorraine grind and i also noticed that it was the "coward" play-style that suited best this piece-of-crap tank.

free and convertible xp will also help in ending the suffering...

Vepsen #4 Posted 04 October 2012 - 09:03 AM

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Scrubs should definitely avoid this tank.  This one is the perfect money sponge, scrubs do tend to convert free xp with gold rofl, so they can get faster to Bat :)

There is nothing more sad then a 40% win ratio turd in a Lorri :( Learning to master it tho, will grant immense satisfaction.

Temptis #5 Posted 04 October 2012 - 11:08 AM

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1.) no rammer on autoloaders
2.) ventilation is the only equipment to speed up reloading (by about 1 sec, same as BiA) and i use it over toolbox

other than that, good post +1

NoMoreFreeNicknames #6 Posted 04 October 2012 - 11:11 AM

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How to get through the Lorraine 40t ?

Buy gold and convert XP :P

Trobby #7 Posted 05 October 2012 - 04:41 AM


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Good tutorial. I like the idea of being the coward tank.

This Lorraine 40t feels like the AMX 40 all over again - The worst tank of its tier.. The only reason I still have Lorraine 40t is to grind the Batchat..

The AMX 13 90 is far better in all aspects over the Lorraine 40t. I reckon they should get a tier swap with each other.

drakasas #8 Posted 05 October 2012 - 11:43 AM


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"First of all the strong points of this tank:
- Can dish out alot of damage in a short period of time
- Is fairly speedy for its tier
- Often underestimated by its enemies"

sadly its only on paper or in best situation possible.

-u can dish alot of dmg if no1 is shooting at u. if its duel: u shoot 6 shots(which can bounce) and get around 800~dmg back which is half your hp( if u lucky u wount get damaged to much inside of tank)

-well ye speedy

-not sure what u mean by underestimated, enemy always trying to kill me- easy exp as all french.

that said, in some maps, and some situations, this tank shines alot(as other  two amx and batchat)

tora33 #9 Posted 24 October 2012 - 10:09 PM


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Damm i hope the batchat is worth it  but then wasn´t thrilled about the IS8 either so maybe its a tier IX thing  :arta:
Nice Guide  :Smile_veryhappy: very helpfull

Poniedzielski #10 Posted 27 October 2012 - 02:31 PM

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Im planning to get one, and im saving free exp to unlock gun,because i imagine the pain going with tier 7 gun on lorraine.

johncl #11 Posted 28 October 2012 - 01:02 PM

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Ive seen this tank played well ,,,,,in a platoon with a t54 ,,,,I will wolfpack with this tank ...

Poniedzielski #12 Posted 04 November 2012 - 04:06 AM

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Ok so anyone use such combination?:

Maerer #13 Posted 04 November 2012 - 07:41 PM


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Had ventilation, Vert stab, and camo.
Finished the Lorry yesterday thanks to the premium bonus. Ripped through the last 70k xp. Had 45k free xp so I researched the top gun for the Batchat also.

Now waiting for the 50% off period on tier 9's to be over so I can sell the Lorry and make the last 2 million to the Batchat!

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