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Infothread: Nachschub Für Die Franzosen. Panzer - Schiffe - Flugzeuge

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Poll: Neues Jahr, neue Umfrage: Wo seht ihr die größten Schwachpunkten im französischen Techtree?(Jeder hat diesmal 3 votes!) (80 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 250 battles in order to participate this poll.

Neues Jahr, neue Umfrage: Wo seht ihr die größten Schwachpunkten im französischen Techtree? (Jeder hat diesmal 3 votes!)

  1. In den fehlenden regulären Mediums zwischen Tier V und Tier 9, die keine Bollwerkmöglichkeiten erlauben? (55 votes [30.73%])

    Percentage of vote: 30.73%

  2. In den fehlenden Superheavies? (Bei den Japanern hat das Konzept funktioniert.) (24 votes [13.41%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.41%

  3. In der fehlenden zweiten TD-Linie (AMR 35 ZT, AMR 35 YT, Renault VE, Renault-Garnier, Lorraine 37 AC, Lorraine Canon d´assault, AMX CDC...)? (26 votes [14.53%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.53%

  4. In der fehlenden zweiten Arty-Linie? (9 votes [5.03%])

    Percentage of vote: 5.03%

  5. In den fehlenden echten Lowtierlights der Stufen 2, 3 und 4 z.B. im Hinblick auf Kompanien (AMC 34, AMC 35, AMR 35, AMR 35 ZT, AMR 35 YT)? (14 votes [7.82%])

    Percentage of vote: 7.82%

  6. In der fehlenden Überarbeitung und Anpassung der alten Fahrzeuge besonders der Problemfälle (AMX 38, AMX 40,B1...)? (51 votes [28.49%])

    Percentage of vote: 28.49%

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Lord_Xenon #61 Posted 14 February 2013 - 03:07 PM


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View PostDas_Wiesel_WeaselY4, on 13 February 2013 - 10:41 PM, said:

Einfach merkwürdig... das beste hoffen, das Gegenteil erwarten... :Smile_sceptic:

Also wenn sie die Batchatarty streichen wäre das äußerst mies! Immerhin Turm UND Magazingarty weg!  :arta:  :Smile_ohmy:

Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #62 Posted 17 February 2013 - 01:31 PM

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2 Neue Franzosenarties im Sommer:

View PostKolaski, on 16 February 2013 - 08:01 PM, said:

Das Arty-Problem löst sich übrigens Mitte Sommer. Dann werden die tier 8 Artys auf T10 hochgestufft, und es kommen 2 neue Tier-Artys rein. So werden die eXP-Kosten für die Forschung geringer (müssen Arty-Spieler weniger lang spielen auf einer einzelnen Arty), die Arty-Spieler verteilen sich mehr auf verschiedene Tiers, und das MM kann dann endlich angepasst werden. Dann fliegt auch die Arty-Begrenzung raus, voila, MM läuft wieder normal. (Soweit die Theorie)


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Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #63 Posted 22 February 2013 - 10:41 PM

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20. Februar 2013: Die Franzosenlobby erreicht dreifache Kompaniestärke. Unser Leitmotiv ist die Gleichstellung der französischen Panzer. Dass diese diskriminiert werden ist nun nicht mehr die Meinung von ein paar Spinnern, sondern von über 45 Mitgliedern, Anzahl weiter steigend.
Bessert endlich nach WG!

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Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #64 Posted 02 March 2013 - 12:54 PM

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Für die Franzosen wird ein mageres Jahr prophezeit. Unverständlich, wegen der vielen Unzulänglichkeiten im french Techtree.
Hier ein Auszug aus SilentStalkers Blog:

Well, as you have already heard, Overlord stated the Leopard 1 will come in 8.5. With that in mind, I think it's safe to confirm that the Indienpanzer, Leopard Prototype and Leopard 1 are being supertested atm. There might be screenies, there might be not, we'll see.
Today I skipped all sorts of dumb questions, Russian specific stuff (f.x. when will SerB be in that and that city) and other garbage, lot of SerB trolling again
- Q: "Please do tell me, dear developers, do you plan to give new premium tanks to the Ivans?" A: "Nope, only to Alexei's"
- SerB on the influence of forum members on the game development: "Yes, all the forum projects are the work of an active minority. A minority, but active. That's we we do and we will support the forums, but we are not going to act on every whim of the forum members." (SS: not an exact translation, I hope this way it makes more sense in english)
- the "potential damage dealt" variable is not new (it's been here for 2 years), it's used to calculate certain archievement
- sometimes, tanks with better hp/ton ratio turn slower, this is due to the "quality of the suspension", which works "via the physics model"
- there will be guns with better than 0.3 accuracy "if needed"
- AMX M4 45 depression buff is "historical"
- Q: "How am I supposed to fight British T5 TD with 100-200mm armor in a tier 3 tank?" A: "Light her up for your arty or top tanks, kill the escorts, capture the base. It's a team game. If you don't like that, perhaps you'd like to play Barbie Online?"
- SerB states that Minsk is a great place to live in
- no plans to use the 88mm L/100 for any other tank for now
- hard-mode (tanks without HP, no autoaim etc.) won't be implemented
- driver perk that would increase the power of the engine is not planned
- the AMX ELC had the option to autoalign the hull with the gun removed, because it was never intended to have it in the first place
Overlord info (his answers summed up)
Source: http://overlord-wot....ml#comment-form
Q: German TD's?
A: Somewhere in late 2013. German mediums are to come in 8.5, as for TDs - late autumn - winter I'd say.
Q: The future of WoT for 2013?
A: You already know what is coming for 8.4, I guess. What we have for this year more British tanks, German MT line with Leo (soonish), stretching SPGs to 10 tiers, prolly Japs if they make it.
Q: What about endgame content?
A: "Proper" endgame content is in the works. 7/42 is promoted as main esports format.
Q: How's Maus and E-100 doing?
A: Mauses are used on city maps like Himmelsdorf and Erlenberg, while E100s are even more popular on CWs. Can't say they are not used at all.

- each crewmember gets as much XP for the fight as the tank does (unless a crewmember is wounded)
- AMX-13/90 reload time won't be lowered from 40 to 35s
- at some point, the balance weight of the vehicles of different class but same tier (for HT, MT, TD) might be the same (not soon)

(a lot of bullshit trolling SerB today, not in mood - skipped it)
- Q: "Dear devs, you wrote that the IS-7 is an example of an overnerfed tank. If you were to remove it, what tank would it be replaced with?" A: "We'd likely remove it totally" (SS: without replacement). SerB also stated that if IS-7 had its real life parameters, he'd be on tier 12-13, the most nerfed parameters are currently speed (IRL 60 km/h), ROF. There was a real parameter IS-7 during the alphatest - it was terribly overpowered
- out of T-44, T-54 and T-62A, SerB considers the T-44 most popular
- on T9 there is Lorraine and not AMX-13/105, "because we simply think Lorraine is better"
- further tank customisation - in far future (it's possible that in far future, hull and track models will also be changed)
- the coefficient of how much silver do you get when winning and losing is the same for all tanks, but SerB states the system is much more complex
- E-100 8.4 change? "upper frontal plate angle configuration"
- the same (gold) round has different parameters for different guns (D-25, BL-9), because it's historical
- SerB likes the work of V.Vysotsky (SS: a known Russian songmaker)
Japanese answers:
Q: When the first post-war Japanese tank was being developed, the plan for the tank was 20 tons with a 76 mm gun, which was changed to a 25 ton tank with a 90 mm gun due to the T-34 during the Korean War. However, the mockup team for the 25 ton proposal realized that the armor would be too thin to deal with bazookas and anti-tank missiles, which was why uparmoring lead to the 35 ton Type 61. Based on this history (as can be read in the Japanese wikipedia article on the Type 61), couldn't a Tier 6 and Tier 7 light tank be possible? (SS: please note that the question didn't sound like this, this is more like an explanation)
A: These tanks (20t 76mm/25t 90mm STA) were only "sets of requirements", they weren't developed industry-wise. Technically, they could be introduced into the game, but there are relatively big differences between light tanks that saw combat and these "requirement" tanks. So they (STA tanks) will most likely remain as medium tanks.
About the perspective 57mm gun, SerB states it's most likely an adaptation of naval 57mm, it might appear on "Ho-I" and the first "Chi-To" prototype, but SerB's not sure.
- the haystack at Prokhorovka do not work as bushes (no camo bonus)
- there might be additional music added to WoT

22.2.2013 - Part 2
- it's more likely the devs will remove the Soviet LL tanks (Churchill, Matilda, Valentine) than return the German premium ("captured French") ones (B2, H38)
- Storm suggests players use the Nvidia driver 306 series
- it's not possible to leave permanent track marks, the client wouldn't handle it
- the gold shells were not nerfed in order to richochet more (SS: that's a popular conspiracy theory)
- there will be no option implemented to change the look of your hangar just so (with one click) from festive to regular
- "a lot" will be changed in the camouflage system, SerB will tell "when the time is right"
- it's confirmed that the T8 German LT line will continue to the T9 Leopard prototype, much like the Chinese branch (XP-wise too)
- the T8 German LT properties will be "about the same as those of the AMX-13/90" (IMHO wohl eher AMX 30)
- Soviet medium premium tank will be apparently tier 7 and not 8 (SS: T-44A)
- there will be no free stuff for old players as a reward
- there will be no researchable modules for premium tanks
- it's possible the golden derp shell prices might rise ("we'll see")
- hangar details are set high "in order to look good", because performance is not that needed in it

- only amount of platoons in battle is balanced specifically, not their MM weight
- British T8 prem won't come in 8.5
- Q: "Is it worth collecting XP on Chaffee and T-50-2 for when they are moved to T6 and the branch is prolonged?" A: "Always better to wait for announcements" (SS: in other words, another confirmation the fate of VK2801 awaits them too)
- Kampfpanzer M47 (germanised M47) will NOT be a T8 German premium medium vehicle, Storm says it's more like T9,5 material
- 0 module damage bug: Storm claims it's an old bug, around from 7.4, it will be fixed in 8.5 or 8.6 (DCA45 User können aufatmen)
- the issue whether Leopard-1 will get a Bundeswehr cross will be solved later
- SerB on War Thunder: "Release will show what is what"
- no tier 10 premium tanks will be implemented, ever
- sub-caliber rounds do not ricochet more than AP ones in WoT
- on 7/42 companies and statistics: "If your statistics are precious to you, don't play 7/42 companies"
- SU-122-44, Panther M10 and AT-15A are doing fine statistically
- not all trees will have T8 LT's
- T-34-100 back into the game? "We rarely bury tanks for good. The tank is interesting but for now we can't tell anything about its fate"
- SerB considers IS-7 to be overnerfed
- T-64 early prototype in WoT? "We won't comment on that"
- for an ammoracked vehicle to be forced to buy all the ammo (that was destroyed during the explosion) would be too hardcore, won't be implemented
- it's not clear whether the barrel of a destroyed tank counts as "solid", it has been changed several times in the past
- SerB states that the duty to enforce the 12+ policy is on the parents, Wargaming doesn't have a way to control the player age
- those who trade their accounts are banned if the evidence is clear
- there might be a tree bridges between UK and Chinese regular vehicles and arties - SerB won't tell details, because there would be too much whine if this was changed
- SerB is happy with current Batchat155 performance (Wird imho also nicht gestrichen)
- in the Brit tree, AT8 is before AT7 due to their performance characteristics
- according to SerB, Chinese tanks are played by a normal amount of people, the most popular branch is the USSR
- it's not yet decided whether the Italians will be a part of the EU tree, or will have their own
- Japanese "O-Ni" superheavy project is unknown to Serb, he knows of other names
- SerB does not yet know, whether the Japanese light tank "57mm gun Type 5 Ke-Ho" will be implemented
- tier 2 Japanese arty was already decided, but won't be published for now
- regarding the Iwakuro tank, the only option for it was the 150mm gun, early O-I (and some others) might have a long-barreled 75mm gun (of unknown type) and a 105mm howitzer
- the bug where on minimum settings you don't see the objects properly and it can happen that you aim into a rock while you don't see anything there cannot be fixed, because in order to improve performance, the surface grid is too sparse and there might be a difference between the object picture on the server and on the client. Minimum settings should be used on really bad machines only.
And some answers from Storm (I'll just copy here the ones I did for the 8.4T2 patchnotes first, some were modified)
- Tortoise won't get the nerf, not even in 8.5
- the new Nvidia drivers contain the same bug as the old ones
- AT7 research test cost (9647 XP) is a bug, will be fixed
- the E-100 fix concerned frontal plate, (SS: not sure how it looks on the schematics but from what I understand come parts of the armor were improperly aligned (angles), causing the parts to be easy to penetrate), devs won't disclose what exactly they did, only the fact the bug was fixed
- Churchill I price confirmed to be cca 49000 (SS: 49050 stated earlier)
- on IS-6 "some little crap on the model" was fixed

FEB 14, 2013
Overlord's Answers
As some (most) of you know, Overlord is running his blog here: http://overlord-wot.blogspot.cz
Here's a compilation of some of his answers. They are pretty random, whatever I found interesting. There is also an article on World of Warplanes which I skipped, but if you are interested in planes too, go have a look.
Q: Will Swamp and Komarin return?
A: Not in 8.4. Later.
Q: Are you ever thinking of rebalancing the SU-101 and Lorraine?
A: Both are currently under 48% which sucks, thus some kind of buff is possible.

Q: About the Sexton being American and not British...
A: There is also an Australian version of it. Dunno why they decided to choose the Canadian here.
Q: Realistic animation of suspension soon ?
A: Mid-term I would say. Not very soon.
Q: Overlord, would you care to expand a bit on the SLI info? Any comparative performance results? Much obliged in advance.
A: 20-30% performance boost expected.
Q: About short term premium accounts...
A: My position on this is the following: time-limited prem account incentivizes players to return to the game and play, because time is constantly ticking. In case of battle-limited prem account, there always can be reasoning like I don't wanna play right now, I can use my battles tomorrow or next week or whatever.
Q: As an EU player I feel your EU Community people is not that good. Information is often not provided or not complete. And CW is down for long periods of time with out any info at all, until the day before it comes back. And still no info on what have changed.
A: First of, community is diverse. I believe that in terms of community relations things are much better on RU side, since we have got much more experience here and in general we are a (mostly) Russian-speaking company, however I do feel like things are improving on other regions as well. What bothers you exactly?
Q: The Lowe tank is earning less credits than Type 59, T34, sometimes even than SP. I understand comparing lowe with T34 as they are at same price, but how in the hell can a 25eur tank earn more than a 43eur one?
A: All of those 4 are within 5-6%, T59 spoils things a bit, it appeared to be too decent for a prem tank and enjoys higher w/r and consequently higher revenue.

- apparently there are not enough British turretted tank destroyers for a whole branch (Q: "Are the rumors that there aren't enough British turretted TDs unfounded?" A: "They aren't unfounded")
- SerB states that apart from the Luchs, the other vehicles being lifted up one tier didn't really have to be rebalanced, as they were balanced around tier 5 and 6 previously already (they were balanced one tier higher)
- the reason the Panzer II and Panzer III/IV arty tree links were removed is that the devs don't like them, they consider them ugly, confusing and unnecessery
- German Leopard MT branch, French HT and MT alternative branches weren't scrapped, even though they were removed from the new tree, developers will simply add them in future patches (...? Was hab ich denn da verpasst?)
- FV215b TD doesn't have a fully treaverseable turret, it moves only to 45 degrees to each side, it has worse armor than FV215b HT and the gun has 1150 alpha, it's compensated by other characteristics (might not be final, tests will show)
- the reason the British TD branch wasn't published in advance was that it changed a lot in the process, the developers will continue in this trend
- E100 armor is bugged, it'll be fixed (example 1, example 2) (SS: if I understand correctly, it's something about the welds and the spaced armor, which does work however)
- tier 7 and 9 companies are not planned
- the changes in the German lower tiers are partially tied to the new German medium branch introduction, which will start from the VK2001DB (SS: don't worry, VK3002DB will be a part of it)
- the British will have more researchable TDs (SS: turreted branch meant)
Edit: fixed the E100 answer (I mistook it for Jpz E100)

7.2.2013 - part 2
- both the top version of the Soviet IS tank with the 122mm gun (and with the frontal hull armor "divided in the middle" (two parts with different angles) and the one with "streamlined" sloped armor without different angles) are correctly historically designated as "IS-2"
- the hull with the "divided armor" was selected for the tier 7 IS because there was never such a thing as an IS tank with 85mm gun and streamlined armor
- it was considered to divide the IS tank into more vehicles, but then it was denied, as the IS variants aren't very different from each other
- apparently there is a rumor running around that one KV-3 vehicle took part in WW2 fighting. It's not true - KV-220 did, KV-3 didn't.
- it's not yet sure that the T7 German LT "Aufklärungspanzer Panther" will be researched from the VK2801, or what its armament will be
- Q: "SerB, is it possible to introduce the real-life performance IS-7?" A: "You're a newfag :) Such an IS-7 there was already in the alpha test."
- vehicle economy is separated from balancing, occasionally however it has some small influence on it
- Chinese and British arty characteristics? "You'll see"
- the reason for 88mm L/71 and other German guns penetration being different from some German penetration: different methodology of what was considered a penetration and what wasn't, it's based on Russian results with captured guns
- Q: "Why are low tier battles the way they are - everyone penetrates everyone?" A: "Because it's ololololol"
- Q: "Jagdpanther II was removed from the main TD branch, what is its fate?" A: "Its fate is beautiful :)"
- Arty Batchat doesn't have an autoloader because the devs don't have references for it - if someone finds some, they'll add (Und ich dachte die BatArty hätte einen Autoloader...?)
- only fallen trees count as one for the purpose of additional camo factor, standing trees still counts as multiple cover (multiple bushes)
- there will be no special XP compensation for Jagdpanther II users, the change is not related to the 2nd TD branch if I understand it correctly (SS: sorry, I'm really tired, just correct me if I am wrong)
- SerB thinks the new tutorial will be only for new players, but he's not 100 percent sure
- it's not planned for players to make their own maps
- there will be no free garage slot given out in 8.4 (not as in the AMX ELC case, "because we do not insert new tanks, we only push the existing ones up one tier")
- regarding the Waffenträger 2nd German TD branch: "It's not a Waffenträger branch, it's an open-topped TD branch. It will come in 2013."
- Valentine TD is NOT the Archer. There won't be the Archer in 8.4
- apparently, dynamic vehicle characteristics (in hangar) are being worked on
- Wespe will now be unlockable from Marder, it's not a bug
- although some of the British TD vehicles have multiple guns, multi-gun mechanism was not yet developed, eg. AT-7 will behave much like M3 Lee.
- M26 top turret mantlet thickness is 203mm
- Sexton confirmed as US vehicle
- FV215b and FV4005 Stage 2 are different vehicles (SS: apparently a lot of people mix them up)
- on the new tree, VK3601H is listed as "heavy", but this will actually be done later, not in 8.4

Quelle: http://ftr-wot.blogspot.cz/

Ok, weiter bin ich nicht zurück gegangen. Im Moment wird nicht an den Franzosen gearbeitet und nichts deutet darauf hin, dass irgendetwas französisches in diesem Jahr kommen könnte. Eine herbe Enttäuschung.

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Binschi3 #65 Posted 02 March 2013 - 10:20 PM


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Auf keinen Fall die Hoffnung verlieren!!!

Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #66 Posted 05 March 2013 - 11:27 PM

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Das fällt mir zunehmend schwer, aber danke! :Smile_great:  Anbei noch einige Franzosennerfs und -buffs, die morgen mit 8.4 kommen sollen.

8.4 undocumented changes
Source: http://wot-news.com/...anyjj-patch-084
The first number is the 8.4 value, the second the difference from 8.3. To avoid any confusion, I am using EU depression/elevation measures, not the RU ones. So, if it says "depression 6 (1)", it means "the gun depression was buffed by one degrees", where for example "elevation 17 (-8)" means "elevation was nerfed by 8 degrees". Logically, "depression 6 (-1) would mean the depression was nerfed by 1 degree" and so on.

Renault BS
Suspension M17 braking force: 4500 (-31000)
Suspension M26 braking force: 5000 (-30500)
(SS: this basically means Renault BS stops being able to stop on the spot as if "glued" I think)

37mm APX SA18 depression: 20 (18)
37mm SA38 elevation: 17 (4)
37mm SA38 depression: 6 (4)

AMX M4 (1945)
90mm DCA30 depression: 10 (5)
90mm F3 depression: 10 (5)
90mm DCA 45 depression: 10 (5)
105mm 13TR depression: 10 (5)

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Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #67 Posted 08 March 2013 - 12:04 PM

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Nach Abschluss der Arbeiten an den Briten TDs, liegt WGs Augenmerk jetzt bei den Deutschen. Die Einführung des Aufklärungspanzer wurde für 8.5 bestätigt. Ebenfalls kommen sollen Leopard 1 und der leichte Löwe. Von Franzosen hört man kein Sterbenswörtchen :Smile_confused:  :arta:  :Smile_confused:

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Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #68 Posted 09 March 2013 - 01:18 PM

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Folgende leaks aus dem Supertest erreichten SilentStalkers Blog:


Bis auf die Bilder vom AMX FL-11 und einem deutschen Beute-TD (Jpz 35R) ist erstmal nichts neues dabei. (Ein paar kleie Fehler sind auch dabei: Bild vom G1L ist ein G1B, der Lorraine Antichar ist ein Panzerjäger, keine SPG) Interessant, dass der FCM F1 nach wie vor im Supertest dabei ist, da ich damit gerechnet hätte, das der (mein absoluter Lieblingspanzer) erst mit Multiturrets kommt, was definitiv noch nicht gesupertested wird.
Dass der FCM 2C weiter getestet wird ist klar, der hat ja nur einen Turm mit größerem Kalliber. Der Unbebilderte 50-Tonner könnte der vielleicht der FCM 1C sein, oder ein moderner Panzer aus den 60ern...who knows.
Was bedeutet dieses Leak für uns Franzosenfreunde? Ich weiß es nicht. Nicht alles aus dem Supertest kommt auch auf die Straße. Es scheint mir aber, als ob die Franzosen echt unerwartet in den Startlöchern stehen könnten. Immerhin wird diese Nation im Moment in einen derartigen Mantel des Schweigens gehüllt, dass sie entweder komplett vergessen wurde oder supergeheim gepusht wird.
Wir werden sehen...

Auf Eisenkarls Anregung hier noch einmal die interessanten Kommentare unter dem Artikel:

AnonymousMar 9, 2013, 12:17:00 PM
Awesome! Your blog is just great. Keep up the great work you do for us players.

AnonymousMar 9, 2013, 12:23:00 PM
Sturmtiger... No fucking way! Are they seriously planning to add it? Never thought WG would have the balls to do that...

Frank DavisMar 9, 2013, 12:26:00 PM
Yes, it has been confirmed numerous times.

Madest CatMar 9, 2013, 12:29:00 PM
Interesting ...
For me, unknown was: T-34M, T23E3, AC IV, Sherman III, M2A4, Char 50t B.
Do you have any additional info on the Char 50t B? Will it be Premium or a new tier 10 heavy for the French?

Frank DavisMar 9, 2013, 12:32:00 PM
No, sorry. No further info.

Madest CatMar 9, 2013, 12:48:00 PM
To bad, would be nice to have another tier 10 heavy beside the AMX 50B, after the silent cancelation of the AMX M4(1949) ...
Techtree with: http://wiki.fbfu.de/...k_Tree_Full.jpg
Techtree without: http://wiki.fbfu.de/..._Tree_Light.jpg
Thanks anyway, great blog!

Frank DavisMar 9, 2013, 12:57:00 PM
AMD M4 1949 was not cancelled, at least not totally - it's just that the devs removed all the "upcoming" stuff from the trees. Last time I heard (news from december), the devs themselves aren't sure whether both lines will end with 50B, or the 1949 M4 is implemented.

AnonymousMar 9, 2013, 1:06:00 PM
I can't belive that all this tanks will be in game...

AnonymousMar 9, 2013, 1:08:00 PM
Wait,all this tanks are on Supertest?
Sebastian NawaraMar 9, 2013, 1:16:00 PM
Hmmm, any info about EU tree?

AnonymousMar 9, 2013, 1:18:00 PM
E-10 picture is E-25
M4 48 picture is the T10 french. M4 48 looks more like 50 100 with M4 turret.

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, wie ich "all the upcoming stiff" übersetzen soll. Meint das alles was kurz vor der Veröffentlichung steht, oder eher all das, was noch nicht feststeht und nach den anderen Treeteilen veröffentlicht wir...?
Ich bin mir auch nicht sicher, was die Quelle von Stalker aussagt, einer von den Übersetzern (oder nahe dran). Das würde heißen, dass sie grad die Texte zu den Panzern fertig machen. In meinem geistigen Abbild vom WG-Produktionsablauf, kommt das ganz am Ende und würde auch auf eine nahe Veröffentlichung schließen lassen.
Ich wage es ja kaum zu hoffen!

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Eisenkarl1975 #69 Posted 09 March 2013 - 01:50 PM

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View PostDas_Wiesel_WeaselY4, on 09 March 2013 - 01:18 PM, said:

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, wie ich "all the upcoming stiff" übersetzen soll. Meint das alles was kurz vor der Veröffentlichung steht, oder eher all das, was noch nicht feststeht und nach den anderen Treeteilen veröffentlicht wir...?
Ich bin mir auch nicht sicher, was die Quelle von Stalker aussagt, einer von den Übersetzern (oder nahe dran). Das würde heißen, dass sie grad die Texte zu den Panzern fertig machen. In meinem geistigen Abbild vom WG-Produktionsablauf, kommt das ganz am Ende und würde auch auf eine nahe Veröffentlichung schließen lassen.
Ich wage es ja kaum zu hoffen!

"the upcoming stuff" ist wohl sehr allgemein zu verstehen, also mehr wie "alles, was noch kommt [aber ohne konkreten Veröffentlichungszeitpunkt]". Ich kann mir auch noch nicht vorstellen, dass die Übersetzung eine sehr nahe Implementierung in das Spiel anzeigt, schließlich kann man ja ohne weiteres "auf Vorrat" übersetzen lassen. Besonders problematisch ist ja, dass da einige Fahrzeuge dabei sind, die nach funktionierenden Multiturrets geradezu schreien - und die sind ja für dieses Jahr nicht mehr geplant, wenn ich mich richtig an Kolaskis letzte Kommentare zu dem Thema erinnere. Es könnte natürlich sein, dass WG so grausam ist und beim "Formel 1"-FCM einfach nur den vorderen Turm spielbar gestaltet...  :Smile-hiding:

Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #70 Posted 09 March 2013 - 02:15 PM

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Nee, denke es wird der Hintere sein (obwohl du auch recht haben könntest, wir werden sehen :Smile_Default: ), weil der die Große Kanone hat, und wieso sollten sie das Teil weiterhin ohne multiturrets supertesten, wenn sie es nicht schon einführen wollten...? Dann hätten sie es so lange aus dem Test rausnehmen können.

Ich sehe eine wunderbare Zukunft der Dickschiffe auf uns zurollen.

(PS: Gestern mal wieder nen TOG im Gegnerteam gehabt, also ich finde, der ist absolut konkurrenzfähig. So soll es auch mit den Franzosen-Pötten werden!)

Edit: Nochmal zu "upcoming stuff": das bezieht sich ja auf die Unterschiede, der beiden, in den Kommentaren geposteten Trees und meint den "fehlenden Teil". Andere Teile, die nicht veröffentlicht sind, sind damit imho nicht gemeint. Daher meine Irritation zwischen dem was upcomming ist, und dem Rest...

Edit2: SilentStalker hat hat das fehlerhafte Bild vom G1L bereits ersetzt und ein Bild vom Char 50t eingestellt.  :Smile_veryhappy:  Guter Typ!

Edit3: Er ergänzt immer weiter, sauber!

Der 50 t sieht mir allerdings stark nach dem sogennaten AMX 70 bzw AMX 49 aus. Ich habe diese Panzer bisher für einen gehalten. Möglicherweise gibt es allerdings doch Unterschiede...???

Edit4: Noch ein kleiner Nachtrag aus dem genannten Blog:

MAR 9, 2013
- both viewrange-enhancing skills work the same, there's no difference
- the fact that on AMX M4 the gun has full depression only when turned to the front of the tank is not a bug, it's intended

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Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #71 Posted 11 March 2013 - 11:03 AM

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SilentStalker hat die WG-To-do_list 2013 veröffentlicht:

Franzosen sind kein eigener Punkt. Einzige (kleine) Chance, dass sie kommen ist einzeln oder zu zweit mit den vielen geplanten Patches. Einen großen Patch wird es nach den Infos nicht geben.

Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #72 Posted 18 March 2013 - 12:22 PM

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Legt man 13 Mann/Frauen pro Kompanie als Maximum fest, so hat die Franzosenlobby die vierfache Kompaniestärke bereits überschritten. Sieht fast so aus, als gäbe es doch ein paar Hardcore-Fans.  :Smile_Default:
Bufft endlich die Franzosen WG und gebt uns endlich den versprochen Nachschub anstatt den Deutschen den 20sten Medium zu spendieren oder den Russen den 50sten Light oder spontan so einen chinesischen Klonbaum reinzuschieben!!!  :Smile-angry:

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von_Moltke #73 Posted 19 March 2013 - 05:45 PM


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Hiermit bewerbe ich, von Moltke, mich für die Mitgliedschaft bei der ehrenwerten Franzosenlobby.
Ich werde mich treu für ihre Interessen einsetzen und ihr zur Seite stehen


Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #74 Posted 19 March 2013 - 05:56 PM

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:honoring: Sehr gut Moltke  :great:

Komm mal hier rüber:

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Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #75 Posted 20 March 2013 - 01:30 AM

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Fragen zum Medium-Tank AMX 30 wurden von SerB mit : No comment beantwortet.

Mal wieder dieses offensive Schweigen. Ich fühle mich in meiner Ansicht bestärkt, dass da was im Busch ist!

Sirgutz #76 Posted 20 March 2013 - 07:29 AM

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Wir wollen doch auch nur unseren frenchi MBT und Panzer ohne revolver mag.  :sad:

Tatsuya_Egawa #77 Posted 20 March 2013 - 09:48 PM


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Briten: Chieftain
Deutschen : Leopard
Russen : T62/72 ( wobei dieser zu neu wäre )
Chinesen : Typ59 ( klar t8 premium ist aber der china panzer ! )
Franzosen : AMX 30

Chieftain = fänd ich genial, geile karre, super aussehen !
Leopard = der nachkriegspanzer schlechthin, muss man haben !
AMX 30 = Mobil, gutes aussehen = haben  will !

Wie lang wartet man jetzt schon auf den Leopard ? 1 oder 2 jahre ist er schon in der Liste, der Chieftain wird wohl die russen flamen lassen, weswegen er wohl nicht sobald kommt als ersatz für den med oder heavy der briten ( die sind ja alle gut laut WG..... ja wers glaubt) und die Franzosen sollten auch ihren Nachkriegspanzer bekommen, den AMX 30. Gehört einfach dazu wie beim T62 der Wodka, beim Leopard die Semmel , beim Briten der Teekocher und bei den Franzosen das baguette !  :teethhappy:  Versteh nicht warum WG solche Panzer solange hinauszögert . Das sind Ikonen der Rüstungsindustrie und Markenzeichen dieser Länder und was bekommt man ? irgendwelche prototypen und hirngespinnste, wovon die letzten patches voll waren und zumindest mich nicht wirklich angesprochen haben.

Hätte echt kein problem wenn diese Panzer erst ab T9 abgezweigt werden von irgendeinem Panzer, brauch da nicht 8 oder 9 vorgänger. Von mir aus können die EP auch dementsprechend höher sein, is mir latte, aber bringt die Panzer endlich ins Spiel. Die gabs und zwar nicht nur in einer Prototypen version sondern in massen und vom Zeitraum passen die ins Spiel.
Naja abwarten  was kommt nach 8.5/6 :sceptic:

Das_Wiesel_WeaselY4 #78 Posted 24 March 2013 - 12:05 PM

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Hm, bei WG weiß man doch nie, woran man ist:

Storm gibt den Tip weder für den neuen Tier X Russen-Med, noch für für den französischen neuen Medium Techtree XP zu sammeln, bis man ihn nicht gesehen hat.

Was das heißen soll, ist mir mal wieder schleierhaft. Auf dem AMX 40 hab ich die XP für den Lorraine G1L schon angesammelt. Womit will WG uns den im "neuen" Techtree überraschen? Der ist doch schon seit einem Jahr veröffentlicht. Bringt ihn einfach endlich raus!

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Stranger40 #79 Posted 25 March 2013 - 03:05 PM

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Morgen Herr kommandant,

"du weißt schon wessen blog aus dem man nicht mehr unnübersetzt qouten darf" vermeldet (übwersetzt :trollface: ):

-der leichte Franzosen-Baum wird nicht überarbeitet(ging um eine Beschwerde, dass es blöd sei zwei verschiedene Crews für13/75 und 13/90 haben zu müssen, da es im grunde derselbe Panzer ist, also nichts von Bedeutung)
- Amx-13 bekommt keine 2 Auto-loader wie im wirklichen Laben(denn zum Nachladen musste der Tank stoppen und die Crew aussteigen)
- AMX 13/105 kommt NICHT
- der AMX 50 1955 mit verbesserter Panzerung isti m Moment nicht geplant, WG besitzt nicht mehr Bilder davon als das vom Spieler gepostete (zu sehen auf "du weißt schon wessen blog aus dem man nicht mehr unnübersetzt qouten darf")

Ich find vor allem das mit dem 13/105 spannend, da der ja hier (http://wiki.worldoft...k_Tree_Full.jpg) drin ist.

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Sirgutz #80 Posted 25 March 2013 - 04:08 PM

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meh wenn sie überhaupt mal was an den fröschen machen würden wärs mir schon recht.
1-2 low/mid tier premiums für den anfang (ACL 135 , AMR P103, R35 TD, Char 2C 75/155 wären ja fertig)  oder so und nicht den 2millionsten russen und deutschen bringen :sceptic:
wie wird eigentlich der Char 2C werden, vielelicht ja wie ein ToG auf Tier 4  :hiding:  :ohmy:

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