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hows ur battle goes ? what its takes u can keep winning battles :)

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Kullankaivaja #1 Posted 26 October 2012 - 06:36 AM

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heheh :)
finally reached all goals what i made it to my self few past months

start winning battles, and killing tanks a lot !!!
battles 4920 / destroyed  4923 ,that means when u learn to destroy most of the tanks u can also keep winning battles
tactics and knowledge is everything in this game ,and ofcourse support ur mates too ,Teamplay is crucial also !

many questions ! but i love to hear some experiences from other players too

here is my best tanks !
TD;s first

STUG III / 144 battles / 158 destroyed
SU-100  / 199 battles / 298 destroyed
JS-1 //  825 / 1041 destroyed tanks
JS-3 // 157 / 164 destroyed tanks
and on and on ,,,,

"" find killing sectors, learn to maps, dont be a coward, push forward,,support ur mates no matter what ! etc ,""
most of my kills comes from the top tanks, TD is best for that job ,when you knocked out top tanks rest is easy just manouver and thats it !!! let me know hows ur battle goes
and do you use many tactical ideas or ;) heheh ,today i am happy finally succes all aspect in this game  " happy hunting "

btz #2 Posted 26 October 2012 - 06:41 AM

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WoT has something that is very random, i think we can call it "luck factor". It has a lot of randomization, you play with random people,damage is random (between X and Y), ability to deal damage can be random, random maps, random types of tanks in teams.

So sometimes, even if you try hard, do a lot for your team and you'll loose anyway. Sometimes if you die as first guy you win. Your efficiency factor or skill has no effect on this in random battles. So there's no golden mean how to "keep winning". You can only practice to get better and hope for "luck factor". If you're good player, you should get slightly better win ratio, but don't hope for anything big. Randomization will fix it.

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