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best T5 and T6 tanks ?

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_IceFall_ #21 Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:39 PM

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It is hard and wrong to simply compare tanks, this here is not chocolate, comparing makes the game too superficial and this is definitively NOT the case: Tank A is better than Tank B.

Tank A with gun X on map Y during situation Z, with crew [%], driven by a NOOB or a PRO may perform like THIS.

THIS is a correct statement.

KV-1 may be shitty in the hand of a noob, without good crew and in certain situations, but can be GODDISH in the hand of a Pro, with trollgun or 57mm machine-gun, used as it should be.

M4 Sherman can be a weak tank, but fully upgraded, with trollgun and used properly it may be by far the Best T5 tank.

Same with the others. I know people who are GODS with T1H1!

I was in love with T-34-85, but others hated it.

I think the best T5 tank is the one you LOVE, UNDERSTAND and PLAY BEST! Same on T6!

DON'T buy a tank based on the advices of others. Just try them out and the one that suites you best, learn to play with it, upgrade it, it's crew and make him your T5-6 HERO!

If I tell you that I have HUGE fun with Jumbo Sherman, with first turret and trollgun, you may not have the same fun.

Just try them out and take the one you loved, even if people tells you this tank sucks. If you love it, it will ROCK in your hands!

MystiA #22 Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:42 PM


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i don't know about brits T5 and T6.. I have played american T5-6 TD, german T5-6 meds, Russian T5-6 heavys and French T5-6 heavys, lights and TD's.

From those tanks i can say that my favourite T6 tank is either KV2 or KV1s.
My best XP is from Vk3001P, being 2180, twice.
Aaaand to defend my  sweet slugger, i can say that my previous XP record was with M36, being 2170  :)

Nothing too special T5-6 from frencies, ARL was nice tank overall, same as bathtub. And ELC. Elc is a cannon on tracks. Most games with it, biggest funfactor. Not too far from KV2 and Kv1s.

Tier 5 was fun tier to play actually. Pz4 was ok. KV1 was really slow and imho best heavy there. TD's don't do too much there. BDR G1B is more like a medium since almost everyone can do dmg to you :P It's not much of a heavy there.

So my answer would be KV1 for T5 and from my experience, Kv2, Kv1s and Vk3001P are worth sharing the T6 place.

I know about Vk36  but i have't been that succesfull with it

Dead_Skin_Mask #23 Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:45 PM

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View Postico, on 06 November 2012 - 01:07 PM, said:

Is KV1 any good ? I can imagine it gets raped by SPGs and T6 tanks and the gun is quite crap with 120pen, the 107mm with 167pen already bounces a lot from some T6 tanks.

Yes, he is mega good.

Bought it not long ago. So far 59 battles, 71 prc winratio, 53 prc survival and 118 frags.  First time in my WoT life I start to think that there is Ru bias in that game ;) And my crew just yesterday achieved 100 prc. exp.

T49 is also powerful like hell, if you know how use it. I have in it similar stats then in KV (slightly worse win ratio, but more frags)

In tier 6 Hellcat and KV-1s join fun with good performence. People say that Cromwell too (I will buy him tomorrow :) ), but he will be likely nerfed in the next patch.

DrMechano #24 Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:45 PM

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Agreed, find your playstyle, find a tank that fits your playstyle.

I tend to prefer medium playstyle or slow lumbering "I have lots of armour" playstyle.

Can't get on with Light tanks or artillery, though I gave light tanks a fair try, got the Chaffee, got the T-50, just found them not to suit me.

My favorite tank which I regret selling would be the T110E3 tank destroyer namely because instead of camping I tended to play it as an 'Assault gun'. Using the nigh impenetrable frontal armour to bounce shots and be a line breaker or if need be become a 'line holder'. A tank which can sit there and just take punishment and delay the enemy team long enough for your team to get stuff done.

So yeah, two very different playstyles, one focuses on flanking, agility and not getting hit (Mediums) and the other is "I'm here to take punishment and bounce shots".

VaHaLa_LTU #25 Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:53 PM

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At tier 5 I'd Say StuG III, T1 heavy and M4 Derp + Gold ammo (if you have loads of spare credits) are among the best tanks. KV-1 is nice too, but I don't play it much, so no comment.
At tier 6 KV-1S is the best if you really want to ruin someone's day. I hate them, as a single shot cripples my tank or one-shots me outright if I am an unlucky tier 4.
Other than that, tier 6 is VERY well balanced, so any choice is a pretty good one. But I do recommend getting a KV-2. I now carry 1 gold round in it all the time, and if I get a chance to get in close and personal to a big bad enemy, I WILL use it :D. The rage of E-75s (I platoon with my higher tier buddies) is priceless when they get hit for 750 damage by a tier 6 they ignored :D

gruffle #26 Posted 06 November 2012 - 01:56 PM


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Stug, SU85, SU100

All very good for their tier, KV-1S is awesome too, but everyone knows that.

I remember really enjoying playing a KV-1 when I had one, but I was more noobish then and liked the fact that it was effin hard to kill for most t5-6s

VK3601 is also brilliant, although i'm not very good at driving medium tanks (preferring TD's)...yet I have 65% W/R in my VK, which speaks volumes about how good it is and is very adaptable

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ParEx #27 Posted 06 November 2012 - 02:00 PM


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Tier5: StugIII, hands down. The best and funniest tank to play, ever. Good players can own entire teams with it. Have lots of fun with Crusader, too, beside most people dont like it - I enjoyed it.

Tier6: M18, M36 (Tier6 US TDs with turrets...which one depends what you want to be, the fast damage dealer or the amored semi-medium), Easy 8 and Easy 2 (same as with TDs ... do you prefer armor or speed?).

These are the tanks I will never sell - for fun and money making. After frustrating Tier9 or 10 battles its so nice to play your beloved little ones and pwn them all  :Smile_glasses:

ArnieDude #28 Posted 06 November 2012 - 02:02 PM

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From what I've played.. :) But yeah, as mentioned above.. you can make any tank work if your playstyle fits the tank well.

tier 5: M4, T-49
Haven't played many heavies, but if you like the playstyle then the KV-1 is pretty good.. I personally have a love hate relationship with this beast.. its so freakin slow.. but it also takes a beating like no other tank I've seen so far. Problem with being slow for me is that you cannot influence the battle as you can in a quick medium like the M4 or Pz III/IV.

tier 6: VK3601H, T34-85, Su-100, M18, Shermans (I think you can pretty much list all tier 6 tanks here.  :Smile_trollface-3:
Recently got the KV-1S, I think it will be a beast when its fully kitted out, the speed on this thing is refreshing after playing the KV1. With its top gun this one should be funny as you can flank nicely with its speed.

AbNihile #29 Posted 06 November 2012 - 03:08 PM

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All those KV-1 vs T1-HT arguments... all fail to consider the Churchill I.

Sure, it's the slowest of the 3, but it has the best armour, best pen, good DPM and isn't blind, unlike the KV-1.
The road to the top gun is rather long, though, for a Tier 5.

So (assuming no premium ammo is used):
Tier 5: Churchill I, SU-85, ELC
Tier 6: KV-1S, Jumbo, not sure about the Churchill VII

SIPU #30 Posted 06 November 2012 - 03:39 PM

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My votes without the usage of gold ammo.
1. M4 Sherman - fast tank with great rof, penetration and accuracy (just have to avoid going face to face against KV1 and try to flank or shoot from distance). Less noobfriendly than KV1.
2. KV1-S - decent speed, huge alpha and can penetrate everything up to its maximum matchup (tier 8).

Naboo #31 Posted 06 November 2012 - 08:23 PM

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KV1 hands down. It can decide battles all by itself if top tier and also quite easy to play. I recommend going for this tank first when asked for advice by friends who just started playing wot.

ELC AMX is the most fun to play. -- PzIV was a great tank before it got nerfed to death. / same goes for the Sherman. -- BDR has the best gun, but thats all it has.

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