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AMX 12t is an abysmal tank

amx 12t useless underpowered terrible awful unplayable

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storm4710 #181 Posted 27 January 2014 - 09:00 AM

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View PostArnold_Judas_Rimmer, on 23 January 2014 - 08:21 PM, said:

first 20 games in this tank and loving it. finnisahed in the top 3 every game bar none!


im guessing many try to scout in it.. do an initial run then cease the scouting role.. join up with mediums and go flank.




it was good to play in same team as u last night,

Sobx #182 Posted 01 February 2014 - 12:04 AM


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No, it's not. Just to not repeat myself:



At this point I fail to see how it's horrible. Play it as a support tank and it has all you need I guess.

TreadMills #183 Posted 03 March 2014 - 04:16 PM

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Well, I can't really get AMX 12t to work for me. IMHO it has no speed, armor or punch. Also very difficult MM, poor view range and horrible gun depression/elevation. I suppose it's "trick" should be the autoloader gun, but it's really not that special... Long aim time and not that useful against higher tiers. 


Sure, it has its moments but those are few and far in between. And usually involve hiding for the first part of the match and then stumbling on an enemy medium stuck in ditch or something. :) 


I suppose it's one of those tanks you just have to grind in hopes of things getting better. Also, patience helps...


Ajimbura #184 Posted 07 March 2014 - 02:42 PM


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I'm a bit divided about this tank, for me the main issues are the speed, traverse and tier spread.

ELC is a really fun tank, got the T71 as well which is really fun but this one is a bit boring in my book.

When you end up wit Tier9 and TierX (which is 80% of the time) it's very little you can do, it's simply too slow to get in and out of situations.

At longer ranges it hardly penetrates anything.


It seems it have the same issues as the T69 were you more or less have to use prem. ammo to get anywhere.

Will play it some more but so far it's not been a great experience.


Da_chief_360 #185 Posted 10 March 2014 - 01:40 AM


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Well I never expected to withdraw the statement I made over a year ago but here goes.


I was wrong, having come back to this game after nearly a year, started playing for a few months and re-bought the 12t it's flaws are more apparent than they were back in 2012 when I made that post.


The problem this tank has is like that of most light tanks but amplified. Its' view range is pitiful, requiring coated optics to simply put it JUST under its' peers' view range removing one equipment slot. It's acceleration is dire with most of the medium tanks it gets matched with shifting from 0 much faster. Its' top speed is nothing to write home about and the same can be said for its' maneuverability. The profile plus the lack of armor and HPs make it a big XP pinata. Its' gun, though it has an autoloader has pitiful penetration, damage, aim time and depression leaving you bouncing off the rear armor of those tanks that can't out run and maneuver you.


I put this tank in with the "Old Breed", tanks which have not been re-balanced to keep up with the new lines. The American autoloader line just does the flanking job better (T-71 is a good bundle, a real threat at times.) (175 pen vs 144, 2 seconds per shell vs 2.22 and far superior maneuverability). Medium tanks will out run the 12t, out gun it, out spot it, beat it in armor and HPs and that's if the invisible TDs don't get it first.


How to fix it though? Well the new maps don't help being TD camp fest paradises.  Drop the scout MM and make it a light medium, give it MM that will pit it against tier VII at the lowest more often and have tier VIII as the highest, the negative points of the tank will actually justify the autoloader when it is facing things it has a proper chance against.

AriannaWolf #186 Posted 11 March 2014 - 08:12 PM

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From hate to love - the AMX 12t has been quite a journey for me. I too bought the tank about a year ago and failed hard. I had a win rate of around 30% in it, my lowest for any tank in my fold at the time by a good 10%. So in disgust I sold it. Then a few months ago I bought it back, determined to make a go of it and get to the amx-75 so i could kick some bottom.... And I had to learn this one ... its not that fast to accelerate but once going its ok. It has a pretty nasty little gun and once you are behind the enemy line you can be a right pain to deal with. I usually did best if I could wait for gaps to appear as tanks got taken out on both sides. Scouting I am bad at... But last night I began my amx-75 journey and was more than a little sad to say bye to the 12t.


I ended up eliting it and on a 56% w/r which is about average for me. But from where it was I cannot be more happy. So the tank can do a job, but it is a tough one to crack.



Ajimbura #187 Posted 13 March 2014 - 01:32 PM


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"The problem this tank has is like that of most light tanks but amplified. Its' view range is pitiful, requiring coated optics to simply put it JUST under its' peers' view range removing one equipment slot. It's acceleration is dire with most of the medium tanks it gets matched with shifting from 0 much faster. Its' top speed is nothing to write home about and the same can be said for its' maneuverability. The profile plus the lack of armor and HPs make it a big XP pinata. Its' gun, though it has an autoloader has pitiful penetration, damage, aim time and depression leaving you bouncing off the rear armor of those tanks that can't out run and maneuver you."


The above pretty much sums up what I think about this tank.

Have played it some more now and with admittedly few games in it I've come to the following conclusions.


1. You can do a quick scouting run in the beginning but then you pretty much need to hide and shoot what you can pen. (most likely you need to use prem. ammo as well).

2. Later in the game you can be a bit more active as a scout or flanking vehicle but you have to have cover nearby at all times (which depends on map).

You simply don't spot enemies before you get spotted, if you do get spotted without cover you're dead in seconds and you still haven't spotted the one that shot you :)





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MuscleTiger #188 Posted 15 March 2014 - 11:55 AM


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I regularly manage to top the experience ranking of T10 games with the 12t. Quite a far cry from being abysmal, and I am not a particularly good player. Despite its lack of maneuverability it works excellently on maps with a lot of cover.

I start by destroying the enemy scout, sneak through the ranks to dismantle the enemy arty and then fall into their back and scavenge a couple kills on lighter armored tanks.

Granted, this only works if the enemy team is mediocre at best, but that's exactly the case most times. I am about to upgrade to the 13 75, and very uncertain whether to sell the 12t or keep it as a fun vehicle :) Hope the 13 75 is just as nice.


The 12t is extremely strong for a T6 in the right environment, and a welcome distraction after playing REALLY abysmal tanks, as in the German T9 Mediums without upgraded guns.


AceoWar #189 Posted 16 March 2014 - 10:21 AM


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View PostBoomstick1, on 15 November 2012 - 12:50 AM, said:

And it needs to be deleted from the game. Yeah the early French tanks like the D1 and B1 suck utter dick, but at least they won't take long to grind through or can easily be free xp-ed past. The 12t is a tier six tank that has the performance of a tier four tank or worse.
Ok, so the bad points about the tank. It's acceleration and agility are truly awful for a light tank, just terrible. It's decently fast in a straight line if you have a downhill slope or time to build up speed, but stop to fire or take cover and you're boned. It's barely faster than an IS-7 or IS-8 going uphill. It's too slow and sluggish at turning to really flank anything, I even had trouble staying behind the gun of a KV-4 at close range. Awful.
The gun depression is terrible, it has no way to take advantage of the new physics as it can't shoot at stuff below it except by wobbling right on the edge of a cliff and being an easy target for anyone.
It has no armour or hit-points to speak of, and combined with the terrible agility it has no defence except being too pathetic to occasion bothering to shoot at it. The gun accuracy and penetration are truly awful, you have to sit still for ages to actually aim and hit anything and you will get a lot of bounces the hits you do get. You can't fire on the move and hit anything.
The damage output of the gun and clip are mediocre at best, you get six shots for around 100 damage each. Assuming a couple of misses or bounces, and you're very little threat to anyone.
But the absolute worst thing about this tank is the tiering it gets. It's sort of ok in same-tier matches, you can get a nice position and put 3-400 damage into the side of a clueless VK3601H or something and be somewhat useful to the team. But most of it's matches, like at least three quarters or more, it gets put into these ridiculous tier nine or ten battles.
Now you have to understand, it's a completely terrible scout in every respect. It is not a Chaffee or a T-50-2, it has absolutely no place in maximum tier matches. Your view range is bad, all of the mediums you are facing are faster than you. If you go up front to try and be a good little scout, you will get crushed as any tank in the match can one or two-shot you, or just squish you under their tracks like the little bug you are, and you have very little ability to gtfo. If you hang back and try and snipe, well good luck with that, bounce after bounce and then an arty shell on your head. The best you can hope for is being able to put a few shots into the rear or side of a distracted heavy, maybe get through to the enemy arty, but every tank in the match is better placed to do those things than you.
It's just pure crap that WG put in such a craptank after the fun of the AMX ELC. Sure it has some problems, but it's a zippy, fast little tank with a cool gun and a fun, idiosyncratic playstyle. It's particularly good in a platoon, as 600 instant maneuverable and flankable damage is very handy. Then you get to the 12t and it's utter dogshit, and apparently the 13 75 isn't much better, which I can imagine, seeing as it keeps the same weak gun and low mobility.
I wanted to play this tree to get the 13 90 or Batchat, as they look like fun in replays that i've seen, but this tank just makes me want to quit the game entirely. It's time that WG fixed this game, and improved the tank trees enough so that these useless tanks are playable, or they are not included. I don't mean every tank has to be brilliant, but they at least need to have some role and be playable in the battles they get put into. The AMX 12t has no role and is for all intents and purposes unplayable, and I hate it to death. I'm sick of grinding through useless horrible tanks just to get to the decent and good ones.

Are you crazy? This tank is the best tier 6 light tank of all. Even though it can get into tier 10 matches. If you put on coated optics and binoculars it becomes the perfect scout tank an on lower level battles it can destroy any tank in its way by flanking or by shooting at the front. 

hucca1 #190 Posted 30 March 2014 - 12:59 PM

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When I got this tank I thought it was just horrible, now after playing more with scout tanks I'm starting to appreciate this little thing more. It's actually quite good and you can start game by doing some passive scouting and as the game progresses you can look for opportunities for flanking and seeing if there are any lowish health(500 or so) enemy tanks praying to get assasinated. Gets a thumbs up from me. If any of you are driving it now since there is a consumable sale on right now I'd suggest you consider stocking up on 100-octane gasoline for use with this tank.

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AlexdJ94 #191 Posted 30 March 2014 - 01:04 PM


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Tier for tier it's better than the amx13 75 in my eyes. Tier 6 scout WITH autoloader, nothing wrong with


OP; It's not a medium that should be dodging around kv4's (Also amx12t can hardly pen a kv4 so why bothering?)

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Wateyuk #192 Posted 03 April 2014 - 10:14 AM


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ihave been driving this light tank and the T21 and i love them both... T21 has got decent pen, accuracy but has speed like the AMX 12T


i stay with heavy tanks and when they have shot a tank to little health, i rush in for the kill so my teammates dont get shot by a tier 6 at 12hp or so... i dont steal kills, i protect my teammates by taking out the tanks

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