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War for the Overworld

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WriterX #1 Posted 01 December 2012 - 01:24 PM


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Tankers (and tankettes)!

I know there are a few Dungeon Keeper like games coming about next year, but here is another to feast your spikey teeth and talons upon. This one is called War for the Overworld, and aside from a promising look, a working Showcase, and some interesting unlockable tiers... well, it just seems a lot like Dungeon Keeper, with a face lift! So I say, why not? There have been many games trying to be like DK and failed, and for the first time, in a very long time, I see a game that might break the chain of mediocre DK-style games (I am not refering to games that tried to use the DK "Idea", but those that tried to be like DK).

https://wftogame.com/demo - The Showcase Link. Take note, it's very fidgety and demanding (since I believe this is a very early Alpha thing, no idea there).

http://www.kickstart...r-the-overworld - The Kickstarter Page, with all the details you might need. If not, check the Showcase Link (that is also the main site).

If only I had my Dungeon Keeper 2 copy with me... And it worked... *sigh*...

Shegzor #2 Posted 01 December 2012 - 03:10 PM

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Seriously! The DK series has been one of my top five favourites ever since I played the first game, and I was really bummed out when DK3 never came...
There were a bunch of games who tried to be Dungeon Keeper (Evil Genius, Dungeons, A Game of Dwarves), but all of them are just pale imitation of the epic that was DK.

Now I'm not so sure about this yet, and the game still has the potential to fail miserably, but from the limited things I've seen so far (which is basically just a tiny dungeon viewed in first person and a couple of screens), the style is exactly the same! As in: literally, the walls, the floors, basically the whole art-style!

I'll wait for them to show off a bit more, and if it still looks promising... I'll donate the £30 to name a bile demon (if they have bile demons... I hope thay do). I wish I could afford more, they really have awesome offers =/

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