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Community Drawing Contest - Tiger III / Kaisertiger

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John_Armfeldt #1 Posted 06 December 2012 - 06:55 PM

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okay in this contest any of you will try to make a tier ten heavy that will break the trend of german tier X.

this tank is sci fi and if it really existed then it is pure coincidence.



The PzKpfw XXV or SdKfz 382, was the projected heavy tank with the mobility to keep up with faster elements during offensives, something the Wehrmacht was in desperate need of. Although they had the Maus and E-100, both were too slow to be used in spearheads, and the VK4502 (P) Ausf.B and E-75 didn't have enough firepower and/or sufficient overall armor for such a role. The Tiger II and VK4502 (P) Ausf.A were good tanks, although they were heavy, the German Panzerwaffe needed a superheavy tank that had the speed to keep up with other lighter vehicles such as the Panther II, E-50 and E-50 Ausf.M

The Tiger III or Imperial Tiger/Kaisertiger were going to be a fast superheavy tank with good armour and speed acceptable for fast assaults, yet not sacrificing firepower which was needed for operations in both the west and east fronts. The armour would be a mix of sloped, glacis and special irregular surface, also unlike most german tanks it would not feature the vulnerable lower sloped surface plate which had resulted in losses in other designs.

The Final Design were a tank that was lighter than the Maus but heavier than the E-100, however it had an specially made Maybach hybrid engine, which could run on both petrol and diesel simoultaneusly if needed, this solution allowed for a lesser chance of fire starting and slightly increased resiliance in being damaged, however due to being complex and being in low availability, it would be very expensive and take a long time to repair even for emergencies.

Although the armour may be somewhat less than on the E-100, the armor's design grants it more protection than what the thickness gives out, making it unexpectadly diffycult to disable. The Irregular surface found in the rear despite it's unorthodox design allows for very high protection, considering it is the rear, the top armor does offer a slight better protection against indirect fire but shouldn't be made overreliant.

When the designers came to the turret, they came up with many suggestions and ideas, a few did go for the Krupp and Maus while the most for either Porsche Henschel or the Tiger II/E-75 style Krupp turret, eventually the Henchsel Turret design from the E-100 was chosen for the production model, with some improvements and modifications to the E-100 Henchel turret for the Tiger III.

The Tiger III would use a wide assortment of guns and with it also turrets appropiate for them, the Henschel Turret, which ingame would be the final turret, would allow for long barrel 105 and 128mm guns, plans were made for variations of the tank with differing turrets and guns, the 12.8cm Kwk 45 L/100 which was made specifically for the Tiger III would be for the most numerous of the series, an 105 L/120mm version was also going to be used, the 15 cm KwK 44 L/38 would be used on the Krupp turret, and Porsche was also ordered to produce a turret capable of Housing the 17cm and 21cm guns for use against tanks, emplacements and as assault guns however the larger calibre guns were discarded due to being impractical and too large with the roles set in mind for the Tiger III.

The Turret would be placed in the front in a way that would allow the tank to fight well in urban situations, also like most german tanks there is no way to hit the turret-hull line

The main tank version would weigh in at about 160 to 170 tonnes, have a top speed of 45 kph, armor values would be 165mm front 140mm sides and 120mm rear. The Henchsel turret would have 200mm front + 30mm mantlet, 175mm sides and 155 rear.

Although it's hull armor may be thinner than on the E-100, it actually protects much better than on it.

Iow we got a german Superheavy tank that is fast, haves good armor and excellent firepower and seems to be invincible....no tank is.

although it's armor does protect it far better than on mediums it still can be penetrated by even Tier XIII tanks when going for the sides or rear.

This tank is meant for aggressive actions so you chance for bounces and ricochets are very high when you're on the move, even against the biggest of direct fire guns from TDs and other tanks of the same tier.

Healthwise the Tiger III would have 2800hp, which is just 100hp more than the E-100 and 200hp less than the Maus, and this is with the final Henchsel turret, the Stock turret would make it to 2560 hp, but it does have much better overall armour protection than both of them.

please come with your designs and maybe even add to the story and of more stuff to this.

PanzerHAnz #2 Posted 06 December 2012 - 07:19 PM


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yea, a contest is good  and a darwing contest ist better :Smile_glasses: ,
but the history is just not good, I think. :Smile_mellow:

How about:
- the germans noticed early in the production that the Panther was one of their best tank,
'caused by it's mobility even with the low motor range of 150Km
-after losing both prestige tank Maus and E100 throu out air strikes and heavy loses
in heavier tanks  like Tiger KT, the germans could finaly get with the whole E-series in produktion
-the E50 and E75 was a battle between speed and armour
-after field "testing" the two tanks in battles agains it's counterparts, the E50 performed superior in battles and
the E75 behaved more like the old prestige tanks Maus and E100 (got more "nuked" by arty and planes), the
only adventage was the superior armour and the heavy KwK, it carried, in the close combat.

-So  the Wehrmacht decided to develop a superior Standartfahrzeug-Reihe(SfR)
This plan wanted to develop jets, MBt's, IFV's and cruiser with the main adventages of the E-Series
- simple to build and parts that can exchanged between the vehicles in a short time, without many tools/personal

So I finaly come down to the tank: the MBT

-accelerated by a turbine (in every SfR)
-the germans decided to reduce the Gun to a 12,6cm KwK L/40, to reduce slitly the resource costs (in the MBT and on the crusier)
-in exchangee for the smaller caliber, the germans developed a new high velocity shell,to penetrade nearly every enemy + the improved sights/rangefinder, the vehicle where able to fight at theoretical in ranges up 11000 meters and above (every SfR)
-a full automatik loader system that loaded the shells actualy faster then any loader and in any position (every SfR)
-the hull is very low-profiled to reduce the chance to get hit and seen
-the hull was newly shaped and made of servrel layers of different materials to protect the crew and the interior of the tank (in the MBT and the IFV)
-to create a turret that fitted the fight on land and water the germans used a new system that allowed the gun to bring it's block(rear) into the vehicle/hull beneath it and elevate the gun to an angle nearly 45°( possible angle 90°, but shots would damage the turret + the vehicle) and the same system allowed the turret itself to elevade it's rear to depress the gun far more, the any to this time developed tank(in the MBT and on the crusier)

-to come down to it, the tank is low in the profile, new shape, new materials/servrel layers, 12.6cm gun KwK L/40, auto loader,  improved sights on a newly developed elevating system, superior speed

(thats only an idea, speed not armour )
(and if you looking for german subs for animes, I know some sites  :Smile_blinky: )

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