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Should I play less?

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JuhaP #1 Posted 01 January 2013 - 11:31 AM


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Happy new year everyone :D

For a start of 2013 I saw weird dream last night. I was playing football on fc Chelsea as a goalia. Not being my self but Jerzy Dudek (Im Finn and not so in to football). We were playing agains ManU and my team played wery bad!! I was only player playing well. Making HUGE saves, intercepting most of the sideline throws what ManU players through at my goal zone. For some reason there wasnt a regular bull, but a soft fuzzy ball. So all my opening shots were short or missed. Some point I gave a ball to my def but he shooted the ball straight to the foot of ManU player and he scored!! Like I said my team was playing bad. My defs were looking WoT game results during a match from a cell phone!! "How in the hell they loosed that game" one shouted after watching his game result.

  Here comes the fun moment! ManU players got so frustrated about my huge saves that they shouted "God damn that polish goalie!!" I shouted back "Hey, whats the difference!! You sau f***k, I say k******a!!! We are all the same!!"

Where this takes me. Playin with my E-100 (most difficult tank to get a win). Most of my teams were bad (4-15, 3-15, 4-15) there was a draw, you never ques witch map, game before this. Well then I got win. Did this dream tryed to tell me something??


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teemu92 #2 Posted 01 January 2013 - 11:44 AM

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self phone

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