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152mm-Derp Gun: SU-152 vs. KV-2

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GeneralBetrunken #1 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:28 PM


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I've got a question:

Currently I'm grinding XP on the SU-100 (all modules researched).

I think after this i will go the Su-152-tree up to the mighty BL10.
I have read, that the selection of 122s is no good (know it from IS and Su-122-44 -> not bad, but lacks in penetration at Tier >VII.) and so you better stick to the ML-20 152mm Derp-Gun until all the painful grind to ISU's BL10 is done.

I own a KV-2 with M-10 152mm-Derp and do have a lot of fun in it.
But for me it's a tank for special occasions. When being frustrated with other tanks, i'm taking the KV-2 for a spin. Brains off and just cruise around being happy to derp  someone in the face, who's not expecting it. Oneshotting meds and TDs and troll around hitting a T29 in the Gun-mantle for some HP and destroying his gun... Mission accomplished.
So i really love it for fun, but grinding through a Tier VII and a Tier VIII TD with this thing??

For that the reload and the aiming have to be WAY better than those on the KV-2.

Yes, i can read the stats, and they are better with the SU's ML-20, but can anyone tell me if you really FEEL the difference?

Imaging a weak and sluggish TD with that accuracy, aim, and reload time...sounds like a really big pain in the ass.


Denolven #2 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:35 PM

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Well, expect it to be way different than with KV-2. ALOT less armor (basically none that matters), so sniping is probably the best way, if you want to maximize xp gain. Of course, depending on the crew you use, it can be rather annoying. If you retrain a 100% crew from the SU 100, it should be bearable though.
If you are pissed, you can still go to the frontline and onehit some random tank in the face. You just die alot faster after firing that one shot :P

He_from_Norway_ #3 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:39 PM


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its so full of troll if you have 152mm with 223 pen  :Smile_trollface-3:

bravotango #4 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:41 PM

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SU152 is not that sluggish and it can easily reach top speed. Load that derp with gold ammo and you'll have a lot of fun (i never tried it, too expensive).

BUT! The top gun on SU152 is not bad at all, I use it. 390 damage every 6 seconds, and it can easily cut through any armor you meet. Learn to aim for weakspots and 175mm penetration is easily enough. That TD has the highest DPM in its tier. A lot of times I rush bigger tanks and eat them alive. While most tanks can shoot 1, I can shoot 2 and make even 1k damage, so a damaged tank is dead against a SU152.

Traverse is not that bad, but engine power is not great for close combat, plus you have no armor. On the other hand it can easily manage close support or attack with other tanks, but don't go on the first line.

View PostGeneralBetrunken, on 25 January 2013 - 12:28 PM, said:

So i really love it for fun, but grinding through a Tier VII and a Tier VIII TD with this thing??

SU and ISU are the easiest stock tanks out there, thanks to derp. You can do damage from the start, even if its not huge most of the time. On ISU use the derp only! 122mm won't cut it on tier 8.

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Hardass #5 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:44 PM

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I used the 152mm on the SU till i got to the ISU i did grind out the 122mm gun but the Troll cannon was alot better money maker and just plain funny

Shoeshine #6 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:46 PM

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its great fun, ignore the accuracy stats its a blatant lie, if i could take a guess it should be sitting around 0.4 not 0.5, on EL-Halluf i hit 6 out of 6 from across the ridge (~500M) and i sniped the top of an Arty at 653m last night

Reload -
is a pain but your doing redonkulous damage with each shot, using HE without penetration i was pulling down ~400HP per shot if i got through with either AP/HE it went upto ~800

Aim time -
didnt bother me too much, it is faster than the KV2 but still slow, at longer range you need to lead your target alot to adjust for aim time + shell travel time - but at close range ..it doesnt really matter you will pobably hit and if its loaded with HE (which most of the time you should be) it will mess them up - nothing more entertaining than an E75 driving round the corner and you spamming his face with an HE shell taking his Gun,Gunner (commander too at times) & ~400hp off him then running away while he waits for his gun to repair

Matchmaking was not too bad for the SU152 either, didnt see many T9's in it and the few games i did there was only one or two

Skee #7 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:49 PM


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I change between the 152 and the top 122 on the su depending on my mood. Both are good for their uses I think.

DrSmile #8 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:56 PM


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As far as i can remember me at my Grind to the ISU........

With HE: KV2 Derp-Gun makes much more average damage then the SU-152 Derp-Gun. ISU-152 Derp-Gun is much better and delivers more average dmg than KV2/SU152. Of Course you cant shoot that often in the sidearmor with SU or ISU but when i think with my KV2 a VK3601H is almost every time a oneshot for the KV2 when you shoot in their sidearmor - with the SU152 its not, also my most likely targets with the KV2 - French Tanks - you make much less dmg with the SU-Trololoo. Also T29/T34 for example i make more dmg to them with the KV2 Troll then SU152. With ISU152 its all going well :)
Shooting Premiumshells with SU152 the Derp-Gun is more powerfull then the KV2s.... King of DerpGun is ISU by average dmg but KV2 has better Armor and a Turret :)

BueloProductions #9 Posted 25 January 2013 - 12:57 PM

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KV2 is way too slow, alpha damage is awesome but everything else is a pain (really, a lot of pain), and 22 sec reload for a heavy supposed to attack in the front line are insane. Bought - upgraded - and sold at lightspeed. What a waste of credits ... (the only fun thing was to shoot HE against super pershing, usually 900 dmg + fire).

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builder396 #10 Posted 25 January 2013 - 01:11 PM

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The KV-2 is surprisingly fast, at least its a good bit faster than the KV-3, but it wont win races. But the KV-2 has some surprisingly good armor on some spots, especially the mantlet, sometimes bounces 200 penetration shells, which is very handy inhull-down positions, which are also easily achievable thanks to the decent gun depression. Just dont expose the weakspot just below the mantlet or the turret sides. Death to everything inside that turret within seconds. Bt the gun deals tons of damage and if you use the KV-2 at a great distance like an SPG you can survive very long and deal lots of damage in that time, even though your gun is inaccurate, youll still hit a good number of shots, and if those shots do hit, the enemy better got med and repair kits with him. Recently had one HE shell blind in the back of a Tiger P: 4 modules DESTROYED, dont know which ones though, probably the engine and maybe the fueltanks.

KLguns #11 Posted 25 January 2013 - 01:13 PM


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Hi! Here is also some good info: http://forum.worldof...ter-500-battles

slecliwr #12 Posted 25 January 2013 - 01:18 PM


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Thanks for these tips, mates.

Cuddly_Spider #13 Posted 25 January 2013 - 08:54 PM


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Op, have a look at this...


...as you can see, it's no KV-2. I took out that guy from 447 metres. It's no sniper of course, you're not going to have as much accuracy as anything German or American, but you're not committed to close range brawling either. That's the maxium reload time by the way. 14.61 seconds using Rammer + Vents + BiA.

I love this tank. I went through it ages ago. Got the ISU-152, finished the grind on the Obj 704 (another great tank) and have the Obj 268 in my garage right now. But my SU-152 is still there, never to be sold. A relaxing and joyous little TD that I can take out and sit in some woods with, ready to ruin someones day with HE or HEAT.

Great fun.

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