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THX Wot for Real/fantasy PHYSICS

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15DPancAfrika #1 Posted 30 January 2013 - 10:38 AM

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in Port map. there are 2 long highway bridges- in my opinion enough high bridges that any tank falling from them shall blow up and be dead.
looking optymistically for new physics in WOT i was hiding/spotting enemy arty on bridge for our arty. I was placed almost directly under enemy arty with my weak (10%strengh)tiger p . The arty tried to kill me by firing from above. Suddenly arty slipp from bridge and was side-falling from such high bridge. i was sure enemy will be dead from such high-especially lightly armored arty and side falling.
But arty 1 meter above ground suddenly turned 90 degrees and falled on its tracks facing me frontally. I was suprised so much that he was still alive that enemy was able to fired first and kille me. The only punish from such jump/fall arty was lost its both tracks.
I will mention that it didnt happend on bridge entrance but in MIDDLE of the bridge
So dear players BEWARE of jumping arty from bridges in Port map :Smile_ohmy:

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