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T-43 underpowerd?

T-43 gameplay

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Carantanien #181 Posted 10 September 2014 - 01:21 PM


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View PostHerr_Putin, on 09 September 2014 - 10:29 PM, said:


 You're pretty much getting 100% crap in the shape of an T-43, after that you're getting 50% crap in the form of an T-44 and after that, you're getting super-sweet T-54 ;)


Smartass who plays this game for few months and thinks he knows everything. :deer:

T-43 and T-44 are awesome tanks.

Tankwinner2 #182 Posted 10 September 2014 - 09:03 PM


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In my opinion(not much played on that one) t-43 is quite nice. When I bought it,I thought it would be one of my "as fast as you can" out of garage tanks but I thought wrong. Its not as good as T-34-85,agreed,but it can brawl a bit,it can flank,it can snipe...etc. its well rounded so give it at least a chance,make use of that speed and turret armour

Ps. All you who are looking at my stats...dont. Youll just burn your eyes cuz of that noobness and bad computer I had year ago

tajj7 #183 Posted 11 September 2014 - 08:48 AM

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Well so far not really enjoying it, can't see any real difference over the T-34-85 aside half a second faster reload and the extra health.


Just feels like I'm in my T-34-85 but with much worse matchmaking. 


It also feels really sluggish, just doesn't really accelerate or turn. 


Out of the tier 7 mediums I've played it's way behind the Comet and the T20, but probably better than Panther because it can move and doesn't get spotted from space. Plus getting the odd roll of 190-200 damage is much more preferable than pecking away with 135 damage.


Already feel though that a lot of premium ammo will need to be used.  

ilmavarvas #184 Posted 11 September 2014 - 02:36 PM

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View PostCarantanien, on 10 September 2014 - 02:21 PM, said:


Smartass who plays this game for few months and thinks he knows everything. :deer:

T-43 and T-44 are awesome tanks.


No smartass here, played over 500 matches with T-43, I think I can have my opinion about now...


Sure they used to be good, both, but since the current era of auto-loading moron-clicker-tanks, those two really don't stand out very well, T-44 fares a bit better since atleast it has some alpha dmg, not enough thou, but mobility saves a lot + the small size of it.


But with T-43 and current meta + MM, playing it sure is pain sometimes, which is about all the time, facing a tier higher meds with autoloading laser-cannons, it's bye-bye T-43, unless you use quite a bit of Goldz ammoz, same goes for T-44 facing higher meds or ht's.



no_name_cro #185 Posted 11 September 2014 - 02:50 PM


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It is decent tank. Not really bad. Sometimes module damage can be a bit annoying but thats it. Out of 4 tier 7 mediums I drived(Comet, T20, KV-13 and T-43) it isn't very bad. 

I also wonder why they took out D-10T from it. They could just make soft stats worse so you choose 85mm or 100mm.

Eminenz010 #186 Posted 12 September 2014 - 10:28 AM


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View PostHerr_Putin, on 11 September 2014 - 03:36 PM, said:

Sure they used to be good, both, but since the current era of auto-loading moron-clicker-tanks, those two really don't stand out very well, T-44 fares a bit better since atleast it has some alpha dmg, not enough thou, but mobility saves a lot + the small size of it.




 Would agree. T-44 is not a bad tank, but against most of it's counterpart Tier 7 meds, especially the auto-loaders, it's quite underwhelming.








Ryderxz42 #187 Posted 03 December 2014 - 09:59 PM


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Loving the tank, it really functions as a good support tank. Only problem I have is with the gun having trouble penetrating the side of ST1 and  German tier 9 heavies. Could really use an extra 20 pen on normal ammo.

Infryndiira #188 Posted 05 December 2014 - 04:30 PM

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The T-43 wasn't half bad when I played it, and it leads up to truly great tanks. If it had a better gun it would be awfully terrifying, the 85 mm is good enough as it is.

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mokada_4_all #189 Posted 22 December 2014 - 08:59 PM


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I have a few battles whit t43 and its my first medium line im grinding. I can only say this tank is awsome. Look at the enemy tank list to adapt the play style for each battle. Tier7 battle you can use agressive style. Tier 9 act more passive and just show ur self to finish enemy 1pct hp left, from his back, but only if ur shure u can get in the fight and get out fast. Tier 8 battle use both styles but only go agressive if u have a tier 8 u are shure u can deal. Just mind this t43 needs a player who plan is mooves. Go kamikaze and u wont stand for long. Want big alpha dmg guns go play heavys or tds. Im not very experienced player, but playing it this way i have managed to like this tank alot and have loads of fun whit it. And isnt that what all we want?

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Marburg_u #190 Posted 23 December 2014 - 09:26 PM


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What a disgusting tank this was. I finished the grind, i'm not at the point of saying that it's worse than a Comet, but it's really close to the lowest point for me. it's 95% all about luck in this tank. You hope you hit, and you hope you pen. Sometimes you have some good games, other times you do exactly the same things, but RNG spits on you. The gun handling is S-O B-A-D. In my mastery badge i fired 40 shells, and i pen 21.


T29, which are things you see in every single match, are invulnerable frontally. Anything around 300 meters either will be a miss or not pen, and you will have to aim since forever. For-freaking-ever. A 50-100 is a bounce 50% of all the times.


144mm pen is borderline useless. It's NOWHERE near 150~155, those 2 values are on a different planet.. And with this i mean that MOST of the things you shot at require you to be at close range or perfectly flat to pen.Like, if you flank an american heavy, you can't just think: "he has 76mm of side armor under those tracks, and he is practically FLAT ON, i'm sure i will pen". NO you won't. And your alpha  at least is not 135... but still your critical damage is good for absolutely nothing.


The turret is good. This is the only feature. Maybe i should not say good... let's say it's troll. A t-34-1 has a good turret armor, but bad cupolas, the t43 turret is just troll all around.

I fired circa 10 APCR over the course of 80 battles, but even those things are completely hopeless with the aimtime and the accuracy. If you have premium you can at least try to load a bunch of gold, but this is not a problem specific to the t43, it's a problem of most tier VII mediums. Still, the other tanks at least have something. This has  no redeeming features.


Still better than a comet though.. 

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Torque1981 #191 Posted 08 May 2015 - 08:12 AM


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I have 4 battles in this tank - lost 3 - no kills - using the 122 gun.

Should I use the first 85 instead until I unlock the tracks and turet?

After the t34-85 which is a beast - I realy don't like the t43 - you have the same gun as the t34-85 and you can't even mount it on the first turet of a tier higher tank - that's crap.

Should I unlock the second engine since I have the third from t34-85?

This is the wierdest grind of all - I have top modules but not the middle ones wtf? This tank is all wrong and after playing t34-85 the t43 is garbage.

IvanTerrible2 #192 Posted 30 May 2015 - 09:20 PM


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If you can handle a t 34/85 you can handle the t43.
Same problem with armor.
But it is the disappointing gun what the t43 has.

Same as t6 and not really improved.
But I still fancy the tank, (look at my stats if you want to).

yonzariq #193 Posted 01 June 2015 - 08:50 AM


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Got this tank this weekend, got a few battles in it.

No real problems yet, I actually like it.

Only need to unlock turret and then I have all modules and can mount the top gun.


But what I noticed is that it sees a lot of T9 battles, done around 23 battles with it this weekend, 15-18 of them were T9

J_Vilander #194 Posted 01 June 2015 - 08:57 AM


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I disagree everything regardless the T-43, I absolutely loved it as much as the -85, check my stats on it.

Torque1981 #195 Posted 09 June 2015 - 07:07 AM


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Now I have 88 games in it and fully upgraded is not a bad tank it's fun sometimes. Only 47% wins but I seem to get really bad teams when driving it.

Anyway is a fun grind.:)


Only 23k xp left to get to the T44. T54 is in sight


Had another 3 games and did 300, 2600, 900 dmg and killed 8 tanks total and ofc MM was crap - under 40% win chance and lost all 3 games. I think MM is the biggest problem of t43. Now I'm up to 91 battles - like the tank - hate MM. :facepalm:

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Feugen_invader #196 Posted 07 October 2015 - 07:24 AM


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View PostFoxfort, on 08 February 2013 - 04:53 PM, said:

Hello all.

  After I enjoyed playing with T-34/85 I was very disappointed with T-43. I feel like it's A-20 gameplay style all over.
Since T-43 is VII class that means most my enemies are from VII to IX class. And with T-43 you just don't stand a chance against all those opponents.

  Medium tanks means: medium speed, weak armor and high powered gun. This T-43 has medium speed, weak armor and weak gun for Heavy and super heavy tanks. I found some guides on how to play with T-43 and those guides are all old, much has changed.
Guides says: Don't be in first line, be in second line of attack and FLANK attack.

  Problem is that my D5T-85M can't penetrate side armor of IS-3,4,6,7,8 tanks.(and other nations similar class tanks) I don't want to talk about their frontal armor at all. Most of my hits to side armor of above tanks to a turret and hull means "We didn't penetrated their armor" and "Penetration!"  with no effect on their health status.Even if I somehow damaged them it's only around 4% to 12% of their health,then they fire around three shots at me and I'm dead. So I can't penetrate them, even if I have 60% hit ratio with T-43. I can't act as a scout because I'm too slow.

  Worst of all is with T-43 fully upgraded means repairs will cost around 9500+ silver/credits. When you lose a fight you can even end up losing silver/credits. This all means T-43 is even worse then A-20.

  I must say to stay away from russian medium tanks. T-54 and T-62 looks like well balanced tanks, but A-20,T-43 and maybe T-44 can only bring you very poor experience of WoT.

My advice is for the best WoT experience just play with Heavy Tanks from beginning.

Thread moved to more appropriate forum.



T-43 is rly nice tank,if u play property-super DPM(with gun rammer-2300) ,cool depression,fast and if  have average crew with 2 skills per crew member-clutch,snap,50%/50% camo repair is rly funy tank

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IRSanchez #197 Posted 07 October 2015 - 08:59 AM


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T7 meds generally are pretty underwhelming. They are good when top tiers, poor when +1 and borderline useless in +2 games (at least for general audience).

Apart from T20 and T-34-I they lack penetration, so you have to accept that using (some) premium shells is necessary, specifically in T8 or T9 battles.

Just don't expect mirales and keep playing, as it gets better, the higher you go.

Keep in mind that doing well (T8+) really requires mastering map knowledge and game mechanics. The tank itself is just a tool.


Imho, T6 is great place to aquire necessary skills and it's worth to spend some time playing there, before moving up the tech trees.

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tnk_x5000 #198 Posted 09 October 2015 - 12:43 AM

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It is slightly underpowered. The tank is not bad, it has no serious problems, but has nothing really strong about it either. The T-43 is just mediocre. Everything about it is serviceable. Gun is adequate, requires you to know your enemies in tier 8 and tier 9, and accuracy can allow some sniping. Mobility is adequate, you can flank, but circling enemy heavies is a problem. View range is average for the tier and class, it can be improved with optics or binoculars for the occasional reserve spotting. Armor can make bounces from lower tiers, but tier 8 and tier 9 is an auto-pen.


The T-43 is... Well... A medium tank and nothing else. Other tier 7 tanks offer something interesting and are more adequate against tiers 8 and 9. T20 - 390 view range. A-44 - 300 damage per shot, but hard to handle gun, turret on the back. T-34-1 - tough turret, really small, a gun that needs some skill to work good. All three, I counted, have serious problems, but they also have really strong sides. T-43 has none. I think it deserves to have some more mobility, to make it better against tier 8 and tier 9.


I played the tank with Rammer, Vents and (I am not kidding) Optics. The game was quite friendly to the tank in thous 100 battles I played - I saw a few tier 9 games. Despite that, my best game in the tank was in tier 9. The tank is another brawler, but this time you need to keep your gun pointing at sides more often, because the fronts of the enemy tanks are no longer as thin as they were in tier 6.


Not bad, not great, it will be nice to have a mobility buff.

m00h #199 Posted 30 October 2015 - 01:21 AM

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Just rebought it to grind 3 MoE on it, took me 1 day and ~65 games from 0%-97%.

I had like 80 old games in it with 1200 dpg, and now after 65 more games it went

up to 1530 dpg, which means i played it at ~ 2000 dpg and it wasn't really hard.


Really nice tank, very good RoF and pretty adorable HE shells for 300dmg on Rhm's and such.

Obviously i am talking about the elite tank, with a good crew and all that, which is also

the basis to judge it on. Imo all the T7 meds are pretty close to each other, and the

T-43 is very well workable.

megashooter22 #200 Posted 28 November 2015 - 08:29 PM


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I don't know. For me it's a pretty good tank. The gun is on par with most mediums on this tier. The mobility is good. Turret can bounce a few shots here and there. I have nothing to complain about.

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