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merkava 4 comparison

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ariel250 #1 Posted 16 February 2013 - 01:13 PM

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hey . i have heard from many people that the leo , abrams , T-90 and challenger are the best modern MBTs yet my favorite is the merkava so far .
it's firing system is so far the most advanced and allows shooting at helicopters from far away with all kinds of shells including regular HE .
it has a thermal sleeve which allows the gun to maintain high accuracy after more than a few shots and other tanks just dont have it.
it's armor is highly sloped and on turret it takes about 50% of the total volume of the turret + it gives an incredibly effective defense against top-attack
missiles . the tank can jam the missiles and make them just drop to the ground and if it doesnt work then just destroy them mid-air near the tank
no matter what shell .
it has a rear compartment which allows extra shells to be stored or 10 crewmen in case there are soldiers under fire .
the merkava uses MG253 which is an israeli 120mm smoothbore gun that can fire LAHAT , APAM both israeli missiles and HESH .
the APAM's mode is selected first and then it either flies above the target and creates 6 airburst explosions or effectively destroy a structure or destroy helicopters.
the LAHAT is a supersonic missile that has 2 options . top-attack against helis and boats and direct hit or top-attack against tanks . it's range is 8km and it's a tandem.

what i am asking is why are the other tanks considered better than merkava when they dont even have a better protection than it or fire power.

note to grammar nazis : if you see any grammar mistake please fix it .

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