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Searching for platoonmates

platoon searching players

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ghz891 #1 Posted 20 February 2013 - 04:09 PM


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I'm basically searching for platoon mates that know how to play this game relatively autonomously (when is the right time to defend, attack, advance, hold flank, cap).

It would also be nice if they had decent damage in certain vehicles (relative to vehicle's usefulness/potential/tier).

I mainly do not use ingame voice chat and prefer to use communication at minimum while being alive in a game and playing, only pinging minimap or text chat when somebody is distracted or is maybe making mistake.

I currently have following vehicles which I mostly play (I try to play all of them for daily bonus at least, some more):

- amx 13 90 (soon to be lorraine 40t)
- amx 50 foch (~240k xp, pretty slow grind)
- T34
- IS-7
- Obj. 212
- 59-16
- T71
- T-43
- T-50-2

Don't prefer to play that much, but can:

- Bison (sometimes gold, I like how it can penetrate everything in game and it's fun when a tier VIII dies, no intentions in progressing this line)
- ELC (I don't really wish to play it)

Soon getting tier VIII VK4502A.

Time of activity doesn't matter that much (can be middle of night, morning, afternoon)



simleader #2 Posted 27 February 2013 - 07:34 PM


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Well I hav ELC if u want, an amx 13 75 (with T71) and obj 268 and E-100 to play with your IS-7. Plus I will get T34 in a few weeks. contact me in game if u want a platoon! ;)

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