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NA-Repost: My struggle by Kewei

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dodge_the_bullet #1 Posted 11 March 2013 - 12:54 AM

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My Struggle: The Last Gasp of Unicumkind

The stat-denying subhuman’s doctrine of defeatism rejects the unicummic principle of meritocracy and displaces our eternal privilege of consistent victories and good stats by their mass of numbers and sheer braindead weight. Thus it denies the value of the unicum’s contributions in battle, contests the significance of individual actions and superior performance, and thereby withdraws from unicumkind the premise of its existence and stat-padding culture.

As a foundation of this game’s forums, this doctrine would bring about the end of any order intellectually conceivable to unicums, and as, with this greatest of all recognizable organisms, such a pedigree of perfection above that of the subhumans, the result of the indoctrination of such a vulgar law could only be chaos, in this game it could only be destruction for all unicumkind.

If, with the help of his denier’s creed, the subhuman is victorious over the other players of the game, his crown will be the funeral wreath of all unicumkind, and this game will, as it did in times immemorial, move through the ether devoid of unicums.

Eternal Garbad inexorably avenges the infringement of his commands. Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Garbad, and by defending myself from the subhuman, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.

To what an extent the whole existence of this people is based on a continuous cycle of lies and denial is shown incomparably by the unicum posters of the Gameplay Discussion section of the forums, so infinitely hated by the subhumans. These degenerates are based upon a forgery, the deniers moan and scream in multitudes every week, belittling and degrading the erstwhile achievements of unicumkind. Once these mathematically and logically impaired posters are suppressed, only then can the subhuman menace be considered as broken.

Lord Garbad’s unfailing instinct in such things scents the denial in every player, and his hostility is assured to anyone who is not truly spirit of his spirit, a denier unable to see his everlasting glory. Since the subhuman is not the attacked, but the attacker, anyone who attacks or resists his attacks upon the legitimacy of the unicum’s reasoning and logic passes as his enemy, regardless of the validity of their arguments. The means of which the subhuman seeks to break such reckless but upright and outstanding souls is not through honest intellectual warfare, but through lies, slander, and badp0@sting.

Here, he stops at nothing, and in his vileness, his rotten ego and mind becomes so gigantic that no one need be surprised if among unicumkind the personification of mental retardation assumes the living shape of the subhuman.

The ignorance of the broad masses about the inner nature of the subhuman, the lack of experience and narrow mindedness of our long time players, makes them an easy victim for this subhuman campaign of statistical moose pie and opinionated lies. The broad masses from stupidity or simplicity believe everything fed to them by the crooked hands of the subhuman, while the unicummic authorities either cloak themselves in silence or, in a brave but ultimately futile attempt, they retaliate against them, which in the official eyes of the posters, makes them seem to be a stat whoring ass.

Ever so slowly, the fear and denial of subhumans descends like a nightmare on the minds and souls of unicumkind, and haplessly, they begin to tremble before the terrible enemy and thus have become his victim. The subhumans numerical domination in the game seems so assured that now not only can he call himself a subhuman again and be proud of it, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate game-wide designs, firstly, the brutal and indiscriminate persecution of unicums, and secondly, the reduction of the ultimate end-game, Clan Wars into nothing more than a sandbox for the entitled and mentally handicapped clans to flop around in.


It is a sign of their rising confidence and sense of security that at a time when one section is still playing the American, British, Chinese, French, or German, the other with open effrontery comes out as the subhuman race. How close they see approaching victory can be seen by the hideous aspect which their relations with the members of the other players take on, intellectual debates exist no longer in face of their awful denial and complete ignorance.

With satanic joy in his face, the pimple-faced subhuman lurks in wait for the unsuspecting unicum whose win rate he defiles with his utterly terrible in-game performance, thus stealing him away from his status and people. With every means, he tries to destroy the statistic foundations of the unicums he has set out to subjugate. Just as he himself systematically ruins their tank by tank and overall stats.

Unicums, a statistically pure people, which is conscious of its violet purity can never be enslaved by the subhuman’s wanton desire for sub 50% win rate. In this world, the subhuman will forever be master over other mentally handicapped players and mouthbreathing welfare warriors alone. And so he tries systematically to lower the discrepancies of the statistical level by a continuous poisoning of unicum’s win rate, and in the forums he begins to replace the idea of individual contributions by sheer luck.

In an organized mass of denial, the subhuman has found the weapon which lets his dispense with reason and logic, and in its stead allows his to subjugate and govern the unicum with a dictatorial and brutal fist of proverbial ignorance and lies. He works systematically for revolution in a twofold sense: the elimination of statistics as a measure of individual performance to preserve his delicate ego, and the end of a Clan Wars based upon meritocracy.

Around unicums who offer too violent a resistance to his insidious ideologies on the forums, thanks to his international influence and carefully weaved outward appearance as the persecuted, incites and rallies his fellow subhumans to war against unicumkind, winning in the end by the sheer volume of badp0@sters.

In random matches, the subhuman undermines the stability of the unicum’s efforts to win, and purposefully blocks all shots and attempts to retreat.
In clan wars, he refutes the idea of a merit-based end-game and demands that any clan, regardless of how hard they may have worked, how much skill or strategies they may have built up, they should be able to hold land outside of Africa.

In the forums, he contaminates the goodness of unicum posters, soils their reputation, and makes a mockery of reason and logic, overthrowing all concepts of beauty and the intellectually sublime, of the noble and good, and instead drags other posters down into the disgusting sphere of his own base animalistic and windowlicking nature.

Intelligence is ridiculed, high performance and desire to improve mocked, until the last props of unicumkind in its struggle for existence in this world of the subhuman, have at last fallen.

Now begins the great last revolution, in gaining numbers, the subhuman casts off the few cloaks he still wears, and openly engages the unicum in series of never-ending verbal jousts that will determine the future of this game.

The unicum must fight back, each with the strength and intellectual capacity of ten thousand subhumans, in order to preserve their existence in this game.


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Kewei #2 Posted 12 March 2013 - 12:23 AM


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I can't believe I found this.

Going to repost this in the gameplay discussion section, with Garbad changed to Hami.

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