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Wargaming.net - A partisan Society?

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Rumsi_DieTraurigeSeemine #1 Posted 22 March 2013 - 02:40 PM


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I've noticed that thanks to a huge  polnish gamer community devs and supporters are  inclined to dance to their tune. In different words: If the polish community oders something, the wargaming team will follow! Now it often happened that I got insulted  by any Pole. Well, it'S a  game... they are strangers... so I don't really care much about it... but after maybe the 1000th time a pole call you e.g. a  "d*pa" or a "H*ju" etc. (dont wanna talk about the usage of "k*rwa") you start to think bad  about those guys and their bad manners...

But it's a funny thing to watch how the support team dances to their tune and warn someone/ chat mute someone or even ban someone just because he said things like "those poles behave totally barefaced" ( <- ban < happened to a player from a friendly clan) or "I don't like Poland but well I respect them" ( <- chat mute < for me... just 2 days and i haven t play in those 2 days but's it s  a question of justice)...

But on the opposite side! If you say totally acceptable things like "I don't like a country but I respect the people"  you get branded as a "Neo-/ Nazi" or any "Fascho" ... and that's unacceptable for me and I m pretty sure  also for any other  guy how got nothing to do with this right-wing extremist sh*t!
And if I get an Email which says that I got chat muted for "insults" it makes me  thinking " WTF is wrong with those guys... Am I not allowed to give an opinion... my own opinion... as long as it doesn't insult/ hurt  any others? I mean... that's  human rights. I m pretty sure it's written down in every constitution of every european country (maybe expect Belarus).
So am I forced to like everybody and everything now and do I have to accept everything which insults me directly and obviously (e.g. TRUE INSULTS)? Just to not annoy anybody else? And doesn't it make someone (maybe) a  racist for calling me a "Nazi" just cause I don't like any country?... I mean... they don't know me... I am no original german nor an austrian... and isn't it ultraconservative ( I even want to say stupid) to call someone a "Nazi" just because he is from (or just living in) Germany?

Well... that's my opinion... It would be great to read some other opinions about this case! SERIOUS OPINIONS!
So for all those who now think about cursing and flaming in here: "Oh gosh, you're such a german n*zi" etc. -> It's wasted time cause I wont spend 2 seconds to read your rage-letters. And I bet I'll get  10000 thousand dislikes now for writing what I wanted to write but well... It's my opinion and no one forces you to read it!

Bye, Good luck Tankers!

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Atrevir #2 Posted 22 March 2013 - 02:52 PM

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Belizarius #3 Posted 22 March 2013 - 03:07 PM

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I don't like polish players/members of comunity  :smile:

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