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PrivateTrooper #7641 Posted 06 March 2017 - 12:31 PM


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View PostGrumpelumpf, on 06 January 2017 - 07:12 PM, said:

Dear Community,


after a long deliberation and a heavy heart, we will probably end the project OMC ModPack as of 31.03.2017 (if WG brings a new patch in the month, we would not adapt it already).


It is no longer possible for me to have the time and commitment required to continue the project as it is. In addition, you will be more insulted and hostile if you create something for the community than if you do nothing.
A smaller OMC ModPack is also excluded, since it would also no longer be the "OMC Project".


A heartfelt thanks goes to:
Yasharah and MigHunter for the years of intensive work on this project. Without these two the extent of growth would not have been possible
CrazzyIvan, der_kleine_fips, dirty20067 and Willster419 for the support in recent months
GlenMP for the provision and organization of the infrastructure
Drimacus and Technowolf for customizing the server and web pages for the project
the users who helped with problems and supported with bug hunting




This is really a bomb that bursts ....


OdemMortis has a long time offered its Mod-Pack collection. Some custom mods and also from other modders.

They were always trying to provide you with an update when "WG" once again introduced new bugs, which they still call "update" or "patch".


Grumpel want to go to the retired area ....


We had have some nice times and Modding was a big Step what you and your Mates done here - for the community and for free.

Since 30th March 2013 an idea was born to make a single Mod for the Visier, some tests running and - great - its modable....

My Part was in the former days some single shots from the background but your group going deeper and starting a great project till these days. 

Its bad to see that we going all older, Real life and the Healthy blocks us to continue all what we had done easy in younger years, so enjoy your 4 years of hard work - you all earn the full respect by me.

scs1 - transp.png

Some knows that I have stopped to play any WG Games at the end of 2015 for personal problems & time, also let delete my Supertester Account (EU-ws). At least I have done some work with Aslain and his Mod Pack but allways have a look to your group, or the group around of Roughnek&Atmax and other good Modders. 

I really hope that you and your mate still playing the Game and that Willster get a good start with his Mod-Pack what will take place for the OMC-MP here.


Grumpelhumpf & Yashara - thank you very much, you get my full respect for your great work.


Alternatives ?

Near OMC, also Aslain has been there since 2011/12 (?), and has also offered his reliable mod pack. In contrast to OM, he had to do a lot on his own, but he could also hope for his Modder friends in the background who gave him updates & support of their mods (mostly).


There are many other mod packs in the meantime, some even with illegal "tools", but at Aslains mod pack I was myself involved and can confirm here:
- There are only legally mods,

- fast loading times,

- fast support (if a mod was not running properly) and

- continuity, as is the case with OM.


I can confirm that the Aslain mod pack is a good alternative for former OM fans, maybe with a included willster Pack ?


Have fun & enjoy  in the game

     ex - "SchrottiGER" 


_pip_ #7642 Posted 09 March 2017 - 07:09 AM


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I have some problems regarding freezing on some maps, when battle starts. I have to log off and log in again to enter battle. So far it is Ensk and Malinovka. Any ideas what it can be?

PrivateTrooper #7643 Posted 09 March 2017 - 11:16 AM


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Hey @_pip_

Some maps are quite large. Many are small, some medium sized and are actually loaded quickly. For the big ones it often depends on your settings:
- how strong is your graphics card to load everything (+ graphics cards RAM)
- how strong is your computer (+ ram - see minimum requirements)
- how strong is your internet line

Mostly the Internet line is to blame, or an older computer.
If you still have problems, it can be that once again a bug (WG call it: "patch / update" ) has broken something again.


First solution:
- press the left [WIN] + [R] key at the same time. In the box, type [% appdata%], then go to the "Wargaming" folder and delete the "WorldOfTanks" folder.

(alternative search at: "C:.<User>\AppData\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks" )
Also deleting the [preferences.xml] sometimes helps, but you have to set your settings again InGame afterwards.

This is also into the "WorldOfTanks" Folder. Delete only the file or the whole Folder, its on you.

Have fun


PS: this two maps are well known to have since 8.9 often problems...

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Bert187 #7644 Posted 13 March 2017 - 03:19 AM


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Without your Modpack WoT will never be the same again :( all the other Modpacks suck and this statement is the worst I have ever expected in 2017 ... I will miss your modpack so much, for me it is a bit like the end of the world :(

Thank you guys for all the work you did to create the greatest Modpack ever. I hope you will change your decision after a few months ... the hope dies at least.

Kind regards

Grumpelumpf #7645 Posted 23 March 2017 - 08:15 PM


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Good news for all OMC ModPack User.


Willster419 (member of the OMC ModPack Team) will continue the ModPack project, with a slightly different, but better and faster Installer Client. New project name is: RelHax


Look here


I wish him the best and I hope that many OMC users will continue to trust him in the future.




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