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Planetside 2 Community vs WoT community

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Colonel_Boom #1 Posted 03 April 2013 - 01:43 AM

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Don't misunderstand dear moderators. I'm not advertizing the game. No, it is quite the opposite and i will keep playing WoT until the very end, hopefully...
This is only about community and relationship to devs and so on.

Okay, let's start with some background info.

And here comes the main part.
The PS2 community is adoring the devs. No they love them. They are mostly devoted that want to rant more about balance than fundamental game problems.
When i talked about the changes that really need to be done and that developers are far too slow in these matters they say that i shouldn't rant about them since they care for the community very well and that they are already working on these problems and shit like this. They don't. They patch after a plan and fix this stuff very slowly if ever.
Additionally i see extremely bad trolling that shows big signs of ingorance as fanboys like to do.
For me there are two types of game development projects. Those that want to develop a great game because of own desires and win the money though marketing and PR strategies and those that concentrate on winning money with marketing and PR strategies.
When you look at the PS2 youtube channel you will really "only" see advertizing and customer fishing videos together with useless update stuff that no one wants to know or have or is excited about.

When i had to decide between PS2 and WoT i know where i go to.
WoT developers don't hug you but give you damn facts and statements! Additionally they troll like bosses(Serb!).
Overlord and some community members make polls to choose the right way together with the community and the great urge to get knowledge and information about development is satisfied rather well by both parties.
This is how a relationship between developers and playerbase should be. The developers should noly concentrate on making a good game fast without untouched bugs and faults and only talk about work when they want to and when there is the urge of players to really want to know.

The WG community is rough but nice. There are good trolls, good posts/posters and much bullshit like a nicely working forum should have(even so there are problems...problems CZ?).
The PS2 community was the first community that actually made me to give up a game completely.
I would rather post in this forum than in forum where ignorant, unfunny and tunnel sighted people have their home.

If WG would advertize like SOE then we would know how Serb boils his morningly eggs.
(I would want to know it since i'm a Serb lover)
Here is a picture book of our beloved Serb:

So the question is what you would prefer.
And about what are you dissatisfied with.
What do you think of the communities and which do you prefer. Why do you prefer it and what would you change?

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jetpack5 #2 Posted 03 April 2013 - 03:12 AM

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I dont know the PS2 community -
But i do know wots community and 85% of you guys are really cool and friendly -
I like the mods too-
The other thing is the great support - some people complain that they didnt received their answer in 24 hours - there are games (like Crossfire), where youre happy when you get an answer from the support at all-
I can complain too why they spend time for inventing first of april gags instead of working on bugs/MM etc. but im not an expert and i dont know how it works- so, i think theyre all doing their job, and this not bad.

But there are always two sides- and what i dont like are things like preference of the RUS/NA servers- where ppl get much more, like 5x exp insted of 3x exp, like its on the EU server or 40% on all T8 meds (etc) while we get onlyor "tank of month" or "change your password and you get 250 Gold" on the RU server- I know well that there are much more costumer on the NA/RU servers, nevertheless they should treat us in the same way- so if they could treat all player equal, ths would be a great thing buddies  :smile:


The 2nd SerB picture is my favorite one - I like to post it in threads like " Mimimi blah blah the MM is so crappy blah blah- me and my clan are leaving wot blah and i think the rest of this and this community wil leave too blah blah and what SerB will do if they run out of costumers blah"

So, this little "middlefinger-pleasure" fits perfectly- sad thing that some mods tending to erase it  :angry:

:teethhappy:  :teethhappy:  :teethhappy:

Cheers +1


I think the english speaking people wont understand your german "MfG" :trollface:

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Colonel_Boom #3 Posted 03 April 2013 - 03:49 AM

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View Postjetpack5, on 03 April 2013 - 03:12 AM, said:

I think the english speaking people wont understand your german "MfG" :trollface:
It's a habit.

And i think the EU server has the second biggest WoT playerbase with cca 180k at peak times. Then comes NA and then SEA. I'm not sure how the statistics look on the chinese server since we can't see it, because... well, it's chinese.

And btw, they were so excited about the 1st april that they forgot eastern. Last year there was a easter egg searching event.

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drakasas #4 Posted 03 April 2013 - 05:53 AM


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ps2 failed so hard in my eyes,  instead of creating mmo shooter they created pseudo mmo shooter art project, which ewen on some powerfull pcs lags alot so ... :D
and instead of trying to fix it, they still making it more beter looking :D  yep, in shooter games graphix is ewerything aparently :D

wargaming did nice about it, and theres asiand game devs that creating kingdoms under fire .. thats game is supose to alow ewen wery old pc to handle it.

and for whole ps2 balance, i still hawe no logical idea why the hell they made MTB one seat drivable when there is lightning already for that :D

but doubt anything will be done there since i bet only ppl that plays ps2  either had proper pcs for that game to start with or got lucky building it before release just for this game,  and most of ppl just left coz of low fps, crapy game designs etc etc. devs just should  remade ps1 with new grafix ... game would hawe made millions, atleast there u could see ppl far away and not 300m AT BEST in ps2 :D

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