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Answer Thread 2

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_Quasar_ #1 Posted 09 April 2013 - 11:13 AM


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1. When we will be able to find the battle statistics in the replays?

In the near future, but for the moment we advise you to check the current website: http://wotreplays.com/site/200073#team

2. Will there be any Japanese tanks, this year?

As replied in previous sessions, there may be before the end of the year.

3. When we will find the new VIII tier premium tanks?

You should be able to see something in the next couple of updates.

4. Why can’t I use camo or inscription for another nation? If WG would fix it the customizable options would be much better.

The camouflage will be historically bound to every nation. We have no plans to breach this rule.

5. For the extended battle report, is there a plan to include it into the replays again, so that people watching the replay can see the final result too?

Yes, this is planned.

6. The option to switch crew voices to their original language was already included, but did not work will this be implemented again?

Yes, this is planned.

7. Will smoke grenades to hide tanks come to the game?

Question already answered, we have no such plans for the moment, especially due to the workload it will produce on the servers.

8. What is the current plan for the introduction of the second German TD line?

It is planned for this year. We will publish more information on each tank when it is due for release.

9. Do we possibly get a random league system, like it is already existing in different other games? (example CoD)

At this moment in time this is not currently planned.

10. Can we get a new garage sight in a way, that you can make really nice screenshots of your tank?

Yes, this is planned.

11. Some time ago we already saw some tanks which were leaked from the supertest. My question, did tanks which already reached the supertest stadium get cancelled completely?

They are still planned, more news will be released when it is available.

12. Lately we got a lot of fast and light tanks. Will we get more heavy tanks again, which slow down the gameplay too again?

Yes, this is planned.

13. As premium ammo is already available for credits, is it possible to expand this to experience too?

At this moment in time such a feature is not planned.

14. Are there any plans for destructible/deformable terrains?

There are no plans for the moment.

15. What about weather effects are there any plans already?

Yes, this is planned.

16. Are you planning to add the option to not participate in battles with gold ammunition? Some tanks since the introduction of gold ammo for credits have become obsolete, like TD T28?

For this we have other plans more news will be released when its available.

17. In the post-mortem view mode, are you planning to make User Interface visible, including reticle, ammunition, consumables?

This is planned with the improvements of the observation mode.

18. Would WG be open to tightening the limits for automated team killing system to make players who cause team damage marked as team killer faster?

We are planning to increase the amount of fine for team-killing, also the team killers will be dealt with faster.

19. Will horns be included in the future, or has this idea been abandoned?

The project with horns was frozen for the moment.

_Quasar_ #2 Posted 24 April 2013 - 01:15 PM


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20. Questions about the in-game chat …

We are constantly reading your feedback and requests regarding the in-game chat.
And you know what? …
The in-game chat is currently being fully revised. We have gathered feedback from all our regions and will work hard to make sure that we bring to you something great and functional that will allow you to communicate and stay in touch with your friends!
Please stay tuned, we will keep you updated as soon as possible!

21. Questions about new game modes...

The work on new game modes was not cancelled. However at this current stage it is too early to share any kind of information with our players.

22. When will you introduce graphic displays of the most important stats over a period of time (24 hours/1 week/1 month/etc) of the player’s performance on the player profile on the web site?

This is planned. We might share some data with you in May with more info on this.

23. Is there any new information about the new company mode 7/42?

More info is planned to be shared with the community about this soon. Sadly we have nothing right now but it’s worth the wait!

24. Could you give us an ETA on the client physics?

No ETA, but we are working very hard.

25. What is about the AMX M4(1948)? Is it planned for this year?

Bringing this tank to the game is definitely in our plans. However there is no guarantees it will come this year.

26. Postwar German tanks have a Bundeswehr Kreuz as a sign. Any plans to make it available for other German tanks?

No such plans.

27. Are you planning to add "log" tool for clan's actions (who putted what chips where, who kicked that player out, who left clan, who accepted that player etc).

Yes, we are currently working on Clan log system.

28. Will their repair cost be the same as for current tier 8 artillery?

Most likely, yes.

29. Are you planning to introduce an American premium arty?

Not this year no, there is no plans for this.

30. Are there any plans od introducing the exchange of XP from elite tanks to free XP with credits instead of gold?

There is no plans for this, we’ve already stated this in the past.

31.  Is it going to be possible in the future to create your own inscriptions on the tanks?

There is no plans for this. It would be difficult to moderate and we feel it is not in the spirit of the game since not historically accurate.

32. When are you planning to introduce the German premium E-25 and E-10, as they are in the scheduled tech tree ?

E-25 - Soon! E-10, not as soon as E-25!

33. At the moment, the CW battles are starting at 18.30. Does it's planned to extend those hours and the morning and the afternoon ?

Too early to communicate on this. We have big plans for Clan Wars and more info will come as soon as it’s available.

34.When is it planned some new french tanks (except the new arties)?

There are no plans for now, but probably for the next year.

35.Have you planned in the upcoming EU tech tree the tanks from Switzerland like the PZ58, PZ61, PZ68 or the G13, an adaptation of the Hetzer ?

No such plans, for this year.

36. Do you plan to introduce any American Premium Tank Destroyer on any tier? I have in mind some modification of M18 Hellcat or similar turreted TD.

No such plans for the moment.

37. What regions will you cover with upcoming maps?

Asia, in the next patch.

38. Do you plan to give more reward to good players, for example players who deal more damage than their hitpoints, even in case of losing battle?

Such a project is being discussed. It’s too early to give more details about that now.

39. I really like the idea of Zombie mode which was announced for the April’s Fool. Would it be possible to launch it in the game?

No such plans, especially because it does not match with the historical background and the authenticity of the game.

40. There was a announcement about 7/42 companys and historic battles. When do we can expect that?

We are working on it, please be a bit more patient.

41. We feel that it is really hard now, to earn enough credits. Exp is not the problem. Can we expect a bonus on first win of the day that actually affects credits as well?

We have other plans on this subject which may surprise players. More info will come later about this.

42. Are there plans that the matchmaking works with regions as well? Like germans together, polish together and so on?

No such plans.

43. When do we can expect better graphics for effects in game? Like better explosions etc.

We are working on it ...  There is big plan for this.

44. Are there plans to giove us the opportunity to see after the battle what kind of modules we destroyed on the enemy tank?

Yes. We have some cool stuff planned.

45. Are there plans to introduce more city maps?


_Quasar_ #3 Posted 02 May 2013 - 04:15 PM


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Note: This is the first series of answers from the ninth session, more will come.

46. Fire mechanics and related damage calculation.

The question attracted our attention we will come back with a fully detailed answer later.

47. Is there any chance we get a major game rebalance this year?(tank rebalance ammo price etc...)


48. Is the 'nuclear 8.6' the major game rebalance you have promised us?

The next update will bring some significant changes, yes.

49. In which version will we get any new city maps??

In the next patch.

50.  Is Wargaming planning to reward veteran players (i.e. for the no of battles played) or those who received the Engineer achievements?

This sound more like a suggestion. We have different plans ...

51. Would it be possible to re-train a crew member for a different role e.g. a radio operator to be a gunner?

This is still being discussed.

52. Is the company planning to add new premium heavy tanks of low tiers into the German tech tree (like the Churchill III or T14)?

No such plans for now.

53.  Do you plan to add the possibility to sell Premium tank for gold (keeping the 50% loss on selling the tank)?

No such plans.

54. Do you plan to add use of consumables into the in-game tutorial?

Further development needs regarding the game tutorial are being discussed.

55. Are you planning to introduce more types of camouflage?


_Quasar_ #4 Posted 14 May 2013 - 02:02 PM


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56.Are there plans to give the possibility to view replays from the precedent patches?

There are no such plans I’m afraid. This is mainly due to changes that we are implementing with the new content, like new maps with reworked terrain, models, and so on … This means that the older replays will contain incompatible data with the new terrains and changes and won’t work.

57.When will the player statistics be changed to see if someone is in a battle or not?

This change is planned for the last quarter of the current year. But this is not a promise! We know that having a notification when a friend is in battle is a very useful feature.

58.Are there any further informations about the multi core support? How far it is introduced already, and what still has to be done?

Once the upgrade is fully ready will have lots more details to share.

59.Are there any plans for low tier tanks in clan wars?

Yes, there are plans to include a viable option for lower tier tanks. More information on this will be available on this in couple of weeks.

60.Any plans for a button to directly reconnect to the game when connection was lost?

Currently, If you disconnected while in mid battle and have not left by clicking on the “back to hangar’ button, you can reconnect directly into the battle. But a more comfortable option is not excluded.

61.Any numbers how much premium ammunition is used, compared to normal ammunition?

As mentioned on several occasions we keep this data for internal use only.

_Quasar_ #5 Posted 07 June 2013 - 03:39 PM


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Games features:

Questions answered by our Development Game Producer.

62. Any update regarding the feature that would allow switching tank crew members in one click?

Yes, currently we are working on a project that should greatly simplify our players’ life and possibly allow them to move the crew in one click.
However, this is not a final project as we are also considering the possibility to have different presets, For example: A eSports preset, a Clanwars preset and a random preset.  Tank crew members could be a part of this project so stay tuned…

63. What are your current plans for the Anti-Team-Killing system in the game?  

The “TK” system is currently being revamped, we want to bring even more fairness into the game and provide our players with better tools.

64. Any update regarding better tank filters in the garage?

Yes at the moment we are working on them, but the project is not a top priority. Filters will be released one day and maybe the possibility to view all your tanks in one window also.

65. Any update regarding more options for customizing the exterior of our tanks?

First of all please note one important thing, all current possibilities to customize your tanks are limited by a historical component. This is something we would like to preserve in our game. So projects like “Pimp my tank” are unlikely to be in the game at all. However, we do have plans to increase the size of logos and inscriptions.

Also at this moment in time, we are also working on projects of the rings for the gun barrels:


66. What are the plans for the in-game tutorial?

At the moment we are working on 2 new tutorial lessons.

66. What are the plans for the in-game tutorial?

At the moment we are working on 2 new tutorial lessons.

67. Was the idea of the female crew completely abandoned?

Not at all, but it has a very low priority for the moment.

68. What about a button to get back to the battle if you have left it once your tank has been destroyed?

At this moment in time it isn't planned.

69. What about the project that will allow us to see tank crew members in the garage?

The project is still currently in the plans and has not been cancelled.
However, we are not sure that this will be implemented in this way. We are also considering a project that will allow players to customize their garage interfaces and maybe more…  We will share more information on this matter as soon as we have points that are set in stone.
Stay tuned!

70. Do you have plans to add mods such as XVM?

Yes and no, for this project we have our own plans.

71. How about better indicators of tanks characteristics in the garage?

This is still planned, but not for the current year.

72. Do you have plans to allow the display of a chosen camouflage in the garage?

No such plans for the moment.

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_Quasar_ #6 Posted 09 July 2013 - 09:17 AM


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73. Are you implementing any new tech trees?

Currently we are working hard to have the Japanese tree ready for the end of the year. However, as usual it will be released once it is ready.

74. Are the new sounds in 8.6 here to stay or you plan to improve them as they are?

A series of improvements is planned.

75. How far you are with creating different crew voices for different nationality tanks?

National voice over are planned for 8.8. However, please note that you will not be able to make everyone talking the same in each chosen language. Like German tank crews talking Chinese will be impossible.

76.  Future expansion of crew skills?

We have plans for the future but nothing concrete for the moment. Please to see what next year brings.

77.  Can we get an ETA on when the missing premium tanks are getting added back into the player stats page? (807 on the M6A2E1, 419 on the A-32 )

We are aware of the bug and we are fixing it at the moment, please accept our apologies for this.

78. Many of your tanks were only prototypes and blueprints. Does WG plan to create a model designed by the developers? A Wargaming tank for collectors only. Or maybe a Christmas present?

No such plans for the near future.

79. In few days we will have an unified account for WG products ( World of... ). Could it be possible to have a common garage/hangar/port to enter in any of the games to speed up the switch between games, instead of exiting one game and launching another?

This is a good idea; we will share more information regarding a possible implementation of such a project on time.

80.  What about the "mercenaries" idea? Will you develop it?

This is still planned, but not for this year.

81. When will the German tier 8 scout make it to the game (RU251)?

This vehicle maybe making an appearance next year.

82. Are there any thoughts to enhance the number of equipment slots?

No such plans as of now.

83. In one of the ASAP videos the rework of the training rooms was announced (mainly for eSports reasons). When will we see those changes?

You won’t see them this year. But 8.8 will bring some notorious changes in this domain, please wait for it more will be announced nearer the time.

84. Any update for Chinese TDs?

No updates for this year.

85. Will it be possible to check a tank beforehand (test drive alone on a map)?

At this moment in time we have no such plans for this.

86. Will the 1st Campaign have effect on future CW, for example regular CW for lower tiers?

At the moment this is still being discussed.

87. Asking this for the 6th time: Will there be 16th team member in CW as a Commander? Currently commander can't really concentrate on playing and give orders. Please, I don't want to ask for the 7th time.

No such plans at this moment in time, please also note that this is not a question but rather a suggestion.

88. Any improvements to premium account system as compensation for the removed privilege of having platoons for three and companies? (for example lowering possible battle tier in matchmaking by one...)

We have no such plans.

89. Do you plan to add a signal/notification informing immediately about the tank being on fire?

Yes there are such plans and we would like to prioritize alarm message for major battle events.

90. Do you have any news about the development of Tank companies, eSports way with 7 versus 7?

We will let you know more after the 8.7 release.

91. During a recent interview, Wargaming Ceo talked about Bigger Maps with more players, do you have any news about that?

This is still planned, but not for the near future.

_Quasar_ #7 Posted 13 August 2013 - 09:56 AM


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92. I have suggested a Replay spectator (probably not first suggestion of this type), which means you could watch any player in the replay battle (even enemies). Are there any plans for this function or was it abandoned?
We are working on it very hard. We plan to share more information very soon.
93.In previous patch you have presented a missions system. When will you implement some interface so we could check what we miss for accomplishing these missions?
More information will be shared in our next  ASAP video!
94.Can you tell us when approximately SP refund will happen?
We are working on it. Please be a bit more patient.
95.Question about the medals that was expected at 0.8.6(alaric and lumberjack). Did they implement them or they got postponed?
This was put on hold for the moment.
96.Can we ever expect a fully destructible (buildings,bridges,walls etc.) terrain ? this would give the arty (finally) + game-play some real meaning. I am sure you are considering this?
The whole project is still being analyzed and tested.
97.I think I'm right in saying the French tree has been the longest without a new branch.  Any information on the new Medium or Heavy Branches?  Also we have seen in game models for some of the proposed french super heavy premium tanks, (Char 2c was strangely featured in the 7.4 trailer with the French SPGs and TDs IIRC) Will this tank see battle before the new branches? Or any time this year?
Not for the current year.
98.Will be possible to purchase and play with the Premium tank BT-SV in future?
For the moment, there are no plans to introduce it to the game store / gift shop.
99.What’s the feedback from WG about the First CW Campaign?
Players’ feedback was taken into account. We have plans to implement it during the second campaign.
100.For patch 9.0 we heard that WG will implement a new graphic engine for WoT. Could you please provide advance information on the matter? (Characteristics, improvements, et.)
We have no information to share for the moment.
101.Will WG add Armoured Companies like ESL tournaments (7vs7, 42 points, etc.) and allow knowing in which maps will we play so as to choose a specific tank?
We will ask you to be a bit more patient. We have plans to communicate on this really soon.
102.What are your plans for the Japanese tree?
Still planned for the end of the current year / beginning of the next year.
103.What about 30 vs 30 maps?
Please note that other questions from the 11th session will be answered in another thread.

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