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Official female tank crew mod?

female tank crew mod oficial less discrimination sexism equal equality

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Poll: WG Female Tank Crew mod? (88 members have cast votes)

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Nena360 #1 Posted 20 April 2013 - 03:51 AM

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Well its now quite clear to me that the majority of the men on this forum feels threatened by the idea of female tank crews being put into the game. However many tried to help but failed cause the suggestions they sent in was for me to mod the game by using mods made by the comunity. Sadly all of the mods does not work or performs badly and the only one that included a voice file was the "Girls und Panzer" mods which had two major flaws 1. It was on japanese & 2. The background music. So overall i want WG developers to make a mod that WORKS, and now then you men and trolls cant complain like you did before...
And by voting NO you are only suporting the fact that the game should be changed instead of WG making a mod...

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