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Is a Mac OS X version of World of Tanks coming?

mac os x

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Gravesent #1 Posted 28 April 2013 - 02:19 PM


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I'm a mac user and I know that the mac is not supposed to be for gaming. But recent macs have decent graphics cards inside them. With my base model 21.5 inch iMac I finished crysis 3 (running the game on windows 7).

Every time I want to play WoT I have to restart my computer and switch between Mac OS X and Windows 7. Everything else I do (including Starcraft II, Diablo 3 and LoL), I do on Mac OS X. I have managed to find a working wineskin wrapper for WoT that I can use in Mac OS X, but the game is slow and has graphical glitches. After all it's not an official port.

On Windows 7 it runs flawlessly. I get anywhere from 60 FPS to 140 FPS and there are no glitches.

It would be awesome if the game could run at least half as good on Mac OS X. I wouldn't have to restart my PC all the time and I know quite a few people that only run Mac OS X and would love to try WoT. Not to mention mac users typically pay more for software and games. Mac OS X also has a 15% market share in the US and almost 10% world wide. So I think a mac version of WoT would be worth it.

What do you think?

By the way, for any other macs out there, this is where you find instructions on how to run the unofficial port of WoT on a mac:

panpedro #2 Posted 22 July 2013 - 05:12 PM


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I agree with Gravesent, Mac OS version of WOT would definitely worth it!

The only reason I have Windows on my Mac now is WOT and I do not want to restart Mac every time I would like to play WOT...

I tried the wineskin version, but it is somehow slow, so I do not use it at all.

Let's hope that there will be Mac version soon.


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