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Tank inscriptions and emblems

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beercritch #1 Posted 02 May 2013 - 11:01 AM


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It seems to me that tank inscriptions and emblems are not living up to their potential. Recently more have been added to try and "boost" the popularity but I hardly ever see tanks that make use of this past people using their county of origin flag.

I have an idea that might liven things up for us all.

What if the emblems and badges were related to the medals you earn in a particular tank and had the be EARNED by achieving the goal. So for example you start off in a new tank with no inscriptions or emblems. As you play more you earn a raddley walters's and a pascucci's. You now have these emblems added to your library for this particular tank and you can add them to the tank that won the medal so you can show off your "excellent results"

You could even add other things like a series of shells that roughly indicates the number of kills in the tank, number of games, number of wins, and further badges to show if the tank is at elite status - this sort of thing. Things that could actually point to who is a good tanker.

I would also like this to be available in game for FREE. I know its a stretch, but we pay through the nose for everything else, and a small amount of customisation for free would be a great sweetener in game. It would also mean you wouldnt be having to fork out more gold evey time you won a new and rare heroes medal. And once things were set up there wouldn't be the need for much on going maintenance of this. Also IF people had to pay they wouldnt use it and then the value of seeing how well other have done would be diminished.

I think its a good idea and would love to see tanks on the battlefield with emblems and inscriptions that showed off what the tank and driver had achieved  but what say you guys?

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R9G #2 Posted 02 May 2013 - 12:20 PM

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Really like the idea. +1

May I suggest that to give it a better chance of happening that some form of credit or gold payment is used otherwise WG won't be interested. I think you might under estimate how many people would pay (in credits at least) for their achievements rather than the current type of emblems and inscriptions. But your point about it being free and universal is well understood and desirable.

For clarification, I think what you are suggesting that you select a single emblem from your library of achievements for that tank rather than multiple emblems being displayed; probably again pay a small credit/gold payment to upgrade the emblem. Now that will get WG's interest.

I was also thinking about the number of kills emblem, you were suggesting shells. I was going to suggest the gun barrel rings as used in WWII. Say a maximum of three to represent say 1000, 5000, 10,000 kills in that tank or whatever is felt to be appropriate scale.

Great idea, I hope it gets implemented.

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