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So i got baned for a day...and im happy :)

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IseeU #1 Posted 11 May 2013 - 07:00 PM


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WARNING: wall of text ahead...

It promised to be usual Saturday… When I am staying alone  at home I just do nothing: watch movies, eat junk food, play some Wot, take a nap… Repeat…  Sometimes I can get really hooked on tanks and play 5-8hrs straight  :playing: … Basically - nolifing at its best…
So I got up early, at about 05:00 (nothing unusual for me – everyday I get up to be ready for work at this time), went to the shower, took my morning coffee, started Wot…

5th battle, El-Haluf, im amongst top tiers in my premium Valentine…  Match just started, I took standart shooting position, damaged some rushing enemies… Nothing special…  Suddenly, I get shot in the back… I turn around to see what sneaky enemy managed to pass all our defenses that early - nothing... just lonely BS arty near our base... Strange, was it enemy arties shot?... it couldnt  be... oh well... Another shot in my back... I turn around again and this time i am looking at our BS arty carefully... Tracer incoming - BANG, right in my kisser... WTH :unsure: ... Again and again: shot-hit, shot-hit... My patience is running out: its early in the morning, i have to wait in queue more than 1 min to join battle, because there are so little players at 06:00... So i make 1 warning shot, hit his tracks with no damage... No response, just shells are raining on my Valentine one after another... Usually in that kind of situation i drive away or let TK'ers to finish me off... Well, not this time... I zoom in to be sure that he isnt in cap zone (i know, that you turn blue instantly , if you kill ally inside)... He is close, but not in the circle... I am still thinking : " should i really kill him, if so i should probably drive to him and if he is in cap zone - push him away and only then start my explanatory work... meh, im too slow, i wont bother"... So i open fire: I am shooting at him, he is shooting at me... His shots do almost no damage to me and i just cant hit him... After ~ 1min little bugger is dead and I am blue...  Camping T-46 starts shooting at me – now I just don’t care: I kill him and then rush down the hill to meet my destiny… Battle is over and I am rightly banned for a day… Im in the corner with bad boys now…  Another victory for troll team…  Or is it?

Now I have all day ahead me with nothing to do… Damn… I guess I have no choice but to make something useful out of it…  And then miracle happened: I got from my PC,  dressed up, went to local hardware store for some  plumbing parts. After I got back home, I hooked up our new washing machine – it was standing unboxed almost for two weeks now (yes, im that lazy  :glasses: ), made wet clothes hanger… With no hurry, all that took almost all day…

After I finish this post, ill make myself some nice supper, open bottle of cold beer and watch some movies or maybe some Wot stream… And tomorrow at 06:27:37 I will be able to play my favorite tanks again… With only one difference – my conscience will be clear and I wouldn’t have to look for excuses  why  my housework isn’t done…

And for all that I should be thankful to you, Mr. Troll… I hope I will meet you again next weekend – I really need to change sink in my bathroom… :harp:

The End…

P.S.:  BS – RenaultBS, tier 2 french artilery

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K0bra #2 Posted 11 May 2013 - 07:04 PM


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Good job.I can complete understand you.Some people really want that.

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Homer_J #3 Posted 11 May 2013 - 07:08 PM

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Shooting the guy who started shooting you for no reason, not clever but understandable.

Shooting the guy shooting you because you went blue was asking for a ban.

Yes, a win for the troll.  Especially if he reads the forum.

Darkstormer84 #4 Posted 11 May 2013 - 07:10 PM


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well if ya see him NeXT time and you UPS did that Shell go there oh im sorry.
it's 3 days ban.
thats alot of Things you can do at home and plenty of beers :P

djskitzy #5 Posted 11 May 2013 - 08:31 PM


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so that's how you get housework done....???  :veryhappy:

damm fine way to ensure you don't "just have one battle" at 8pm, coz we all know how THAT ends at 4am... :ohmy:

slow216mac #6 Posted 12 May 2013 - 10:57 AM

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I've tried the RenaultBS, and frankly, it's a shooting offense to drive one...

With it's low speed, very low range and low damage, you could easily have gotten away from him. Or pushed him off a cliff or something.

Never ever TK a troll. It means that he wins, and can do the same shit in another game the same day.

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