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Team Killer

stupid team mate did not like my style to play team shoot team damage

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Rabbitsoda #1 Posted 17 May 2013 - 11:50 PM

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Today i played Standard Battle in Abbey, i started from the Red side and drove to left. I climbed the hill to the small hill with houses on it and Pz IV said to me "Heavy noob you should be attacking" I Drove to the edge or that small hill and shot T14 there couple times. T14 retreated and i started to drive down the hill thats when Pz IV(our own) shot me. I shot back to his direction and killed our own tank.... not the Pz IV but low health Type T-34. I apologized and continued, Pz IV followed me and shot me twice in that time. He said "my Gunner is dead". I shot him and got marked as team killer >:( its very annoying when someone starts shooting you and gets no minus from it....


Crux_T34 #2 Posted 18 May 2013 - 12:11 AM

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TKs and other retards seem to be multiplying, just like all the lemmings that seem to be seen in 7/10 matches.


Not trying to offend you, OP.

I just believe that the number of people who shoot friendlies for NO REASON seems to be increasing. Anyone who "puts them down" is doing the right thing.

So personally, I think that the OP is innocent. (Especially since he apologised to the friendly he hit by accident).

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