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FPS Problem!


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Krissz98HUN #1 Posted 19 May 2013 - 10:48 PM


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I am sad, because unfortunately it is not very enjoyable to play  :(
I have only 10-15 FPS This is my PC:

2.8 GHZ Intel Peintum sp3 (Xp)
2GB Memory Card
512 or 1Gb Video card NVidia
Directx 9.c

Pls HELP i need FPS Booster. I Tried the 25% Textures compressing but only 20 Max FPS .
The ms is RED.
The ping is 80-90+
I need booster!
I have Game Booster 3 but it nood good for me.

Somebody can give to me a program???

D4nny #2 Posted 20 May 2013 - 12:17 AM


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have you defraged your pc recently? i had low fps and a defragged my pc, and that helped. this is a good free program i found http://www.auslogics...efrag/download/

also when was the last time you deleted the "temporarly" files? that can gice a little boost

i'd say do the defrag definitely, its a free program, so it wont hurt. its offer a cheap really good repair program for Ł20, i bought it, and my pc runs like never before.but its not a must

do the defrag and delete the "temp" files, that will help

hope i helped


Nekomancer #3 Posted 20 May 2013 - 01:23 AM

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Pentium III with 2.8GHz? I think you mean a Pentium IV.

Well, the CPU is pretty bad.
2GB RAM and Windows XP, while not glorious, it's enough to run World of Tanks.
512MB or 1GB nVidia videocard, what is it? It can't be both, also, what is the model name?

But too be honest, there's not much you can do, your PC is just very old and not up to the task. The CPU is about 10 years old. The CPU was already 7 years old when World of Tanks was released.

There is no magical "make the game run faster" button. You should save your money for a new PC.

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