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MT-25 info and description from russian wiki!

MT-25 info soviet light tank T50-2

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Pyromaniac123 #1 Posted 27 May 2013 - 02:48 PM


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So i found this.

Battle Performance

Most likely, the tank will Dann absolute analogue existing T-50-2, as was stated that the measure applies only to the preservation of the "historicity." However, the presence of the MT-25 wheel undercarriage makes ponder whether any changes are made on the dynamics of the machine, and accordingly, in order to balance on her arms and vitality. You might also consider installing a track on top of the wheels, but how it will happen, is also not yet clear. It is not clear as well, and how it will affect the dynamics and the balance of the tank as a whole. And the affect it at all.

Presumably, the developers will leave as a top gun ZIS-4, as it is the highlight of the tank or replace it with a similar product.

Wheel suspension will naturally have some contrast to his fellow caterpillar, but what is not yet known. Perhaps this will affect the patency rate of turn, or on-site, and can on all the characteristics of a whole.
Machinery, equipment and ammunition
Active light
Passive light
Universal version
Fighter aircraft artillery
Enlightened optika.png
Improved ventilyatsiya.png
Armor-piercing TU0
High-explosive OF0
Small aptechka.png
Small remkomplekt.png
Lend-Lick maslo.png


Equipment, as well as for any Firefly, set the following:

Strengthening the firepower to destroy ACS
Gain dynamics for glare of enemy positions
Universal assembly


Loaded standard equipment: first aid kit, repair kit and fire extinguisher (as an alternative to - or twisted oil regulator, depending on the chosen tactics).

Allowance of ammunition

Polsnostyu or partially loaded with armor-piercing and / or piercing shells

Price 725,000 Credits
Durability 500 HP
W / prev. weight of 25 tons

Commander (Radio Operator)

Engine output 550 hp

Max speed 72 km / h

Turning performance of 38 g / s


(front / side / back) 37/37/37 mm

The tower, cutting
(front / side / back) 45/40/40 mm


The gun ZIS-4

Ammunition of 50 pieces.

Done 85/85/95 HP

46/62/19 mm armor piercing

Rate of 31.98 rounds / min

Speed ​​GN 45 g / s

Angles of 360 ° GN

Angles BH -8 ... +20 °

Overview 370 m

Communication range of 730

This sounds good!

This was turned to english with google so dont expect wonders!

EDIT:same guns as on T50-2 and as many modules!

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Thumbnail #2 Posted 28 June 2013 - 10:17 PM


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46 mm ap-ammo?
That has to be stock/translation error/typo.
Further than that, I'm pretty sad that the T-50-2 is being replaced by it's fat brother. 13 tons to 25 with the same engine power.
You just don't stand a fighting chance anymore scouting against the T71, AMX'es and Chinese lights. This makes the MK-25 look a bit like the VK2801 without the gun.
I don't feel like the T-50-2 was that overpowered anymore after the traverse-nerf and the addition of physics.
And with the 8.6 update, not getting hit was made a whole lot harder as well.

Ah well, can't do shit about it. Just being a sad little panda and enjoying the fact that the MT-25 will grand me more money on selling than the T-50-2.

voodoospirit #3 Posted 29 June 2013 - 09:01 AM


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my main concern is the weight that goes13t to 25t with the same engine.....

i only knew the t-50² with physics, i never found it overpowered, my gun would bounce a lot and the tank was nimble enough to survive ( despite the physics drifting which killed me a bunch of time)
and it s harder with the precision 8.6 patch, even crappy player have a better chance to get it (getting worse with my poor leopard)

gonna wait and see.

pain_is_like_helicopter #4 Posted 01 August 2013 - 02:20 PM


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well, just like thumbnail i rlly fail to see what the advantage of the mt25 over other nations scouts shall be ...... i am bigger, less bouncy, with less damage and penetration and with less viewing range and slower acceleration than all the others. where is my advantege ???? i know the penetration isnt the WORST but i cant enjoy my extra 2 mm of penetration ..... instead of nerfing the tank they wargaming just destroyed it totally. i still play it from time to time but only cuz i like playing scouts. i think no one rlly enjoys playing the tank itself. hoping for a buff anytime soon is just wishful thinking i assume so i will have to settle for another scout. i think ill get the WZ 131 and perhaps even continue the french line ...... stopped at the elc cuz i thought it cant get any better than that ;D

pain_is_like_helicopter #5 Posted 01 August 2013 - 02:37 PM


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lol just realized that wot wiki actually updated its guideline for the mt 25 stating it is too big for passive and too slow for active scouting ...... but it is good at RAMMING ^^ basically i always try to do my best and perhaps even survive (?) the battle but if it seems futile i even ram 50 ton tanks dealing MASSIVE damage. when u manage to hit their flank at full speed then u can actually lift them and deal damage as if it was burning...... nothing u wld try to achieve regularly but important to know if everything is out of option. good to know that even wot wiki says the tank is utter garbage.

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