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So I hit 10k battles...

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Ma_Wo #1 Posted 27 May 2013 - 03:41 PM

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Hi folks,
I felt like, after hitting 10k battles (Randoms only and mostly solo), sharing some of my opinions and impression of World of Tanks. So feel free to read if you are interestet and quit right here, if you are pissed that another player wrote yet another summary  :blinky: .
When I started to play in March 2012, I rushed, maybe as the most people did, to some of the iconic tanks. In my case it was the Tiger H (ofcourse, after all I am german  :teethhappy: ). Naturally I had no idea of what I was doing. So I grinded painfully through the Henschel line with some visits to the tanks left and right to it. Oh and I played arty because lets face it, it doesn't take much to become a half decent arty player. Not saying it is easy to be really good in it, just the start is very easy. Well lets just say I totally hit the high tier wall. I screwed up my first high tier premium tank and my fun suffered.
As I am a nerd and very interested in numbers, I found the wiki to be very useful and I started to read the battle mechanics. From the wiki to the forum was a little step to take and I found myself discribed in many rage posts about the bloody noobs. My ego was really hit so I searched for tutorials and followed and observed good players in game. It helped alot and I started to improve and wanted to share that with other newbies. Thats where I started to post on the forum.

Ok. That was my little WoT story, turning from a noob to a, I might say, decent player. My goal was reached, I wasn't a burden to the team anymore but created a new problem. That forum...

Well, my opinion:
As the game is flooded with "red" players (not judging, will explain in a sec) the forum is flooded with whiners, haters and people with, lets say, very dangerous half knowledge. (Ok it is a forum so no surprise there but the grade of it was repelling).
The first post I made, I think, was about a question of a newbie who accidently used the wrong subsection and was busted for it. I couldn't believe with what rage. Well I found that to be not the standard but still.
So I searched for those posts to be helpfull to those who wanted to know and helped where I could.

My impression of the game:
Overall it is a very nice game to play. I think WG is doing a good job ( in the end ) but ofcourse there are downsides.
Lets start with these because I want to end this positively  :smile: .
The community work of WG was aweful. Very little and uncomplete information about everything. (Thats when I found the non-official Q&A-Thread and the Blog).
Without giving sufficient reasons the game was and is changed in the name of balancing. Too many hidden stats (I understand why some are hidden, to avoid exploitation) but mostly there is no intention given either why something is done as it is.
-Patch notes are very often confusing (wrong translations) and incomplete (because of changed hidden stats some non-hidden get changed to keep a tank balanced)
-MM, it was for a long time that no official explaination was given how it works and still there are some confusing things about it.

This improved massivley in the last months and I really appriciate their effort, to make the game mechanics and development more transparent. That is because of some very good community work by the players in my eyes. So cheers to all those contributers and active and constructive members.

Recently, after long begging by the mentioned above, we saw alot announced on the fronts of, AFK/Bot/Cheaters, Pay2Win, arty, ballancing and red players.
So my opinion to these topics:

AFK/Bot/Cheater are annoying as hell but no real game killer for me. It is frustrating to see them for sure, but as both teams get them equally it is no reason to quit. They are just the prime example for the layziness and stupidity of one part of our society.

Pay2Win. Well, I think WG does get the balance between killing it and giving benefit to those who want to invest in the game quite well. After all it is a profit orientated company. So what do you get for money: You can't buy OP tanks with gold, you don't get magical equipment that makes you invulnable nor do you get a better treatment by the MM.(Most of this just quite recently but this shows the progress of the game to me) All you get is a faster leveling (which ends in total noobism if you don't know how to use that wisely) and quite a lot more creds.

Oh the most suffering topic of all: Artillery. It totally polarised the players. Hater or lover.
I do play arty, quite alot to be honest. It is no game killer for me either. I know how to play with and against it but I think it needs a rebalance. The influence of it on the game is too much. So I really hope 0.8.6 brings the needed changes. That said I am strongly against a fixed limitation of arty through the MM. Random matchmaking should be random.

I promised an explaination of why I am not judging on the term "red players/noobs" so here we go.
It is a game.
Many people play this occasionally for fun. Neither do they want to know nor do they need to know how the game works in every detail. They want to have fun. Everyone who can't live with that, open a company or join CW. True there are those players who just want to troll and be a burden, thats what the reporting system is there for.
I have XVM installed to recognize a good player when I meet him and to see how I have to play in a given setup, but thats it.

After all WG put together a really cool game with loads of fun to play and I really like the range from random to competetive gameplay.

So, that was what crossed my mind after 10k battles and I hope it was half way interesting to read.
Anyway, good hunting and have fun.

FRITS_FIETSPOMP #2 Posted 27 May 2013 - 04:01 PM


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+1 from me
Nice review, but i would like to add the [moderated]feature of 0hp hits..
Thats the main reason i'm playing less and less after my 10k game.

And pay2win.. try a m4 with gold ammo (imho, gold ammo for creds is 1 of the biggest faults of wg)

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Ma_Wo #3 Posted 27 May 2013 - 04:19 PM

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Well yes, the 0 hit pens. Once you understand them they are not as irrational as it seems but still no 1A feature in my book too. But as it is with the AFK/Bot/Cheater, it is the same for all the players. So no game breaker for me either.

The gold ammo for creds is exactly the killing of P2W because everyone can use them and not only the player who bought gold. 0.8.6 will bring a huge nerf to the T5 Derps and that is a possitive development for me. A good shell managment is a skill for me. That doesn't mean they don't need to rebalance this but lets wait for 0.8.6. After all this game IS still in development.

I see me more like a beta-tester. The basic player is for statistics. The active ones that come here to discuss and try to improve the game are as much developers as the guys programming.
And yes I tried the Derps and I had fun for a while, but lets face it, this is no challenging gameplay and boring as hell for more than a few games here and there.

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