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World of Tanks' History (esp. Tech Trees) ?

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Wuestenfuchs_Bazz #1 Posted 14 June 2013 - 08:31 PM


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Hey Guys!
hope someone can help me ...

Since I'm playing WoT for "only" 15 months now, I am a bit curious about it's beginnings. From a players point of view.
What was it like in closed/open beta? What gameplay mechanics and content (esp. tanks) have always been there? And what has changed since then? And has the community/playerbase changed ("OMG, only f****** noobs these days!") ?
I am especially interested in pics of the tech trees, but also players impressions.

I tried a bit of research myself, but the overwhelming number of sites lead to info about recent/future patch versions.
The only thing i found was the history of changelogs on the WoT Wiki (http://wiki.worldoft....com/Changelogs).
But that's a bit dull to read, since A) it does not tell about the "Foundation" (v., as I understand?)
and B) I don't care about new birds on map XY or minor bugfixes.

So, any insight is much appreciated.

WhiteHawkgrr #2 Posted 14 June 2013 - 08:43 PM


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When I think of closed beta in World of Tanks, I especially remember the tech trees. Back there, there were only the USSR and German tech trees. At that point of the game development any further tech trees was impossible to even be thought about. If I recall correct, I think there weren`t SPGs at a certain point. You could only see Soviet and German tanks so it was a bit boring to look at tanks` details, like shovels or any other equipment on it. One day WG published first photos of the American tech tree. The T1 Cunnigham was a rather nice looking change compared to German and Soviet tech trees. The new tech tree just brought the game back to life and from that point onwards there were many new patches that improved the gameplay as well as graphics and other things...

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