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Buff reload time for the 15mm BESA

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bloodrain_200 #1 Posted 23 June 2013 - 09:36 PM


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over the past battle iv had with my cruiser mk III iv noticed its reload speed is considerably slow when compared to the pz II of =which i also use but the pz uses the 2cm flak cannons so im confused how the reload speed is so relative large despite the fact the pz II has a bigger gun so i want to see in the future a buff to the BESA's reloading

saml6131 #2 Posted 23 June 2013 - 09:47 PM


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Machine gun BESA

18 seconds reload.
40 magazine size
5 rounds per burst
Burst rof - 430

2cm flak L112

4 second reload
10 magazine size
2 rounds per burst

I'm not too sure if it should be the reload (Reloading a belt fed machinegun can take some time compared to the 20mm strips) that should be changed. Maybe made a little bit smaller.

What should be changed (IMO) is the magazine size. Historically, it could have a 225 round belt. However, that may be slightly too much to risk being overpowered. Something like 100 rounds would allow for a potential average damage of 900. Assuming all shots would penetrate, which is highly unlikely.

Having the reload almost 5 times as long when the magazine size is only 4 times as large isn't exactly fair.

Although there are usually better guns to choose from on the Cruiser Mk3. But, its your tank. Do with it as you please.

Additionally, the ROF for the gun was either 500rpm or 800rpm. Ingame, it has a 430rpm per burst. That should be increased to 500rpm. All this would do is decrease the time it takes to do a 5 round burst, nothing more.

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