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It can be done...

arty 8.6 patch

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badcomm #1 Posted 25 June 2013 - 04:35 PM


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Tho i think arty was nerfed too much in this patch, it still can be done.

Crew at 95%

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BravelyRanAway #2 Posted 25 June 2013 - 04:56 PM

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Although I'm not perturbed by the changes to arty, I will say............

One tree does not make a forest.

BoskoSLO #3 Posted 25 June 2013 - 05:06 PM

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If you think that you can convince people to start playing arty. your wrong my soon. Arty should never be in-game just like the WW2 shouldn't ever happend.
I feel so dirty for playing arty. I wish my account wouldn't contain a single battle in arty. Well I will have to live with the bad mark. Don't worry you wont see a single arty battle more on my acc from this patch on and all the remaining arty pieces are sold and the money has been put into good use.

SnowRelic #4 Posted 25 June 2013 - 05:11 PM

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Congrats, good game. Replay?

Oh and let's be a tease and critize: you let one live. You're supposed to one-shot 'em all! Bad, arty, bad! They call you Special Agent En-Double-O-Bee back at HQ? Tigers on the endangered species list and not yet extinct? Your fault, you should've landed that second shot.

Anyways, rock on. I actually still see a lot of arty at lower tiers and less at higher tiers. Only time I get offed by arty is when I sit still for too long and that's exactly how it should be. Oh and I even see arty hiding behind instead of in front of bushes now, so less in number and greater in skill - good. I personally think arty's a good element in the game, especially now that the changes have kept them effective against those who need flushing out but made them less effective against other targets. So keep playing, I'd rather have one or two good arty on my side than not. Shooting over cover rather than going round it and catching a shell or two... no complaints here.

Lagpower #5 Posted 25 June 2013 - 05:31 PM


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Good for you. Today I onehit T110E5 with my Obj. 212. (2200 dmg - one hit). I was really, really sorry for that!

Seriously, arty, even nerfed, still can't be underestimated, because can hurt you very very badly.

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Zamial #6 Posted 25 June 2013 - 07:00 PM


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All my games in arty since the patch have been fine. Load of fuss over nothing. T92 still dominates the splash and damage.  Now with added accuracy. And massove sim time. So no more scouting the gods view. Predict is the key now with patience

KillRoya #7 Posted 26 June 2013 - 12:25 PM


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ofc it can be done, had a few good rounds in my arty too and seen artys in my battles with almost 10k dmg, but it is now harder to play arty :) just what his game needed.

BrokenWing #8 Posted 27 June 2013 - 04:44 PM

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Played 1 game in my Object 212A today on Malinovka. It went like this:

There's an enemy T110E5! I'll just aim in front of him, to where I think he'll generally be in a short while, and wait for my reticle to zoom in. Meanwhile I'll have 4 spoonfuls of cereal. I'm nearly zoomed in, wait he's moving forward, I'm almost fully zoomed, will I fire? No wait a sec, until I'm completely zoomed, need to adjust a little... Jesus now my reticle is MASSIVE again and the T110E5 is tucked behind the hill where I can't hit him. I should have fired when I had the chance.

OK sod the T110E5, there's an AMX 50 Foch peaking out from that rock. I'll just aim for him and have another 4 spoonfuls of cereal while the reticle zooms in. Damn he didn't stay put! How am I meant to hit things if they won't stand still? I'll readjust my aim slightly... Oh no my reticle is MASSIVE again! Wait, wait, wait, eat another 4 spoonfuls of cereal, this is tense, I'm almost zoomed... and he's now reversed! Feck it, fire anyway. MISS. Dammit, this guy is just too unpredictable. Who else is being lit up?

Wait, there's a Patton and an E-50 heading for the hill. I'll aim for the path just up a bit, I'm bound to get one of them. I'll just wait for the reticle to zoom in and have another 4 spoonfuls of cereal. Grr! The 2 meds have reversed back down the hill. I'll readjust... Gaaaaaah! My reticle is MASSIVE again.

Bloody hell we're losing 4-9! And the enemy are pouring across Malinovka field! I'll aim for that pesky E-100. Sheesh, MASSIVE reticle again. More cereal... Crikey I've finished the whole bowl. I'm nearly zoomed on the E-100... Damn he's moving! Fire anyway. MISS.

Who shot my ass? Aaaah bloody T-54 behind me! OOF! Now I've also got a GWPanther shot to the face.

Sod this, I'm loading my Crusader.

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ClaudiuCojo #9 Posted 27 June 2013 - 05:04 PM

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Congratulations, hope I never find you in the enemy team playing arty on the randoms :-)

piritskenyer #10 Posted 27 June 2013 - 05:46 PM

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Arty wasn't nerfed to oblivion, it was nerfed just enough to have the arty noobs go away. And that's good. A good arty player will now be very valuable in every clan and random battle, but you won't have 5v5 artyparties or those dreaded 9v9 artyparties at tier 10.
Congrats mate, good job.

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