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Did i spend my gold in the ''right'' way?

Gold Tiger Tiger ll premium Löwe

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Willezille #1 Posted 04 July 2013 - 04:31 AM


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Hello Straight to the point here, So recently i bought myself some gold as a birthday gift to myself and i just want to know if someone can give me some advise to not spend and actually preserve and use the gold that i have to buy better things or improve my gold knowledge...

So here is what i am wondering about...

I seem to have understood that you research a tank for the xp on the predeseor like here Tiger > Tiger ll I saved up 75 000 xp on the tiger and then i converted 102 694 xp to free xp to not make the tiger ll stock... so Is this a thing i sould keep doing on higher tier tanks or should i save it further to even bigger tanks?

And also i bought an Premium tier 8 aswell. the Löwe and i know that a should be using equipment on it but i dont know what equipment costs to remove or the ones that just are destroyed if you remove them..

Thank you for your time ladies and gents :smile:

RongoMatane #2 Posted 04 July 2013 - 05:34 AM

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You should always remove the equipment for gold, since it's only 10 gold and often saves 250K credits. If the equipment only costs 50K credits, it's not worth it imo.

A T8 Premium tank is surely no bad investment, since it will make your creditlife much easier.
Some people like to convert XP, but i think it's a really bad investment of money. For example i think the Tiger II is already drivable with the stock configuration. You can make him more enjoyable faster by spending money, or by doing the daily doubles (or triples) only and having him fully equppied with modules after 40 battles. What you can always do is this, in an example: How much xp do you need for the TigerII? 80K? If you get 290 gold for each euro, you'll spend 11€ for "unstocking" the tigerII. If it is worth 11€ to you, then do it.
Usually, you'll save up some free xp anyway, so you can skip the worst parts. For example i got my new ST-I to elite configuration in 20 battles, just by doing the doubles and using some free xp that i actually got fro free. As long as you spend it very carefully, you'll have some ten-thousands of it whenever you need it.

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L3gi #3 Posted 04 July 2013 - 06:21 AM

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well, the lowe was not the best choice to make if it comes to playability and creditmaking (due to dmg).
But it surely was a good choice to make to level your Tiger2 crew in it
(you should know, Premtanks are able to fit crews of the same Tankclass [e.g heavy] without penalties to easy up leveling while doing some creditfarming.)

Well spending freexp to research some modules is always better than just freexp-ing new tanks(which are stock then).
Which tanks to spent freexp on are totally up to you.. but there are tanks which are even stock epically good to play, while others are just utter fails until you get that gun/engine/turret whatsoever.
You can do some jumping, like starting on T5 already to be not in the need to switch the crew from one tank to another several times shortly in a row...
You also do not need to do a whole stock->elite freexp investment, meaning id never do a Radio with freexp as it is totally overrated and you actually dont need 700m+ it urgently.. ~500 will do perfectly

The last and most important to mention you definitely should do is a premaccount if that was your only investment for some time. IF theres something which comes basic its the accountimprovement.
It will give you the ability to run tier 7-9 while doing credits actually (still depends on skill, tho).

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TRSDwarfy #4 Posted 04 July 2013 - 07:05 AM


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The premuim account is a must tbh, I dont tend to convert as it just gets too expensive!

Tier 8 prem is a goo investment and the lowe is a good tank

Eight_Ball #5 Posted 04 July 2013 - 08:07 AM


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One good advise: Learn to run your Tiger, before advancing to the next tank. It is not a goal to advance to the next tier. this is one of the unique features about WoT: There is no "end Goal" or "Next Level". It is a continued journey into battle, and in theory you could keep on playing your tierVI tank forever. It actually becomes more expensive and difficult the higher tier you reach.

Willezille #6 Posted 04 July 2013 - 09:44 AM


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Thank you alot for all of the helpfull Information you guys helped me with, ill se if i can follow theese tips in my own kind of way and still take your posts as a helpfull guideline

haha thanks for the help!  :great:

Togg #7 Posted 04 July 2013 - 02:34 PM

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Regarding gold and free xp (this is purely my opinion!)

- Spend 10 gold per expensive equipment removal
- Run a premium account if you expect to be playing much for that period of time, for 30 days it's only 0.28 eurocent per day. (http://forum.worldof...81#entry5172681)
- Fresh crew? put them at 100% from the start to get secondaries asap
- Commander gained 100% secondaries? Retrain him to sixth sense!
- A tier 8 premium tank with a play style to your liking once you have enough experience to reach that tier with regular tanks. But be careful with your decision, don't listen to "this tank is the best" above all things it'll have to fit a playstyle you enjoy. Why? Because to make money you have to drive it... a lot, something you enjoy you're probably better at and will in the end give you enjoyment and most likely more credits
- Get garage slots when they are on discount, especially if you're a tank collector.

- Convert xp into free xp, turn on acceleration instead (the 5% you'll pile up is enough to get past the horrible stock tank stages in most cases if you spend it on upgrades not the tank unlock)
- Convert gold into credits
- Throw gold away on permanent camos for temporary vehicles (acceptable on keepers, consider to wait until a discount event also credit camo does exist chuck this onto your temporaries)
- "gold" ammo that shouldn't be called that, get them for credits. If you can't break even when shooting a few apcr/heat as the battle requires you're doing it wrong (some notorious tanks with bad stock/upgraded guns are exceptions to this pz5/4 anyone? :D)

Situationally acceptable (depends on your financial situation and how much money you're willing to put into this game):
- Retrain crew to 100% instead of 90% for 20k silver upon moving to the next vehicle
- Decorate your keepers with nice emblems etc (might want to wait for discount!)
- Buy (more) premium tanks as crew trainers (premium tanks can drive at full capacity with same nation same type crew, aka tiger crew can handle a Löwe just fine making them excellent crew trainers.
- Rename your entire american crew to "Duncan MacLeod" and believe your crew will be immortal

Bottom line it's pretty hard to define what is good and bad usage of gold. This really comes down to what you prefer and how high you value the benefits in world of tanks you get for it. When I was a student without a job at the time I'd be pretty low on cash and would play the game without gold benefits, while I did have a job I didn't get around to having enough game time to make premium worthwhile :D. Now though, enough money and enough time also I like most of the premium tanks I bought and the game itself (note: didn't buy the T34 (hard earned good old T34 that became with m103 substitute) or the Pz5/4 (gift from a friend back then)).

Yup I probably spent more money on this game than any other, but then I've also spent more time on it than most others and while I don't play it all the time it is the one game I come back to every now and then. The game is truly playable with less conveniences if you don't wish to pay, if you want a decent way of making credits? You can choose to buy a one off premium tank that plays in a way you like, alternatively you can decide to run premium and get more income while making more progress through the tank lines. Both are acceptable options, and they work even better when doing both ;).

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