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IDF's revolution

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this week , minister of defense (Israel) , Bugi Yaalon announced minimization of the IDF's units by dismissing over 5,000 active military men from active duty .
divisions will be disbanded and will be formed again in a better way .
several Magach tank brigades will no longer be operated and those tanks will be scrapped . the operators of these tanks are reservists so they won't be called to serve as tank crews .
tests on MiG 29s will slow down (Syria has MiG 29s so their capabilities are tested to allow IAF pilots to take them down easier) .
due to the changes in many places in the army , most of the people who are dismissed , have served in the logistics  , or as we call it , logistics force due to the complexity of this system .

many more changes have happened but it's all for the better .
more infantrymen are trained than before and another good side of this change is technology .
the IDF will rely on technology , unlike in 2006 . technological advancements will happen much more often now . for instance , replacing the M-16s and M-4s with TAR-21 and MTAR-21 in an infantry brigade could take a year while now it'll take 4 months .
many amazing gadgets and equipment that were developed by Rafael and Elbit weren't used in combat because they are expensive to mass-produce . while now , this "revolution" saved 7 billion NIS = 2.5 billion USD . this allows mass-production of advanced equipment .
this all results in a much more technologically advanced army .
and a more technologically advanced army performs better . the whole idea behind all this , is ending conflicts and wars much much faster ! thus resulting in less expenses and increasing budget for other projects such as Stunner , Arrow 3 and Rakiya .

Don't think it works? here's an example for you! :

2006 - over 4,000 rockets were fired into Israel by the arabs , resulting in the death of 45 people . it lasted 32 days !
2012 - operation pillar of defense . much more complicated situation because of the danger of hurting innocent civillians and because Hamas hid rockets in populated areas . over 1,800 rockets were fired into Israel by Hamas , resulting in the death of 4 people . it lasted 8 days !

in 2012 the army was much more organized and was much better equipped , thus resulting in a much faster end of the conflict and without even a ground invasion .
here's an example of the change of an armor brigade structure :
in 2006: 100% tanks . infantry support would come from separate infantry brigades .
in 2012: ~50% tanks(or lower) , ~ 10% CEV , ~40% men-power which consists of AA operators (red-sky2 , SpYder , Machbet) , UAV operators from "over the hill" type of UAVs to MALE . and the majority , infantry . IDF military experts have decided that the ratio between the amount of infantry soldiers and a tank is 6:1 meaning that for every tank on the field , there are 6 soldiers that may differ is speciality . some may be AT crews , some may be snipers . although these infantry soldiers aren't considered as part of infantry divisions or brigades inside the army but as an unseparatable part of the armor divisions .

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