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how to play the aufkl(awful).panther

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del508169403 #1 Posted 11 July 2013 - 08:04 PM

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hi all,
  now this is my friends account my one for the forums got banned cuz of something crazy.

so just call me wespe999.

I've had the awful.panther as I call it for quite some time wow just checked my record and it's only battled 89 times. (but I can promise I've had it for ages.

and I've been the pain of the thing being in stock.

I've almost got the 2nd engine everything else is upgraded.

and I would like to know how on earth do you play the awful.panther?

it's too big for a scout and it's too weak and the gun is too small for it to attack other tanks because it's always in tier 8+ battles.

so my friend came to a slight conclusion that you use it as a 2nd line attacker which to me means it stays behind the main line of tanks and takes the odd shot.

he also said it should be played like it was meant to be in real life as a light/medium support tank. which means to me it just runs around to all your teams weak spots and backs them up a bit then moves on.

so is he right or what.....

thanks, wespe999.

tienkou #2 Posted 11 July 2013 - 10:48 PM


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fine then no replies it is

_Agent_ #3 Posted 12 July 2013 - 01:03 AM


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i have managed to scrape a 53% win rate in the AFK panther. play it as support - sniper - flanker with reasonable mobility to relocate. the gun will punch holes in flanks carry some gold for tough times.

pitypanggg #4 Posted 12 July 2013 - 01:17 AM


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It can be used for some spotting. And if your team can not shoot you can. Of course you will not win the fight if your team can not shoot at all, but you can still make a decent profit by doing 3-4k dmg to T8+ tanks. And it can do that. Just try to find some nice sides or mediums/lights.

Your friend is mostly right, kept that you can not hold a flank. If a flank needs help you can provide it either by spotting or by adding some sniping damage. But if it is already falling apart you can not save it, just probably salvage some damage while the last teammates die there, and flee before you become the last one to die on that flank.

Also if you are not good at flanking better load some prem ammo for some T8+ heavies.

Tracking helps too, now that is rewarded as well. And if you shoot from the side, try to shoot between wheels. If you hit the wheels it might track enemy, which is always good, but between wheels is the softest part of almost every tank.

Oh.. and although I do think ramming is tricky in it, for other lights can easily evade you.. but Batmobiles usually do not take a T7 light running at them seriously, thus you can often ram 3/4 of their health off for a lot less portion of your own.

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Lancasthor #5 Posted 12 July 2013 - 07:42 AM

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Start with Taz's awesome VK28 scouting guide. It has nice pointers for everyone.


If you have patience to read and learn from it, you might have a chance of being a Auf.P scout.
Not going to get in details, but please emphatize your decisions for survivability. The longer Auf stays alive, the stronger key player it becomes.

I_Manth #6 Posted 12 July 2013 - 11:01 AM


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Tazilon's website is a great suggestion. It also contains a Hall of Fame, where you can watch replays from players and learn from it. From my experience with the AFKP Panther you'll really need all the upgrades to make this tank work. My gun of choice is the Konisch, which is quite usefull for long distance sniping. This tank is the size of an aircraft carrier and easily spotted, and once spotted it's a huge target for the enemy, so try to remain hidden and snipe from afar.

One thing to remember: you have a huge weigth compared to other light tanks. If you meet an AMX 13 90 up close, just ram it with as much speed as possible. This tank generated quite some Kamikaze medals for me.

GreekWarrior7 #7 Posted 15 July 2013 - 03:14 PM

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I have 90 games on it, just put the last engine but didn't tried it yet. Have been capable for some minor scouting with this tank but mostly use it to snipe. Good penetration, small damage but in tier 8 games you can easily have the most damage in the team if you play smart. If you have a chance to ram you can win any light tank on 1 on 1. Hopefully with the last engine it will be able for more scouting and to circle some HTs and TDs as with the previous one it pretty much couldn't.

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