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Damn, this is the right moment...

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Makro_766 #1 Posted 25 July 2013 - 10:32 PM


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...to uninstall WOT.

I love this game, but probably this game doesnt love me.

I had the nicest tank in WOT: M18 Hellcat: I love it, so Wargaming reduce his acceleration and now Hellcat is more similar at light tank than a real Tank destroyer like US Army designed it.

I loved finish my game session with a couple of arty's battle. It's almost relaxing: no hidden, cammo, position and other pletora of parameter to keep in mind... I called "cool down", from the fantastic WOT World to the reality... after the 8.6 release modification, the "Cool down" session become a "Warm up" session. I am more angry at the end than before start, so, why play if my mood become badder than before?  :sad:

I play for several hours continuously, because I am addicted, of course, so, sometime I need change my brain speed and behavoir. What better than a match with the faster and easy to use tank in WOT? The mytic T-50-2?   ok... you know what happen after 8.7 release...

When I was newbie (1 year and half ago), I studied several hours the tank's structure, in order to keep in mind the weak points... after the numbers of tank grow so fast that it's impossible learn so lot information just for a distensive game.

My Premium was expired at the end of June, so, for these reasons this is the best moment to uninstall and go out to enjoy the sun and forget how fantastic was this game before 8.2 release.

Just because I think it's important to be constructive, I wish suggest to Wargaming to remember a few important points for me:
- it's a game, let me use only half brain, maybe in Clan company and blabla you can complicate the game, but not for free release
- too many tanks, too much similar tanks, the differences sometime are so few that are not important (often): reduce the tanks number, please
- if you want remove the arty, do it, dont let the arty useless. Give me back the XP and the credit use to buy the arty and the modules, and remove the arty tree
So, at the end: prepare a light version for the people like me (I am 42 YO), who want enjoy a nice game without keep a second university degree, maybe, if I want become a pro, I can install the full release, enjoy clans and so on.

Sorry for my Off Topic, I will uninstall with my heart crying, but it's necessary for my mood.

Bye, maybe see you in one far future (Warship? LOL)


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